The Comfy Commuter Original Travel Pillow review

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As most of us know or have probably experienced, flying these days is not a comfortable affair. The seats are getting closer together, smaller and less comfortable. Even when you take longer flights overseas the bigger planes still feel cramped and the seats uncomfortable. For those longer flights, I have an around the neck pillow, but I find it hard to use and uncomfortable. Comfy Commuter has designed the Original Travel Pillow which claims to be a better alternative to regular travel pillows.

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What makes this travel pillow different from the ones I have used in the past is its shape. All of the travel pillows that I have used in the past are simple flat affairs that fit around your neck. The Comfy Commuter Original Travel Pillow has a wedge shape that cradles the back and sides of your head when wearing it.

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Looking down on the Comfy Commuter Travel Pillow you will see the wedge shape.

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The left side of the pillow has a Comfy Commuter tag with the web address. The left side also has a Velcro pile section sewn onto it.

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The right side of the Comfy Commuter Original Travel Pillow has a sewn on pocket. On the bottom section of the pillow is a hook section of Velcro to attach to the pile piece on the left side.

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The rear of the bottom of the Comfy Commuter Original Travel Pillow has the sewn on compression bag and the information tags.

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The back side of the pillow has a rubber gripper pad sewn onto the top middle, a Velcro pile section on the right side and two Velcro straps on the left side.

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The Comfy Commuter Original Travel Pillow packs into the attached compression bag for easy storage and packing when not in use.

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Wearing the Comfy Commuter Original Travel Pillow is as simple as placing the pillow around your neck. As you can see from the picture the pillow cradles your neck, chin and back of your head. The Velcro strap helps keep the pillow snug to you so it will not move.

So, What’s my bottom line here? I like the Comfy Commuter Original Travel Pillow. I actually stopped carrying travel pillows for my flights because I found them to be uncomfortable. The design of the Comfy Commuter Original is comfortable to wear, it supports my head a lot better than the other that I have used and it packs away nicely for storage. I will say that I do not like the attached compression bag, and the Velcro strips on the back of the pillow do not seem to have any real functionality. The side pocket is a nice feature that will hold things like ear buds or even an iPod. The Comfy Commuter Original Travel Pillow is available in five colors for a price of $39.99 from the Comfy Commuter website. If you are looking for a travel pillow that is a step above ordinary travel pillows you may want to check out the Original Travel Pillow from Comfy Commuter.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Comfy Commuter. Visit their site for more info.


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  2. I’ve seen reports of people using cervical collars such as the ones worn after whiplash. These are inexpensive and the memory foam makes them comfortable.

    I’ve even read articles about people using a full neck brace which props up the chin and keeps the head from flopping from side to side.

    However, I did read an article about a guy who was wearing a neck brace while seated in an exit row. The flight attendant tried to make him move since he was “handicapped” and shouldn’t be sitting in an exit row. Long story short, he proved his mobility and was able to stay in his seat.

  3. Neat looking pillow! I wonder if the velcro on the back is to attach it to a headrest in a car? That would keep you from falling over to the side. Of course, that brings it’s own problems, if you’re strapped in under your chin.

    Regarding compression sacks: I’ve got several of these for sleeping bags, down vests, and such, and while they are a hassle to get the item into, they really make a difference in the final size of the packed item!

    Great review, Larry!

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