Products to Help the Hearing Impaired from Amplicom

If you have hearing loss, doing things that many take for granted – talking on the phone, hearing the alarm clock – can be difficult. Amplicom makes products that can help make your daily life a little easier.  They have a line of PowerTel phones – with cordless or corded handsets, single or multiple stations – that are hearing aid compatible.  They have adjustable volumes, and they have hearing profiles so that multiple family members can set the phone up so it best works for them.  They also have the TCL 100 and TCL 200 alarm clocks with loud alarms, LEDs that flash when the alarm rings, and a bed vibrator that will alert you the alarm is ringing.  You can even hook a phone line to the clock and use it as a ring amplifier.  Finally, the PowerTel 601 Wireless DECT Wrist Shaker (not shown) vibrates to notify you of an incoming call when used with the PowerTel phones.  If used with the PowerTel 680, the Wrist Shaker lets you answer calls in speakerphone mode with the press of a button, and it has a button that dials emergency numbers.  Check the Amplicom website for a list of stores and online sources for these products.  Prices vary, with the clocks being about $120, the Wrist Shaker about $80, and the phones ranging in price from about $90 to $250 or so.

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