Gumdrop Moto Skin iPhone 4 Case Review

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I’ve had my iPhone 4 from the first day it became available. Like others, I suffered from the grip of death antenna issue. Luckily, I had a new case made especially for the iPhone 4 to solve the issue for me (at least till Apple comes out with a software patch). It’s the Moto Skin from Gumdrop. Let’s check it out.

Available in Blue, Grey and Green, I was sent the Blue version of the Moto Skin.

The Moto Skin is a soft, flexible silicone play through case that protects all surfaces of the iPhone minus the front display.

The name and style of the case was inspired by motocross tire tread patterns. There are small raised nubs that really enhance your grip on the phone while it’s in this case.

The Moto Skin slips on and off easily and offers a large cutout for the display and home button.

There are also cutouts along the top edge for the power button, earphone jack and microphone.

You’ll have no issues connecting a charge cable to your iPhone while it’s in this case.

The mute and volume buttons are also easily accesable.

There isn’t anything wildly different with this case versus the 1000’s of other silicone cases on the market. Even with the grooves and raised bumps, it’s still comfortable to hold. I only have 2 gripes about the Moto Skin. The first one is a bit nit picky on my part… It’s the fact that you can see the seams on the sides. There’s a tiny bit of silicone left around the edges. You can see this in the images in this review. Again, it’s not a big deal, but it does come into play with my 2nd gripe, which is the price. $30 just seems way too pricey for what the product looks like and does. If it was only $15, I wouldn’t be complaining at all, but as is, I wouldn’t spend that much cash on this one, when I could probably find one for much less elsewhere.


Product Information

  • Easy on, easy off
  • Adds grip
  • Pricey
  • Visible seam

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6 thoughts on “Gumdrop Moto Skin iPhone 4 Case Review”

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  2. I’d rather not buy an iphone4 than “protecting” it with such an unsightly cover … maybe it gets 10 for efficacy, certainly it gets zero for style

  3. Have to agree with Uli regarding the style.

    The blue color and knobby stubs gives it fun and rugged look, but definitely takes away from the sleek glass and stainless steel styling of the iPhone4.

    1. @Pat I’m very close to ditching the case and using the iPhone 4 naked. That’s typically what I do with my phones. I’ll put a case on for a couple weeks when it’s brand new and it doesn’t take me long to say what the heck and go with out.

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