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This Planet Waves string winder incorporates a string stretcher

on Monday, July 14th, 2014
Posted in: Music Gear, News

A couple of months ago, we told you about the Stretcha, a tool that would stretch out new strings and prevent tuning problems.  I ordered a couple of those for my husband and daughter, and they do help you stretch out new strings.    Stretchas are pretty big, though, and they don’t always fit inRead More…


Comfortable, neoprene straps for almost any musical instrument you can think of

on Sunday, June 22nd, 2014
Posted in: Music Gear, News

I’ve tried to learn to play guitar a couple of times in my life, and I’ve learned a few things.  1) When you’re only five feet tall, holding an acoustic guitar feels like clasping a baby grand piano to your chest.  2) Electric guitars are heavy, and you must have a strap to help you holdRead More…


Hang your guitar or other stringed instrument from any hook

on Thursday, June 19th, 2014
Posted in: Music Gear, News

I’ve seen special hooks for hanging your guitar, ukulele, banjo, or other stringed instruments on the wall or even in your closet, but they can be pretty expensive.  What if you could hang your instruments for less than $5.00 per hanger?  I found these Leather Ukulele Hangers for $2.00 each while checking out the websiteRead More…


This gives new meaning to “rock music”

on Monday, May 26th, 2014
Posted in: Music Gear, News

I’ve seen plectrums – or picks, as they are more commonly known – made of plastic, metal, even felt – but the Obsidian Arrowhead Guitar Pick is made of volcanic rock.  These picks were created by Seth Maranuk.  A piece of obsidian, a glass-like material formed in rapidly cooled lava, is hand-shaped into the arrowhead shapeRead More…


Carry a guitar stand in your pocket

on Tuesday, May 6th, 2014
Posted in: Music Gear, News

Guitar players probably have at least a couple of guitar stands around the house, but if they’re like my husband, they probably often find themselves needing a way to safely prop up their guitar because they don’t have a stand with them.  The Planet Waves Guitar Rest is small enough to go in your gigRead More…


Forget guitar tuning problems with the Stretcha

on Tuesday, April 29th, 2014
Posted in: Music Gear, News

If you have tuning problems, it may be the strings and not your guitar, according to the folks at String Stretcha.  There are ways to stretch the strings using your fingers, but pulling on them at random places results in uneven stretch and using the “thumb and fingers” method takes a long time and causesRead More…


Pyle Audio All-in-One Beginner Electric Guitar Package

on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012
Posted in: Music Gear, News

It’s time to start planning your holiday shopping, and Pyle Audio has a great gift idea for someone who wants to learn to play guitar.  Their PEGKT15 electric guitar package comes with everything needed to get started.  The kit starts with a double-cutaway, solid-body electric guitar made with a basswood body, maple neck, and rosewood fretboard.  ItRead More…


Build Muscle Memory on the Go with Pocketstrings

on Monday, February 6th, 2012
Posted in: Music Gear, News

We all have periods of time throughout the day that are essentially wasted – whether it be during a commute, waiting in a doctor’s office, or restlessly sitting through a three minute commercial break until your show resumes.  What better way to kill that time than by practicing guitar?  Pocketstrings is a mini guitar neckRead More…