Add a snare drum directly on your guitar

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NEWS – Last week I wrote about a violin-like bow for guitar players and that article went nuts and is still getting over 2000 views per day. The success of that post has me on a quest to find even more interesting guitar accessories and today I want to show you the SamJam. It looks like a replacement for your acoustic guitar’s pickguard, but it’s really an attachable percussive instrument. I know that you’ve seen acoustic guitar players who tap their guitars while strumming to add some extra pizzazz to their music. The German-made SamJam takes this to a whole new level. They call it a snare drum and it attaches to the face of the guitar without any messy adhesives. It’s easy to remove and reattach without damaging your guitar and you can customize the sound with magnets! Want one? Head over to Amazon where they are $90.16.

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