Let the undead hold your guitar

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Guitar players who don’t want to hide their favorite instrument in a case or on a boring old metal floor stand can now hang it on the wall in style. GuitarGrips are wall-mounted guitar hangers that are shaped like human and in-human hands. GuitarGrips come in several styles that include male hands in a variety of colored finishes like gloss, antique and graphex, to ghastly grips that look like skeleton and zombie hands. The guitar hands hold the headstock in a grip that is lined with a material that is designed to not scratch the neck of your instrument. Some of the styles are available in both a left and right handed version depending on the shape of the guitar’s headstock and there are several mounting methods to choose from depending on the wall type. Made in the USA, GuitarGrips are priced starting at $39.99 and go up to as much as $65.99 for the Toxic Zombie version. For more info visit GuitarGrips.com

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