Amazon takes the wraps off new super skinny Kindle Oasis eReader

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One of Amazon’s worst kept secrets is now official… Amazon’s newest Kindle is the Oasis. Their thinnest and lightest Kindle ever features 4GB of storage and a 6-inch 300 ppi high resolution display with 10 LEDs that evenly illuminate the screen to allow for comfortable viewing in any environment from total darkness to full sunlight. The Kindle Oasis has a hand grip with dedicated page turning buttons on the right side that gives this eReader an unusual tapered asymmetrical shape which reminds me of Amazon’s first Kindle that we reviewed back in December of 2007. If you’re not a fan of buttons, you can still turn pages by taping the touch screen. The Kindle Oasis has battery life that lasts for as much as two months (eight weeks) when used with the included leather charging cover. Priced at $289.99 for the WiFi version or $359.99 for the 3G version, the Kindle Oasis will begin shipping on 4/27/16. For more info and to order visit Amazon.

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8 thoughts on “Amazon takes the wraps off new super skinny Kindle Oasis eReader”

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  2. $289 is a crazy price. I have the Voyage right now and I had a hard time paying $200 for it. I am finding that the only time I use the Voyage to read a book is sometimes when I go to bed, if I am on a plane, or if I am trying to read outside. That is probably less than 20% of my total reading time. I would consider replacing my Voyage if they were to reduce the price to $200 or less. I would also love the option to buy it without the cover. I find covers make the Kindle too bulky and heavy.

    1. I think the cover is for the extended battery which allows it to last for a couple months without charging it. I’m just surprised that Kindles are still selling. With tablets and phones, it just seems like an extra device to worry about.

  3. I agree that it cost too much. I will hold out with my paper white until the cost/improvement ratio is better.
    I disagree that is just an extra device to worry about. I read a lot. I am also on the computer all day at work. I can sit down and read the kindle without adding to my already existing eye strain that can be compounded with the tablets and/or phones. Also, I use reading as an escape. I find that if my device buzzes every time I get some kind of message or call, I can’t get the time out that I need.

  4. I think kindles are great! …no distractions, easy on the eyes. I don’t even read very much, but when I do it is way more pleasant to use a kindle instead of a tablet. I have several kindles and I don’t “worry” about them as an extra device at all. I agree the oasis is too expensive and I would hate needing to hold a cover for the battery life, but I hope Amazon keeps innovating and trying new things. AND I think I paid $400 for the first Kindle when it came out! 🙂

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