These LEGO-like building blocks are made from "a composite of the bark of the cedar tree, compressed dust from sawn cedar logs, and coffee beans as well as other recycled materials."  The Earth Toy Earth Blocks are 1.25" long x 0.6" wide x 0.6" high.  A set of 50 blocks is $30 at the Guggenheim [...]

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Paper PP Alloy

Your next notebook (electronic one) may be made of paper if Pega Design has anything to do with it. Their Paper PP Alloy is made to replace plastic shells using  a combination of recycled paper and polypropylene.  The paper-based material is strong, sturdy, flexible, environmentally-friendly and inexpensive to make.  The material can be molded using injection molding methods.  Turn [...]

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Environmental friendliness and sustainability are pervasive topic these days and "green" is a term that is being applied in countless areas. How about your computer? Recompute has developed what they call the "eco friendly computer workstation." And it's made of cardboard. Blasphemy! you scream? Brilliant! you squeal? Either way, it's an interesting concept---check out this video for [...]

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TSA friendly.  Laptops placed in the checkpoint friendly Mobile Edge ScanFast allow you to go through security checkpoints with minimal hassle

MobileEdge ScanFast briefcase. Checkpoint and Environment friendly.   (this is a 2nd opinion review of bag that we featured last year) I really hate flying.  I've never been a big fan.   I hate the high prices, the long lines, the rules, the regulations, the baggage fees, what you can carry on and what you [...]

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Stapler that does not use

Back to School these days just isn't the Back to School it was in my day. When I went back to school, I went to the grocery store, picked out a colorful cardboard box that held No. 2 pencils (yellow thank you very much), some crayons, a ruler (wooden) and maybe some Elmer's glue (the [...]

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In an effort to continue the fight against vampire power suckers, Belkin's new Conserve Valet power station gives us an energy efficient way to charge up to four of our electronic devices at a time. The benefit of the Valet is that it shuts itself off once all the connected devices have been charged. This [...]

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I love Green gadgets, and I'm not just talking about their color. The ECO Button is a small device that connects to your Windows PC (sorry, no Mac support at this time) through the USB port. When you aren't using your computer, you can press the Eco Button and your computer will go into energy [...]

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It doesn't suck power. As in vampire power, the new buzz term for chargers that continue to slurp electricity even when they are not actively charging your phone. AT&T's soon to be released ZERO Charger automatically shuts down when it is not in use, eliminating 100% of vampire power. The ZERO is an AC charger [...]

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I try to be aware of my impact on the environment. I recycle as much as possible and recently installed a programmable thermostat. I've often wondered how much water I use every morning when I take a shower. The Waterpebble is a nifty little device that can help you keep your water consumption at acceptable [...]

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Geek Going Green

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It’s no secret that everyone is looking for new ways to save power for whatever reason; either because you want to be “greener” or you want to lower your power bills from the “vampire suck” of plugged in but turned off electronics.  For $40.00, TV TrickleSaver shuts off the flow of power to your gaming [...]

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The Kill-A-Watt Graphic Timer displays the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly power usage of a connected device on its large backlit LCD. We've reviewed Kill-A-Watt products before (see related posts below), but this gadget goes one step further by providing a programmable timer feature with up to 96 programmable on/off settings per day. It also [...]

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It might look like something that Dr. Seuss might eat for breakfast, but this Green egg looking USB device is a button. The USB Green Button from Solutions has been designed to put your Windows or Mac computer into low power mode when pressed. This is one of those devices that no one really needs [...]

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Setting up for test

The TrickleStar TrickleSaver is a device that can cut down on the “vampire” or stand-by power used by secondary devices in your video (or other electronic) system.  It uses a “master/slave” mechanism, where the “master” (normally your TV set) controls when the “slave” (or “slaves” such as VCR, game console, cable box or other devices [...]

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If you're a fan of BBC Comedy (and even if you're not), you should check out these YouTube videos with Jon Plowman. He does some quick reviews of a bunch of different electricity monitoring devices for Energy Saving Day 2009. E-Day 2009 takes place on the Isles of Scilly on October 6 and is the [...]


Do the words Going Green, cause you to roll your eyes or open them? I fall into the eye opening group as I'm a self-proclaimed tree hugger that hates to hear about the the polar ice caps melting and oceans warming. We are big on recycling at my house and we've switched 90% of the [...]

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