Paper PP Alloy – A Greener Paper Notebook?

Your next notebook (electronic one) may be made of paper if Pega Design has anything to do with it. Their Paper PP Alloy is made to replace plastic shells using  a combination of recycled paper and polypropylene.  The paper-based material is strong, sturdy, flexible, environmentally-friendly and inexpensive to make.  The material can be molded using injection molding methods.  Turn your notebook into a notebook.



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1 thought on “Paper PP Alloy – A Greener Paper Notebook?”

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  2. This is nothing new, the company has been around since 2008. The first time I heard of them was sometime in 2009.

    While the sample image is of a mold taken from one of the early Asus Eee PC netbooks and is the same image I saw them use back then. So apparently nothing has changed!

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