Back to School Gadgets: Staple-less Stapler

Back to School these days just isn’t the Back to School it was in my day. When I went back to school, I went to the grocery store, picked out a colorful cardboard box that held No. 2 pencils (yellow thank you very much), some crayons, a ruler (wooden) and maybe some Elmer’s glue (the white sticky stuff: glue sticks hadn’t yet been invented).
That was it.   Schools supplied paper in grade school and we weren’t required to take grocery sacks of hand sanitizer, tissues, Dry Erase markers and Dry Erase erasers and and whatever else.
Nowadays, Back to School is a BIG deal that is styled and trended with everyone trying to outdo themselves with the latest Back to School gear and WalMarts and Targets equipped with special stands bearing Supply Requirement Lists from the local schools.
We just didn’t outdo each other with school supplies and lunch boxes when I was a kid but it’s a whole new world out there.  Sending your kid back to school these days means serious cool gear.  And in this world where everyone is green with envy over who comes across the greenest, the stapler that doesn’t use staples is by far the coolest.
And that’s a word that just doesn’t seem to go with Back to School:  cool.   However, anyone who has ever used (read: fought and lost) a stapler understands the draw of a stapler that will staple papers and not use the metal little prong things that ban paper from the recycling bin and never misses an opportunity to somehow get stuck in the stapler and requiring no less than three swear words while trying to pry it free from the stapler.
The Staple-less stapler actually cuts a tiny flap into your papers and folds itself creating a tiny paper pocket.  No staples.  No clogging. No staple holes.  It’s a whole new way to geek out Back to School because I have not seen this in the stores.   $6.99 from, this stapler could well replace the apple kids once brought to teachers.

5 thoughts on “Back to School Gadgets: Staple-less Stapler”

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  2. I’ve got two of these. Two, MAYBE three pages and this works OK. Any more pages and it has problems. Also, it’s not as secure as real staples.

    Got mine from some time ago for 1.99. It’s worth maybe double that. Not 6.99.

  3. These have been around for 5 years at least.. But jhon is right, they’re fine (sort of0 for fewer than 4 pages, but any more it doesn’t work. I use my real stapler far more than this thing.

  4. Make that 20 years. I had a similar “stapler” when I was in high school, and that is 20 years ago 😉 Indeed, it works sufficient for two or three sheets.

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