Bluetooth headphones

Last year, Bowers & Wilkins stepped into the future with their on ear P5 Wireless headphone. In my review, I said … “the fact that Bowers & Wilkins makes the P5 sound as good as it does when wireless is a wonderful bonus.” That bonus has been expanded to include the over ear B&W P7 Wireless… Read More

The D900s is the newest version of the D900 wireless earbuds from Syllable so let's check out the new upgrades made to them. If you haven't read my review of the previous version, check out my Syllable D900 review. But if you want to jump right in to the D900s review,  then let's move on. The… Read More

  Let's face it, the days of wired headphones are numbered. With the iPhone 7 and other phone makers following suit, most people will be switching to Bluetooth headphones and earbuds to enjoy their tunes. The Helix Cuff allows you to keep a pair of wireless headphones with you at all times by placing them… Read More

Bluetooth headphones: There are a ton of them out there, right? Why review another one? Because we're The Gadgeteer, and that's what we do. I'd been on the hunt for a good set of wireless headphones for a while, so I was excited about Julie's offer to review one of the newer products in this… Read More

When listening to music or watching a movie on a device, I crave great sound and comfort out of my headphones. Since these two criteria are often quite subjective, it would seem that what works for one person, may not for another which seems to be the challenge of producing headphones that are within a… Read More

In the beginning, there were speakers. Then came headphones with wires, then smaller earphones with wires. Next came wireless earphones that didn't require a wired connection to the music device, but required a wire between each earphone. Now we have Motorola's VerveOnes+ wireless earbuds which are truly wireless. I've been excited to try this style of wireless… Read More

The notion of only having small earbuds in each ear, without cords of any kind, should make many activities where cord management and cord noise are problematic, such as running or exercising, more enjoyable and immersive.  There are a few players in this relatively new field of gadget, notably: Bragi, Earin, Motorola, and BÖHM. Skybuds, manufactured by Alpha Audiotronics, Inc… Read More

I'm still looking for my favorite pair of wireless headphones and the newest pair that I'm testing are the Jesbod QY13 Bluetooth V4.1 Headphones. They sound great when paired to my Nexus 6P, have a unique power on/off switch and great battery life. But there's always one thing that you wish you could improve... keep reading to… Read More

I'm trying to make running an integral part of my daily routine. For many people, a good pair of shoes is the most important tool when running; however, I won't even consider putting foot to pavement without having music to listen to, so I need a great set of headphones. Originally, I tried running with a… Read More

I've had the opportunity to review JayBird's BlueBud X and X2 sport-centric wireless earbuds, both engineered to survive a rainy run or extra sweaty workout. Their minimalistic design, comfortable/secure fit, and solid sound made for an excellent workout companion. Jaybird has taken minimalism to a whole new level with their new Freedom wireless earbuds. They have slimmed down… Read More

Jabra who are well known for their Bluetooth headsets has recently announced an addition to their Halo family of wireless headphones. The Halo Smart wireless headphone have been optimized for both calls and music. They feature high-quality microphones with integrated wind noise protection for enhanced in-call quality. The headset vibrates when calls come in so… Read More

Okay, let’s state an obvious fact: Father’s Day is around the corner and dads like stuff. And many dads (like me) like electronic stuff. If your dad—or husband who is also a dad—enjoys music, maybe this is the year to consider headphones for that Father’s Day gift. Headphones come in all varieties of type, looks… Read More

A year ago, I reviewed the over-ear Pendulumic STANCE S1+ (their only headphone model) and came away quite impressed. Pendulumic has now introduced the on-ear TACH T1 headphone with upgraded battery management and better noise isolation. The headband is also more traditional looking and softer feeling. The T1 features the latest Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX… Read More

Do you find yourself getting bored using the same old earphones when you exercise? When shopping for earphones, I look for those which have unique designs that pique my curiosity; but of course, they also must have decent audio quality, a sweat-proof rugged design and they must be affordable too. Perhaps you look for those things… Read More

Last year I reviewed the MPOW Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones and absolutely loved them. However, I still wonder whether or not there are other affordable Bluetooth in-ear headphones out there that I might like even more. This year the Gadgeteer was offered the MPOW Antelope Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sports In-Ear Headphones to review and I… Read More