I fashion myself as somewhat of an amateur photographer. I’ve been fascinated with photography ever since I took Mr. Bunton’s “Intro to Photography” class way back in the ninth grade. And like a lot of people I love taking photos with my iPhone. Apple forever changed the way we take photographs when they introduced the first iPhone 10 years ago. With each iteration, the iPhones camera gets better and better. It takes amazing photos, but taking them has always presented different issues. The fact is the iPhone isn’t a camera, it’s a phone, and holding it with one hand to take a photo can be tricky. And if you want to use a tripod you have to buy special cases and or mounts made specifically for the iPhone. Miggo has changed all of that with the Pictar and Pictar Plus. Pictar is a camera grip that claims to turn your iPhone into a DSLR camera. Since I love taking pictures with my iPhone both recreationally and for my product reviews for the-gadgeteer, I jumped at the chance to review the Pictar Plus. Does it really turn the iPhone into a DSLR camera? Let’s take some photos and find out. [click to continue…]

It really wouldn’t be summer without Braven dropping a new speaker on us. And 2017 is no different. True to form, Braven has gone 360° full circle with their new STRYDE 360 portable Bluetooth speaker.

Braven has crafted a soda can shaped speaker to fit into any active lifestyle where water, salt, sand, and snow are as plentiful as air.

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I have more carry-on bags than I would like to admit. The reason is simple, I haven’t found one that fits all my travel needs. Do I want a backpack or a roller bag? Can I use it when I get to my destination without looking like I am carrying a carry-on bag? So, basically, I am still looking for a bag with versatility.  [click to continue…]

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As retailers and marketers have gained expansive access to new markets through the internet in the past couple of decades; there has been growing distance between big brands and consumers that can result in “lost markets.”

The rise and rise social media, mobile and the struggling challenges of reaching millennials has lead to massive changes in the way consumers make purchases and interact with brands.  [click to continue…]

Throughout most of recorded history, a pointed staff has been the preferred method of directing an audience’s attention towards an item displayed during a presentation. A significant advancement came in the 1980’s with the advent of the laser pointer, which allowed presenters to identify specific items on large screens from great distances.  These days, in large venues it isn’t uncommon for the presentation to be displayed on multiple screens. Furthermore, the presentation may be simulcast to remote locations. In these situations a software pointer is needed; a means to control that software pointer is the most pressing need of the modern presenter. The Logitech Spotlight Wireless Presenter is a remote control which allows control of the presentation and can remotely move the mouse pointer by sensing movement of the remote. Let’s see how it works!

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Fisher Space Pens haven’t been on my radar for awhile, but I happened to see an image of one on Pinterest the other day that reminded me of an updated version of the Inka Pen that I reviewed over 10 years ago. So I clicked over to the Fisher Space Pen site and was greeted by a variety of pen that I didn’t know they carried, including the Backpacker Pen. [click to continue…]

Here’s a new list of Indiegogo and Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns that you’ll want to check out and potentially back with your pledges. There’s a computer programming “game”, a hub for smart buttons, wireless earbuds, and more. Click through to see the full list. [click to continue…]

Established in 2014, National Selfie Day is observed in the United States and abroad every June 21 as a celebration for people who likes to take pictures of themselves. [click to continue…]

Security cameras and nanny cams have become a huge market. Even baby monitors have added night vision capabilities, so you can just grab your phone from your pocket, desk, or nightstand and check on anything you’ve decided to secure at a moment’s notice. D-Link, a longtime maker of routers and wireless equipment, recently sent The Gadgeteer one of their OMNA 180 CAM HD’s for review. I’ve been working with it for a few weeks now. [click to continue…]

Focal is a premium French speaker company who’s products are sometimes priced into the stratosphere. Their Utopia headphones are a cool $4,000 and many audio experts have said they are the best headphones available today. But let’s face it, you probably can’t drop that kind of money on headphones. No problem, because Focal is now offering (much) more affordable earphones and a new wireless headphone as well. The new Focal Spark earphones and Listen headphone are now available in both wired and wireless options. [click to continue…]

Have you ever purchased a grill only to use it the one time you had a craving for chargrilled hot dogs and hamburgers? I’ll admit that we did that. We bought a small Webber grill, grilled with it one time and then it sat in the garage for years until we gave it away. Maybe a better alternative would be the disposable CasusGrill. [click to continue…]

I don’t use Compact Flash, SD and micro SD cards all that often these days, except for the SD card in my Canon 70D DSLR which I use for Gadgeteer product photography. I mainly use my smartphone as my primary camera, but photographers still use flash cards and flash card readers. But I bet they haven’t seen a bomb proof card reader like the Black USB 3.0 card reader from Delkin. [click to continue…]

There’s something magical about charcoal grilling, especially during the long days of summer. You just can’t replicate that taste on a gas grill. Since 2013 BBQ Dragon has been bringing new innovations to the charcoal grilling market, and I have one of their latest gadgets on the back patio for testing. It’s the Chimney of Insanity, a chimney starter that BBQ Dragon claims is the best in the industry.

What’s a chimney starter? And is the Chimney of Insanity the best around? Let’s go make a fire and find out!

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I listened to Apple’s WWDC keynote a couple of weeks ago and didn’t come away with an immediate need to melt my Visa card on a bunch of new Apple gear like I usually do after such events. The new iPad Pro 10.5 looked nice enough, but I didn’t feel compelled to buy one. [click to continue…]

The Pocket Shot Slingshot is an innovative, modern take on the classic slingshot design. With the addition of the Pocket Hammer handle and Arrow Cap, this reimagining of the classic Y-shaped slingshot, a circular design which replaces strong rubber bands with an elastic pouch, is incredibly effective and so much fun to use. [click to continue…]