It’s July in southern Indiana which means it’s hot and humid outside. But this year it’s worse because there’s a heat dome over us and while both we and the corn in the fields are sweating, air conditioning units are working overtime to keep our homes cool and comfortable. AC units use a lot of electricity which can lead to dread when the electric company bills show up in the mailbox. Is there anything you can do to make your AC run less while still keeping your house cool? Mistbox is a gadget that has been designed to help you save up to 30%, depending on where you live, on your monthly electric bill during the hot summer months. Let’s take a look.
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Today we have six quick review updates for products that were reviewed from 2012 to as recent as last May 2015. These quick updates are a quick way to see how some of the products that we review hold up over time. It gives our readers some insight on the types of products that the Gadgeteer team likes to use on a regular basis. Click through to see a list of the reviews that have been updated. Scroll down to the bottom to read the updated entries. [click to continue…]

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Dash cams are becoming more popular every day and when a product becomes popular, you start seeing a lot of brands from the very inexpensive (some would say cheap) to very expensive (some would say spendy). Today I am taking a look at the Thinkware F750 dash cam which lands in the expensive category with an MSRP of $299.99. Why would you want to spend close to $300 (retail) for this dash cam when you can find many budget brands that sell for less than $100?  Let’s take the Thinkware for a spin and find out.

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Fans of Apple’s rose gold MacBook, iPhone and Apple Watch can now choose from Satechi’s growing line of matching accessories. Satechi’s Metallic Series has been expanded to include rose gold versions of their wireless headphones, headphone stand, charging stations, Type-C Hub and new Type-C Micro/SD Card Reader. Additional Rose Gold items will be added to the Metallic Series throughout the rest of this year. The full Metallic Series line in gold, space grey and silver is available now at Satechi.net. and some items have been added to their store front on Amazon.

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It’s almost comical. One of the best in-ear headphones (earphones) available at any price comes in a package that isn’t nearly as nice as some of the cheapest headphones available. Not only that, there’s an embarrassing selection of only three pairs of tips, no mic and … no case? Are you kidding me? Okay, they do (finally) offer a case—for 15 extra bucks! It’s not included in the box. And therein lies the irony of Grado’s GR10e earphones—so few accessories, so much goodness. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending the GR10e earphones, because they are absolutely terrific—end of story. But not end of review.

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I don’t know where you are right now, but here in Indiana, it’s hot. Not just hot, but humid AND hot. Ugh… When it’s like this outside, the best place to be is inside with your favorite cool website,  which I hope is The Gadgeteer! To stay cool (intellectually), I’ve created a quick list for you that will help make sure you didn’t miss any of our stories from the past week. So grab a cold beverage and click through to see the full listing of this week’s gadget related news and reviews. [click to continue…]

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The Avegant Glyph is a portable and lightweight theater that can go with you on all of your adventures. You might look like Geordi La Forge while you’re wearing the Glyph, but you won’t care because you’ll feel like you’re watching a 60-inch TV and will be enjoying hi-definition digital audio. It connects to your smartphone, tablet or gaming console so you can enjoy movies and games.

The Glyph doesn’t even have a screen inside, it replicates natural human eyesight by using over two million micro-mirrors to reflect light that shows images instead of individual pixels. You might not even need to wear your glasses with the Glyph, it can adjust from +1 to -7 to accommodate a wide variety of prescriptions and pupillary distances. Note that it cannot adjust for astigmatic eyesight.

When you are done watching movies and playing games, you can flip up the visor and listen to music through the Glyph like a traditional pair of headphones.

The Avegant Glyph is priced at $699 through Amazon and you can find more info at avegant.com

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Ulefone_3If you ever wondered about taking that step into owning a smartwatch but were afraid of the complexity and the price then I think the GW01 from Ulefone will be a pleasant surprise in the right direction.

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Pollen, pet dander and spores: These are the bane of the existence of anyone with asthma and allergies. But be prepared to breathe easier: The IQAir HealthPro Plus removes 99.97% of pollutants including VOCs, particulate matter and ultra-fine particles, which are the most insidious because they can be breathed into your lungs and go directly into your blood stream – all in an “astonishingly quiet” Swiss-made, energy-efficient unit.  [click to continue…]

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This is Max. He’s a stray cat that we’ve had for about 12 years or so. We think he’s part Maine Coon because he’s so large and has some of the characteristics of that breed. He acts more like a dog than a cat and likes to follow us around indoors and out. Max is diabetic and takes insulin shots twice a day. It’s important that he eat all of his food before we give him his shot. Some days he’ll cry and beg for his food but then won’t eat it after we’ve given it to him. I thought he might just be finicky, but then I learned about whisker fatigue and the Dr. Catsby’s bowl that has been designed to combat this problem. They sent me one. I mean Max one, to try. Let’s see what he thinks and if his whiskers are more energetic now.
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The TWIST World Adapter DUO from OneAdaptr is the only power adapter that you will need to take with you when you travel internationally (okay, so maybe it doesn’t work everywhere, but it works in 150 countries!); it has all that you need in one piece. This unique adapter allows you to twist the base of the unit to extend the correct outlet prongs for the country that you are in.  [click to continue…]

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It’s been 10 years since we had a dog, but when we did, we just let her outside to do her business and then complained when we’d accidentally step in her business while walking around our yard. That’s what happens when you live in a rural area like I do, but for city-dwelling dog owners, cleaning up after their furry friends is a must, it’s probably the law (just guessing) too. That usually means carrying around plastic bags that are used to pick up… well, you know. You can stuff the bags in your pocket or you can get a little holder that clips to your dog’s leash, like the Mighty Dog waste bag dispenser from OTOTO. Is this cute little dog shaped bag holder better than your pocket for holding bags? No, not really, but it’s cute and if it’s attached to the leash, there’s little chance that you’ll forget to put bags in your pocket the next time you head outdoors to walk Fido. The Mighty Dog waste bag dispenser is priced at $11 and is available for pre-order from OTOTO with shipping due in September.

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If you have been following any of the Tour de France as it rounds its way through Europe, you have seen a segment or two captured by a handlebar, helmet or seat mounted GoPro. These shots often capture the essence of the race: clearly depicting the speed, endurance, congestion and competitive nature of the event. But not everyone can afford to mount a GoPro to their bike, and if there are other things mounted to the handlebar, then perhaps the GoPro may not fit. MiniWing has just completed an Indigogo campaign to launch the Camile R100, a sports camera and GPS enabled bicycle computer all-in-one. Read on to see what I think! [click to continue…]

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We’ve reviewed a LOT of dash cams over the years, but I think this new dash cam from Pyle is the first one I’d seen that has two cameras. The Pyle Dual Camera & Monitor DVR System fits over your vehicle’s existing rearview mirror and has a camera to point out the windshield and one to point inside the car. Or if you like, you can point both cameras inside the car at the driver and passenger. The cameras both rotate, so it’s up to you where to point them.

The Pyle dash cam captures HD 1080p video with extra wide 120° viewing angle camera lenses and 4x digital zooming. The rearview mirror can be used normally, or you can show one or both camera views at once. The Pyle Dual Camera & Monitor DVR System is priced at $118.99 at www.Pyleusa.com.

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If you’ve day dreamed about adding smartwatch features to your favorite non-smart watch, the CT Band from French startup Rifft, may make your dreams to become a reality. The CT Band is a replacement watchband for most watches that is made of leather or silicone and comes in a variety of different colors. The band features a high precision 3D accelerometer, physiological sensors, environmental sensors, a microphone and a small OLED display. The strap connects to your Android or iOS phone using Bluetooth and provides info on the strap’s LCD display when you have an incoming call, text messages, and other notifications, while it keeps track of your daily activity, steps, heart rate and more. I like the look of the band, but one thing that people probably won’t like is that it has to be charged once a day or every other day.

The silicone version of the CT Band can be pre-ordered for 149,00 € and the leather band can be pre-ordered for 169,00 €. That works out to about $165 – $186 US. The bands are estimated to be available this fall 2016. Visit ct-band.com for more info.

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