Feeling nostalgic? Then take a look at Elago’s latest product for the Apple Watch. The W3 stand, which uses the Apple Watches Night Stand mode to create the iconic look of an original Macintosh monitor.

With the Apple Watch in Night Stand Mode it’s green font really makes your Apple Watch look like a vintage Macintosh display. That vintage look even comes complete with a floppy diskette slot.  [click to continue…]

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You know the saying “if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck”… If we go by that critera, then the Azpen Hybrx A1160 Remix 2.0 laptop is probably a lightweight, low-priced Windows 10 laptop. Right? Wrong. It is a laptop, but it doesn’t run Windows, Linux, Chrome OS or macOS. It runs an operating system based on Android called Remix OS. Let’s take it for a spin.
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For those of us who live in northern climates, typically our golf games are in hibernation during the winter months.  Indoor golf simulators are a potential solution to keeping our games sharp, but the cost and space requirements are significant barriers to home simulator ownership.

The Ti.ttle X IoT Golf Simulator attempts to break these barriers utilizing an “Internet of Things” MEMS device.  The compact sensor consisting of accelerometers and gyroscopes attaches to your club to track position, speed, path, and face angle.  Using those metrics, golf ball flight can be simulated and also integrated with TruGolf’s E6 3D Golf Simulator to play a virtual round without having to hit an actual ball.  The sensor can also be attached to a specially designed Swing Stick that is two feet long to allow full swings in 8-foot ceilings.   The stick is weighted properly to approximate the heft of a real club, and a spring loaded mechanism replicates the feel of a golf ball strike at impact.

The Ti.ttle X IoT Golf Simulator is currently available for pre-order after their successful Kickstarter campaign. You can order one for $139 until February 28.  Shipping begins in mid-March.  Further info can be found at Ti.ttle.

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Timbuk2 dominates my bag collection. These folks have a knack for continually developing new styles & innovating their designs while continuing to build rock-solid, comfortable carry pieces. The new Edge Collection continues that tradition with a focus on tough, weatherproof bags focused on getting you and your gear safely to your destination.  [click to continue…]

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Our household has had several online subscription services over the years. We’ve had Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Prime Reading, and Spotify, and enjoyed the benefits that come along with each. The biggest problem with all of those different services is keeping track of all the logins and payments each month.  Playster is a subscription service of its own that brings music, video, e-books, audiobooks, and games, all under one service.

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Hoping to stand out from the pack of Chromebook manufacturers, Samsung released information on two new advanced versions of the usually spartan Android-powered laptops. Called the Chromebook Plus and the Chromebook Pro, both merge popular features most often found in tablets, like touchscreens, styluses, and an app store.  [click to continue…]

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Ever dream of using Alexa in your car? Now you can with the ZeroTouch smart car mount from Logitech. The ZeroTouch turns your car into a connected car, so you can send text messages, make hands-free calls, get directions and control your music. The new collaboration  with Logitech and Amazon’s Alexa Service now adds Alexa voice control to its suite of existing features.  [click to continue…]

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Even as a frequent business traveler, I have not mastered the art of sleeping on long flights.  I’ve used a variety of horseshoe shaped neck pillows, but have not found a satisfactory product.  These days, I reserve window seats and lean against the fuselage for some shuteye.

The main issue I’ve had with current neck support products is that my head is still free to fall forward.  And when that happens, I can never get a restful amount of sleep.  After a long flight, the inventor of the SleepX Neckrest had felt the same way and went to the drawing board.  [click to continue…]

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Samsung has sent out invitations for its Mobile World Congress press event, but thanks to the recent Note 7 problems the company will not be unveiling a new Galaxy S series phone as they have in years past. Instead, the event is likely to be centered around a refresh of their flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab S3.

While the tablet is rumored to sport the same screen size and resolution as the S2 version, the processor will likely jump up to the Qualcomm 820 (in the US – the equivalent Exynos processor in other parts of the world) and memory will increase from 3GB to 4GB. Of greater interest, though, is the hint from the invitation that the tablet will be the first to have a curved screen similar to the one in their Galaxy Edge line of phones.  Another interesting rumor is that this will be the first tablet since 2014’s Galaxy Note 10.1 to have an included S-Pen stylus, although curiously there does not appear to be a silo on the tablet in which to store the pen when not in use.  There will be both a WiFi-only and an LTE version, with Verizon rumored to be the first carrier to sign on.

The Samsung press conference is set for Sunday, February 26 at 1 PM Eastern time (10 AM Pacific).

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I’ve always had a soft spot for Fugoo speakers. Their rugged build, good sound and incredible battery life won me over. However, the original Fugoo speaker and newer XL version are a bit on the expensive side and anyone on a restrictive budget would be hard-pressed to justify buying a Fugoo speaker no matter how good they are. Well, that’s changed. Fugoo has released the Go speaker—an affordable, go anywhere speaker that’s as tough and waterproof as the more expensive Fugoo and Fugoo XL speakers. [click to continue…]

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Since I don’t have an EDC bag that I carry with me every day (unless you consider my purse one) I thought it would be nifty to show what I travel with on a plane. The only thing excluded from this is the backpack, which varies depending on what sort of plane I am on, purse, which just holds my wallet and receipts, and a blanket, which also varies based on the backpack I use and the length of my trip. [click to continue…]

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In a Facebook post last week, Mark Zuckerberg gave an interesting, if somewhat vague, update on work being done by Facebook’s Oculus Research Lab.

Zuckerberg described a visit to the Oculus Research lab in Redmond, Washington and the post was accompanied by photos of clean rooms, testing areas, and lens manufacturing. [click to continue…]

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We get it. You don’t like to be tethered to some workstation just to get through your daily workload. What if you could throw your office on your back, take your work with you and keep your mobile devices charged by harnessing the energy of that glowing ball of exploding gas in the sky? Enter Lifepack: The Solar Powered & Anti-Theft Backpack. [click to continue…]

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Pocket survival tools are a great way to be prepared for those emergencies that randomly occur in life. To me, the two key features in a survival tool are functionality and size. If a survival tool does not have some minimum features such as a cutting edge and a fire starting tool it misses the mark for me. When it comes to size, it has to be small enough to carry around without notice. I already own and reviewed an older model Tool Logic Survival Card 2 which I would say is more of a daily urban environment tool than a hardcore survival tool, so when I was offered a chance to review the Survival Hax Tactical Credit Card Tool I jumped on it.

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A few weeks ago I suggested that everyone on The Gadgeteer team should post an update to their EDC. We’ve already posted several updates (see related posts links at the bottom of the page) and now it’s my turn. Click through to see a list of all the items that I carry with me to and from my day job every day.   [click to continue…]

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