Chromebooks laptops are both light weight physically and technically. They are powered by Google’s Chrome OS which provides long battery life and ease of use. One thing they didn’t offer until recently was access to the Google Play store and the ability to run Android apps. The Acer Chromebook R 11 is one of a select few that can do this. The R 11 features an 11.6″ touchscreen display with a 360° hinge that converts the clamshell laptop into a tablet for $299.99. [click to continue…]

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If you are an Amazon Prime member and have an Echo or an Echo Dot, you can now shop with Alexa just by asking her to reorder the products you use the most or even to order something totally new. Just tell Alexa what to order such as “Alexa, order Honey Bunches of Oats”. Alexa will respond with “Ok, Honey Bunches of Oats. $21.95 total. Should I order it?” You say “yes!” and two days later you’re chowing down on crunchy cereal goodness all without using your computer or even your hands. You can say “Alexa, what are your deals?” to learn about deals that are exclusive to ordering with Alexa devices. For more info visit Amazon.

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Yoo RX Fitness Band review

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I’m a self-proclaimed health and fitness guru and I try and hit the gym every other day and walk/run a few miles outside as well for no other reason than –  I love to feel good! However…working out and burning those calories can be tedious and down right boring at times. Throwing a fitness band  like the Yoo Rx into the mix can give you some added pep and get you excited about staying healthy – I highly recommend them and I’ve used quite a few. [click to continue…]

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SCOTTeVEST has just announced some new techwear that’s been designed for both men and women to carry their gear when they are off the grid without needing a bag or backpack. The new OTG jackets which appropriately stands for Off The Grid, are made of ripstop nylon and feature a cool quilted design and 29 pockets that include two front Rapid Access Panels™, that open to large compartments that can hold a full-size laptop (except Women’s XS and S) without showing bumps or bulges.  [click to continue…]

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Do you want to create your own 3D videos but think it will cost too much and be too difficult? If you have an Android device with a micro USB port, the Weeview Eye-Plug camera will let you  capture your own VR movies for less than $50. But does the old saying “you get what you pay for” apply to the Eye-Plug? Keep reading to find out.
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One of the things I find most intriguing about gadgets is the prevalence of convergence. A great example of a convergent device is a Swiss Army knife. The Sena Smart Helmet may be the world’s first Swiss Army Cycling Helmet. It includes an integrated QHD camera and communication system. The camera allows the recording of up to 2 hours of QHD quality (1440p) video or FHD (1080p) video. The recorded image may be viewed live using a smartphone with WiFi. Also, the recording can be dubbed with the user’s voice, transmissions from the intercom, and music from the paired smartphone. You read this correctly – the helmet includes an intercom that will work over 900 m in open terrain to up to 3 other users. The integrated audio also allows the user to connect the helmet to a smartphone using Bluetooth 4.1. Integrated audio provides a hands-free method for listening to music, making phone calls, and receiving fitness data. Buttons on the side of the helmet control all functionality but a handlebar mounted remote may be purchased separately. Colors include: White, Blue, Green, Navy, Hi-Viz Pink, Cool-Grey, Light Blue, and Black. Info on pricing will be added to the Sena site when it is available.

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Why does it seem like the lightest and thinnest laptops always have the bulkiest chargers? Laptops are fantastic until you have to travel with them and carry all the necessary accessories that go along with them. If your laptop only weighs 2 lbs, but the charger and cable weigh 1-2 lbs, where’s the advantage to having an ultra weight laptop? That’s why the FINsix Dart laptop charger looks really good to me. Let’s check it out.

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About a year ago, Nomad, those folks who understand wandering Gadgeteers and their need for on-the-go charging, released a product called the Pod for Apple Watch. It’s basically a battery that has an internal spool to hold a charging puck (not provided) in a compact, hockey-puck sized case. I was working at Apple at the time, and through a discount offered to employees, was able to snag one at about 30% off the retail price, sight-unseen. I’ve been really happy with it over the past months, and don’t often think of what a difference it’s made with my charging routine. More on that later. [click to continue…]

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For some of us, our glasses are the first thing we reach for in the morning, and the last thing we take off at night.  We pay good money for special coatings for our glasses that harsh chemicals can damage. I learned the hard way that using your shirt, or the shirts of those near you can cause micro scratches that over time become really tough to ignore. This little tool could be the answer to cleaning those smudges without damaging chemicals, or a smeary microfiber cloth that just won’t clean all the way to the edges. Peeps uses carbon microfiber technology to clean all types of glasses with nothing but a little moisture from your own breath. They come in a variety of colors and are available now on Amazon for $14.99.

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As the many people, kids and adults alike, continue to use their smartphones and iPhones as a main source for a video camera, the HD quality resolution that the phones record is nothing less than stellar. So it is no surprise that outlets such as news stations, filmmakers, content creators and TV production houses have many times used their cellphone to record footage without hesitation due to the high quality. Unfortunately, when you record yourself on your phone, most times your audio is not as great as the video captured due to the tiny pinhole microphone. But with the advent of audio gear like the IK Multimedia iKlip A/V, audio just got sweeter.

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Julie and I have been discussing what new smartphones are on the horizon for years now. Always hopeful of the next one peaking our Gadgeteer interest enough to pull the trigger. Most recently we focused on the iPhone 7/7+, both of us drinking the Kool-Aid Tim Cook was pouring during the announcement event. I, like Julie, was ready to order the 128gb black iPhone 7+ @1201 on 16 Sept but ultimately decided to wait a bit to see if Apple’s magic would dissipate over time. Regardless of the price tag, leaving the Android OS is a semi-significant tech-life-change. Add in the fact, I still really like and enjoy using my Nexus 6p that I have had nearly a year…no matter what smartphone I try I’m always happy to return my Huawei made phablet. But with this year’s iPhone extravaganza behind us, Google’s moment in the spotlight is just mere weeks away. Hopefully bringing us a new pair of Pixel (cough Nexus) flagships to ponder if they are worth the money and effort to switch. That said, the current rumor spiraling around the Pixel and Pixel XL is that while their specs will be worthy enough, they will cost as much as the equivalent iPhone…which is crazy. If true or if their specs are lacking, that will finally most likely be the straw that gets me to try a modern day iPhone. How many of you Android fans/diehards are tempted by the latest iPhone?

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A few months ago I was given the opportunity to review the VAVA Voom Bluetooth speaker. While reviewing it, I found it was a nice speaker, but had a few issues that kept it from reaching greatness.

VAVA recently released their newest speaker, the Voom 20. According to VAVA, the Voom 20 “seeks to redefine premium wireless speakers”.

Let’s dive in and see if VAVA reached its goal.

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Get the best of both worlds with Moleskine’s new Two-Go notebooks. Featuring two page spreads that have lined pages on one side and blank pages on the opposite side, this type of dual layout allows you to take notes on the lined pages and draw sketches on the blank side. The Two-Go notebooks are 4.5 x 6.9 inches (odd size) and have 144 pages that are 100 gsm, acid-free and ivory-colored. The notebooks also have double bookmarks and an elastic closure to keep the cotton canvas hard covers closed. The Two-Go notebooks are available in four different colors – Oriental Blue, Raspberry Red, Saxe Blue and Ash Grey and are priced at $19.95 each. Visit Moleskine for more info and Amazon to order.

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A while back, I reviewed the KeyMiK, a key holder/smartphone stand/carabiner from Ronin Energetics. It was a Kickstarter campaign at the time, and is now funded and fully delivered. (I can’t say that about some other projects I’ve backed! Still waiting…) They have a new project, the Quanta Clip, and this one’s going to benefit the Maker movement by giving 25% of their sales (post-campaign) to the OpenBuilds FairShare Give Back program. The FairShare program helps fund and raise support for makerspaces and open hardware projects. A recent example of a recipient of the OpenBuilds FairShare program is FarmBot which is an open source farming CNC machine which has raised over $800k so far. (This is SO worth watching the video! Raspberry Pi meets Arduino meets MakerSpace meets Farm-to-Fork foodies!) [click to continue…]

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This week we have two Indiegogo crowdfunding projects and two Kickstarter project that range from virtual reality to bicycle safety gadgets. Click through for all the campaign details.
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