Hoverboards are two-wheeled self-balancing electric scooters that you stand on to ride around like a minimalist version of the Segway. Two wheels are cool, but what if you would rather sit down but still get from point A to point B? Check out the HoverSeat from BoatsToGo. It’s an aluminum frame with two additional wheels that has been designed to attach to the center bar of your existing hoverboard and then hold your favorite beach chair to turn it into a new mode of transportation. The HoverSeat is compatible with 90% of most popular hoverboard models that have 6 or 10 inch wheels. Once attached, you navigate the hoverboard using your feet to ride the four-wheeled electric cart on pavement, grass, hard packed sand and even gravel without worries.

The HoverSeat comes in three colors, is priced at $69 and is available from BoatsToGo.com. They are currently out of stock but more will be available in the next month. Get your name on their waiting list if you’re interested.

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Amazon has several money savings deals to help you shop for Mother’s Day which is coming up on Sunday 5/8. Good today through 5/7, the deals will let you save from $20 up to $50 on various Amazon Kindle tablets and Kindle e-Reader devices. There are five separate deals to check out:

Fire Kids Edition $20 Off

Kindle for Kids Bundle $20 Off

10.1″ Fire HD 10 $50 Off

Paperwhite $20 Off

Kindle $20 Off

If you’ve been looking for gift suggestions for things to buy dear ol’ Mom, these deals should give you a few ideas. And even though Mother’s day is for mom’s, the deals on the Fire Kids Edition and Kindle for Kids are useful for upcoming birthday ideas.

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Did you get a chance to visit The Gadgeteer every day this week to read our news and reviews? If you answered no, then this post is for you. Click through to see a comprehensive list of all our posts from the past seven days. Happy reading!  [click to continue…]

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Audio company Denon has gone after multi-room speaker maker Sonos in a big way with their revamped HEOS HS2 line of speakers. When I reviewed the original Heos 1 wireless speaker, one of my complaints about it was it lacked Bluetooth—unless you bought the Heos Go Pack, a $100 addition which also included a rechargeable battery. I’m happy to say that the new Heos 1 speaker now includes Bluetooth at no extra cost. In fact Denon has added Bluetooth to all of the HEOS HS2 speakers: the Heos 1, 3, 5, and 7.

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Ah, leather! Such a nice feel, and so easy on the eyes. I have always preferred it to the various synthetics. I especially like the finishes that are less polished and lend themselves to natural wear and “character building.” Recently, Mujjo has expanded their line of cases to include Apple’s newest iPhones, and they offered the Gadgeteer team one for a test drive and one for a contest. I was sent the tan color for iPhone 6/6s Plus, but there are also models that fit various other popular products, in a variety of colors and styles. [click to continue…]

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These days you can 3D print just about any material fathomable: plastic, metals, wood, carbon fiber, wax, silk… and now pancake batter. Consisting of a two-axis computer-controlled batter dispenser and a griddle, PancakeBot allows you to print your own fluffy breakfast creation. Pre-made designs are available online, or you can make your own by tracing any image using the included software (Mac & Windows). You then transfer the design via SD card and load some batter, and PancakeBot takes care of the rest. The griddle, your canvas, measures 17.5 x 8.25 in. On-board controls allow you to pause/resume and adjust dispenser pressure. Any batter can be used, though an included recipe is said to yield best results. The griddle is removable for washing, and the entire printer disassembles for easy storage. PancakeBot was funded on Kickstarter in April 2015 and started shipping to backers in January. It is now available via their website for $300 in your choice of red or black.

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Citizen Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day, Citizen put on a “Ride for Light” event in New York City, where participants rode spin bikes to help light up the Earth.  Each bike was connected to the central globe by pedal-powered light strings. The faster someone pedaled, the further up the string the light would travel until it reached the globe.  For each of the twelve spin classes during the event day, Citizen Watch donated $1,000 to Habitat for Humanity (additional donations were encouraged at the event and online) and they will also donate an additional .40 cents per share of the event video up to $8,000.  For this Earth Day event, Citizen Watch will be making a total charity donation of $20,000! [click to continue…]

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It’s been a few years since the first wireless trackers seemed poised to make lost keys and other items a thing of the past. Having tried and been disappointed by several of the foremost available devices, I was excited to see if Tintag could deliver on the promise.   [click to continue…]

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Today we have over a dozen quick review updates from Ian Lim, our Australian gadgeteer whose very first review was posted five years ago. If you’ve ever wondered how well some of the gadgets and gear hold up after we’ve dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s on our reviews, these semi-regular review update posts will answer that question. We let you know how some of our favorite and our not so favorite gear performs weeks, months and even years after we’ve posted our reviews. Click through to see a list of Ian’s updates and then scroll to the bottom of each review to read his comments. [click to continue…]

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Masoine-Keyboard-Review-01Most gaming keyboards out there are quite pricey with tons of features. Not everyone can afford a mechanical keyboard, with all the bells and whistles such as macro keys and special LED effects. The Masione LED USB gaming keyboard is an affordable option to those who want a standard macro keys, pretty LEDs, and a fun keyboard experience. Let’s take a look. [click to continue…]

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I travel outside the USA for work several times per year and one thing I am a bit paranoid about is carrying my passport with me everywhere I go. I even take it to the hotel gym with me. However, I also always carry my iPhone with me and often I want my wallet as well. There are several really nice travel/passport wallets on the market from companies like Bellroy that hold both a passport as well as wallet-type items, but most of them are a bit bulky. That’s why the Dash Minimalist Travel Wallet caught my eye. It appears to be a minimalist travel wallet that holds your passport, several cards, some cash and even a boarding pass. I like that it appears to have a relatively small footprint and slim profile. It will be made from either pebble-texture or smooth eco-synthetic leather. The Dash Minimalist Travel Wallet is currently in a crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign which ends on June 4, 2016. Reward levels start at $18 plus shipping. Dash over and check it out!

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I don’t have children, but I can only guess how much “fun” parents have when it’s time to tell their kids to turn off their tablets and laptops at the end of the day. I am imagining the tantrums and meltdowns that happen when the internet can’t be accessed and that’s just what happens to me! Telling kids that it’s time to turn off their devices to either go to bed or do something else has to be stressful. The KoalaSafe has been designed to make this task much easier. It’s a small device that you hook up to your existing router that creates a new wireless N network that you can control with an app on your iOS or Android device. The app features a one-click “Turn Internet Off” button as well as the ability to set access time limits based on day of the week and user. It can also block sites and apps based on name and will allow parents to view a weekly report of the amount of time kids have spent on various sites. Parents can continue using their existing wireless network while their kids use the new KoalaSafe network. The KoalaSafe is priced at $99. For more info visit KoalaSafe.com or Amazon to check prices and order.

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April showers bring May flowers and wet hair. Unless you’re sporting a buzz cut, you probably don’t like getting caught in the rain without an umbrella. The RainScarf is an alternative to bulky umbrellas and raincoats. This light weight 75″ long scarf is reversible with a soft polyester blend side for cool clear days and a water resistant nylon side to keep your head dry when it’s raining. Hidden in the scarf is a hood to protect your head and zippered pockets on each end to keep your phone, keys and other gear dry. When the back sun comes out you can fold up the RainScarf and stow it in your bag or car until the weather turns bad again. The RainScarf is available in seven different colors / patterns that are appropriate for both men and women. Priced at $24.95, you can order one from Amazon.

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I normally use my new iPod Touch 6G just to have an iOS device to play around with and to test iOS accessories and associated apps for the Gadgeteer; thus, I do not keep a lot of files on my iPod. However, there are those in my family who do keep a lot of files on their tablets which could be stored on a flash drive to free up space on those devices. So when the Gadgeteer was offered the ADATA i-Memory USB 3.0 Flash Drive (UE710), I was curious to see if it would suit our needs. When I did so, I did not notice that this device cannot be fully inserted into the Lightning port when you are using a case that covers the bottom of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. After removing the Speck case for my iPod to test the flash drive, I found that it was useful for storing and viewing or playing photos, music, and documents.  It is also allowed me to easily transfer files between my PC (using a USB 2.0 port NOT a USB 3.0 port on our Dell computers) and my iOS devices. However, I did have trouble when playing videos from the flash drive. [click to continue…]

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Move over Sonos. Nativsound has a new indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that is currently seeking funding for the Nativ Vita to provide a viable alternative to multi-room home sound systems like Sonos. Think of it like Sonos+ where there are many additional input and output options to choose from. Integrating all of your music from the most popular music services like Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music, Nativ Vita also has the ability to output video via Airplay and Googlecast in high resolution to your TV. Taking a page from Apple, the stunning high resolution 11.6″ touch screen is attractive and very intuitive. Add in 2 – 4 TB (That’s TERRA-bytes) of storage and you have an all-in-one solution where you can store all of your audio and video media with easy access. If you purchase the optional Nativ Wave digital to analog converter, you can add additional output options like an A/V receiver. Pledges start at $1099 for the 2 TB version and $1199 for the 4 TB version of the Vita. For more info visit nativsound.com and the indiegogo project page to pre-order. The campaign has already surpassed their funding goal of $100,000, so devices should ship by October.

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As you’re preparing for your day or getting ready for a night on the town, a mirror is an important tool. But this mirror from iHome not only lets you check your face, it also lets you listen to your favorite tunes and charge your phone. The iHome iCVBT7 is a 9-inch diameter double sided mirror that provides both 1x and 7x magnification. LEDs light up the mirror and the built in Bluetooth speaker can be used to listen to tunes streaming from your phone or also act has a hands free speakerphone. The base of the mirror even has dedicated media controls with a talk/end button. Priced at $149.99, the 9-inch mirror is available now from iHome. iHome also offers a 6-inch version of the mirror for $99.99 Visit their site for more info.

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Today’s deal is for Amazon’s very popular Echo and Tap devices. Normally priced at $179.99 and $129.99 respectively, today you can grab the Amazon Echo for $153.71 and the Amazon Tap for $111.01. If you’re a mathlete, that works out to a 15% savings.

I just received my Amazon Echo Dot yesterday, but haven’t had a chance to set it up yet. I’ve been wanting to try one out ever since reading Margaret’s review of the Amazon Echo last year. I’m surprised that today’s deal doesn’t include the Echo Dot. This might be the first time that I’ve seen any of these popular Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices go on sale, so be sure to take advantage of the price savings if you’ve been thinking about buying either device because the lower prices are only available today.

For more info visit the Amazon Echo page and the Amazon Tap page.

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The StylusFlex is new Kickstarter project that is currently seeking $10,000 funding. It’s just a boring capacitive stylus you say, who cares? Well, hold on a sec. It’s not “just a boring stylus”. The StylusFlex has a few tricks up its sleeve. Let me show you.

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No matter how many times I review them, I just can’t get enough of these drones. I think they are so much fun to fly, plus my kids get a kick out of them.

Back in January I reviewed the Swann Xtreem Quadforce 720P video drone. Of the the three drones I’ve previously reviewed, that drone was far and away my favorite.

Swann recently gave me the chance to review another drone in their lineup, the Gravity Pursuit 1080P video drone. The Gravity Pursuit is larger, with better video quality, but also more expensive.

So let’s answer the age-old question, does bigger mean better?

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HTC is attempting to get back into the Android Smartphone game with its newly released H10 model. The question is do they offer enough to sway users from the leader of the pack, Samsung’s Galaxy S7? It comes with a very solid unibody aluminum design that underwent 10000 hrs of drop tests. The downside is that a metal housing means no wireless charging. HTC claims that their touch screen is 30% faster than the Galaxy S7. It’s powered by a Snapdragon 820 processor with 4gb of ram and 32gb of internal storage that you can expand using a microSD card. HTC claims battery life can be up to two days with light usage but in reality it will get you through one heavy day which is still pretty good. The display is a bright and sharp 5.2″ with Quad HD resolution. Sounds impressive but independent testing gives the nod to Samsung in this area. The rear camera has an impressive 12 megapixels with an optically stabilized lens and auto-focus. The HTC 10 audio has a unique speaker design where the tweeter is placed in the earpiece and the woofer is placed on the lower bottom edge. This creates a unique listening experience that far exceeds HTC’s old two front speaker design. Overall, kudos to HTC for officially getting back into the smartphone game. Is this going to knock the Galaxy S7 off of its thrown? That remains to be seen, but give HTC an “E” for effort as this phone should be a solid performer.  Unlocked price is $699.99 with availability in May. Visit HTC.com for more info and to pre-order.

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Creative just won’t leave it alone. First they came out with the Sound Blaster Roar speaker which put almost all other Bluetooth speakers to shame. Then came the Sound Blaster Roar 2 which was 20% smaller, yet improved on the original Roar in almost every way. Now, they’ve dropped the Sound Blaster name entirely and released the iRoar. The iRoar is upscale in many ways over both the Roar and Roar 2… way upscale.

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The popularity of virtual reality headsets is growing, while the physical size of these bulky accessories remains the same. However, that might be changing if this folding VR headset from Brando is any indication. This 3D headset is actually built into an iPhone case, so it’s easy to use anytime you need a virtual reality fix. Compatible with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, the 3D Headset VR Glasses Case from Brando has the lenses built into the back of the case. When you want to use them, you just flip them in front of the display and hold them up to your eyes. You won’t have the same immersive feeling as traditional VR headsets since the sides are open, but it’s an easy way to carry a VR headset with you where ever you go. Brando’s 3D Headset VR Glasses Case is available now for $25. You can visit Brando for more info.

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Getting sick is obviously no fun, but having an easy way to track your fevers can be just a little more fun when you use the Kinsa Smart Thermometer. You might be thinking, why should I spend money on a digital thermometer when my old style glass thermometer or existing digital thermometer works just fine. Well, the Kinsa Smart Thermometer has a few features that those other unconnected thermometers lack. The Kinsa will keep a log of your temps and symptoms, and will also let you check schools in your area to see if there’s an illness is going around. Helpful? Let’s find out. [click to continue…]

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Are you ready to protect your gadgets and save some money at the same time? Today’s Amazon’s Gold Box deal of the day will help you save up to 60% off of select Belkin surge protectors. Whether you need a power strip for your office with 6 or 12 outlets, or a small travel adapter with 3 outlets, Belkin’s surge protectors are a good choice. I’ve used many Belkin products over the years and have noticed that they consistently receive 4-5 star reviews on Amazon. Today’s sale has me thinking about buying the travel adapter for my next trip. I like that it has 3 outlets and 2 USB ports in a small package for only $13.99, which is a savings of 53% over the normal price. Visit Amazon’s gold box deal of the day page to see more details on today’s Belkin deals.

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Saddleback Leather Company is expanding their popular product line with eight new Mountainback bag designs. These aren’t Saddleback’s typical leather bags though. They are are waxed canvas and leather bags that have been inspired by the sailmakers of New Zealand. Constructed of rugged and water resistant thick 24 oz moss green waxed canvas from Scotland, these bags have been over engineered and built to last. Backed by Saddleback’s famous 100 year warranty, Mountainback bags are destined to become as sought after as Saddleback’s all leather bags. This new line up starts out with eight bags that include the Rolled Duffel that you see pictured above, four different gear bags, a tote bag, and two backpack style bags. These bags go on sale starting today (6am Texas time) and will probably sell out quickly as they are difficult to make and there won’t be many in stock starting out. If you’re at all interested in buying a Mountainback bag, you should try to snap one up quickly. Prices start at $147 for the Small Gear Bag and go up to $497 for the Rolled Duffel. For more info visit Saddleback Leather Company [affiliate link].

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