LifeBEAM-helmet-1The LifeBEAM bicycling helmet has an all weather compatible “advanced optical” sensor in the helmet to collect data on your heart rate, calories and performance. But the best thing about this helmet is that you are not tied down to communicating that data to only one device or app. This helmet will transmit the data via Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT+ to your phone, fitness watch or cycling computer devices, like those from Garmin, Suunto, Timex, Adidas, Mio Technology, PapaGo, etc. (see complete list here) and apps like Endomondo Sports Tracker, iRunner, iBiker, iCardio, Map My Ride, Samsung S Health, and Garmin Fit. To connect to your phone you will need an iPhone 4S or newer or an Android phone running 4.3 or later. It sells for $229 from LifeBEAM’s website. Pilots, astronauts, and special forces were LifeBEAM’s first clients using their biosensors. So, if they’ve successfully used LifeBEAM’s biosensors in extreme environments, I suppose it should also work for us common folk.


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Let’s face it: Bluetooth speakers are nothing new. What is new however, is a Bowers & Wilkins Bluetooth speaker. B&W is one of the most revered speaker companies in the world and their wireless Airplay speakers—Zeppelin and A series—are among the best. But their use of Airplay locked them out of the massive Bluetooth market as well as the Android ecosystem. That’s no longer the case thanks to the new T7 Bluetooth speaker.

The T7 is a true portable speaker—about the size of a hardback novel. B&W has incorporated a new internal speaker bracing system called “Micro Matrix,” which surround the speakers with a transparent  rigid honeycomb structure providing a solid platform for the T7’s drive units. A rubber surround adds tactile easy-grip protection, helpful with portable speakers.

B&W has used every technological trick they know to get the best possible sound from such a little speaker. The T7 uses two high-output bass radiators delivering range, depth and richness, plus two 50mm drive units made from glass fiber, the same material used in other B&W wireless speakers.

AptX Bluetooth ensures audio detail isn’t lost in wireless transmission streamed from any Bluetooth-enabled device (except Apple, which does not support aptX). The T7 comes with an 18-hour rechargeable battery.

There’s a lot of attention to detail in the B&W T7 speaker. Visit for more detail.

The new T7 is available this October and priced at USD $349.99

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I had given a lot of thought about how I wanted to protect and carry my iPhone 6 Plus before I even received it.  I knew I wanted a case for it, but I didn’t want it to cover up the beautiful gold color that I had been pining for since I saw it on the iPhone 5s that I didn’t get.  I had ordered a Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case with Air Cushion Bumper for the iPhone 6 Plus in all clear and had it waiting for the iPhone to arrive.  I also wanted a pouch to carry it around in all the time, since my clothes almost never have pockets, and I wanted to be able to throw that pouch into my bigger bag when I left the house.  I found a Baggallini Bryant Pouch at Amazon that seemed perfect for my needs.  I also had that in the house waiting for the iPhone 6 Plus to be delivered.  I was afraid that I’d find the iPhone 6 Plus was too big to hold up to my ear for phone calls, so I thought about how I’d handle them.  I don’t like wearing Bluetooth headsets because they hurt my ears after a short while.  I remembered an old wired Native Union Solo Traveller Handset that I’ve had for a while, so I thought I’d try that for long phone calls.  I haven’t needed the handset often, because I don’t find that the iPhone 6 Plus is hard to hold to my ear at all.  Then I needed a way to keep it charged up while out and about, so I turned to a Lumsing Harmonica Style 10400mAh Rechargeable Portable External Battery Pack that I reviewed this year.

Since these are all simple products, I thought I’d combine some quick little reviews into a single post so you could see how everything works together with my iPhone 6 Plus.

By the way, I combined two images to make the lead image. It’s misleading, because the bag looks enormous next to the phone.  Later pictures will show the size comparison at the actual scale.

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Just in case you might have missed one of our posts, here’s a full listing of all the news, reviews and articles that we posted this week on The Gadgeteer.
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The Boombotix Boombot Rex joins an ever-increasing group of small and affordable wireless speakers that sound way better than our old portable radios ever did. This market is becoming so crowded, that it’s hard to keep up with the speakers – much less review all of them. When I do review a speaker, I try to find what makes them unique among the rest of the pack and truthfully, it’s getting more difficult each time.

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Bluetooth speakers are everywhere. I’ve seen them in the grocery store line, at convenience stores – everywhere but gum ball machines and neighborhood lemonade stands. Many are OK for listening to podcasts or ball games when you’re on a bike ride or park or something, but if you want something to stand up to the rigors of your daily life, you’re gonna have to drop a little bit more than $9.99, and it may weigh more than is comfortable on your key chain. Enter Boombotix, and their Boombot Rex speaker. Designed for rugged outdoor duty, this handful of sound packs quite an auditory wallop. Let’s take a closer look. [click to continue…]

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Living in Wisconsin (we lived there years ago) meant aeon long winters, heart stopping heating bills, and desert dry air. We used humidifiers to try to add invaluable moisture to the air to help decrease respiratory illnesses or alleviate the symptoms, but also to keep from shocking each other to a fine char. While cleaning the humidifier, it was always disturbing to think about how the wick in the humidifier was growing and harboring bacteria and dispersing it through our air. Now you and I can throw out our old humidifiers because Dyson’s new humidifier uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria in the water and will also humidify a room up to 172 ft2. Using their Air Multiplier technology and a humidistat, you can humidify your environment evenly and quietly. It has a sleep timer or you could use it continuously for up to 18 hours. And you do not have to use it as a humidifier – you can also use it as just a fan in the summer. It comes with a remote control and will be available for purchase in the fall of 2015 (the price is not yet known). Okay, so don’t throw out your humidifier just yet. To find out more information about it, go to the Dyson website.

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Well, without plugging a cable into the phone or case, anyway.  The juice pack car dock from mophie attaches to your car’s windshield or dash with suction cups, and you’ll plug its cable into your car’s power outlet.  When you mount your iPhone 5 or 5s (that’s cased in a mophie juice pack case) into the car dock, dual pogo pins at the base of the juice pack car dock instantly supply power to your device.  (Click the image for a larger view of the charging plugs.)  You just snap the phone and case in and snap it back out without fumbling with cables.  The mount adjusts through 1800 for landscape or portrait orientation.  Your phone is conveniently placed for using it as a GPS as it charges.  It’s compatible only with the mophie cases that fit the iPhone 5 or 5s, which you’ll need to purchase separately.  The juice pack car dock is $59.95, directly from mophie.

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When I (finally) upgraded my iPhone 5 to the 6, the first thing I did was buy a case for it. I will not ever go without a case for my iPhone … period. I am basically clumsy and always dropping things. I’ve seen too many iPhones with cracked screens to ever want to take a chance with my own overpriced toy with that fruity logo.

When the iPhone arrived in the mail, I already had the case and was happy with my choice. It’s highly rated and deserves it. Then I got the chance to try the Tech21 Classic Tactical Black iPhone 6 case and the obvious question popped into my head: Will the Tech21 case make me want to switch?

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The Bluesmart carryon is actively seeking funding on indiegogo, although it’s already raised more than 650% of its funding goal with 33 days left in the funding period.  This piece of luggage connects to your smartphone via an app and tells you all about itself and your travel – and it charges your devices, too.  It’s made of three layers of polycarbonate, so it’s damage-resistant and lightweight, and it has waterproof zippers to help protect its contents.  It has four spinner wheels for easy moving, and it has a anodized aluminum telescoping handle.  There’s a special locking pocket on the front to protect your mobile devices while still keeping them within easy reach for security checkpoints.  It even has a built-in battery with two USB ports for charging your devices.   [click to continue…]

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It will take a special, ultra-determined, and skillful pickpocket to snag your phone or passport while they are stored in these SCOTTeVEST Travel Boxers.  The underwear is made of a nylon/lycra blend with Aegis Microbe Shield, an “antimicrobial treatment that inhibits the growth of microbes, such as bacteria, mold, and mildew that can cause stains, odors, and deterioration of a product.”  In addition to being cool and comfortable, the Travel Boxers have two pockets – right front and rear left – to hold a phone and a passport, respectively.  (Click the image for a bigger view.)  They have a buttonfly front, and SCOTTeVEST even says you could wear them as shorts in a pinch.  The Travel Boxers are available in black and gray.  They are normally $20 a pair, but you can get them at a 40% discount if you place your order at SCOTTeVEST before October 30 and use the promo code BESTBOXERS at checkout.  (No returns on this product, even if they are unopened.)

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Ricoh WG-M1 camera

Portable action cameras are almost a dime a dozen now days, and with so many models, designs, features and accessories it can be hard to choose. Ricoh, a well-known name in imaging has dropped their hat into the action video camera race with the WG-M1. What makes the WG-M1 different from a lot of other models is the fact that it is waterproof up to 10 meters. The Ricoh WG-M1 has the following features listed on their website:

  • 14 megapixel CMOS sensor for high-resolution images
  • Fast f/2.8 ultra-wide angle 160° lens
  • Air-tight waterproof construction allows underwater shooting at a depth of 10 meters for 1 hour – using underwater lens protector
  • Shockproof, ruggedized design protects from drops up to 2 meters
  • Cold-resistant to sub-freezing temperatures of 14 ° F (minus 10° C)
  • The waterproof / dustproof design protects the camera for outdoor-oriented adventures
  • High-resolution 1.5 inch color LCD monitor with approximately 11,000 dots
  • Full HD video in widescreen 1080p resolution (1920×1080) with efficient, high quality h.264 compression at 30 frames per second
  • Change perspective with 4 different angle-of-view settings
  • Large control buttons for easy access to camera functions
  • Dedicated APP for capture control by smartphones and tablets; image editing and sharing available
  • Versatile mounting accessories available

The WG-M1 is available for pre-order on the Ricoh website for $299.95 and will be available in orange or black.

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The Wellograph Wellness Watch is an activity tracker disguised as a fashionable wrist watch or visa versa. The Wellograph is a unisex watch that features a sapphire crystal, always on display and a heart rate sensor. Let’s put it through its paces and see how it shapes up. See what I did there?

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Years ago, when the iPad first was released, I reviewed the Incase Travel Kit Plus for iPad and found it was perfect for carrying the iPad, Apple Bluetooth keyboard, cables and chargers, and the included stand.  Well, perfect if it only had a shoulder strap, in my opinion.  Incase has updated the iPad travel kit and added a shoulder strap.  Their Quick Sling Bag for iPad has a single strap so you can throw the bag over one shoulder, and it has an extra zippered pocket on the front to carry a phone or other small item you’d like to get at quickly.  The body has a zippered padded pocket to isolate the iPad from everything else you carry.  The biggest compartment has a sleeve for the Apple Bluetooth keyboard and plenty of room for chargers, cables, and other gear.  The Quick Sling Bag for iPad measures 13″ X 9″ X 3.5″ and weighs 1.4 pounds.  It’s available at the Apple online store for $89.95.

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Juno Power offers the new Nova BLOX backup batteries.  They are cased in a smooth-finish aluminum shell that Juno Power says is about half the size of the palm of a hand.  Inside, they store 4000mAh of power that can give you hours of extra power for your phone or other USB-chargeable device.  The Nova BLOX has four LEDs that serve as charge-level status lights, and it has a built-in flashlight, too.  They are available in silver, gray, or gold for $24.99 from Juno Power.

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It goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyway, that I love gadgets. I even love gadgets that I’d never buy and that have been designed to fix a problem that is best fixed with a solution that is much less expensive. Today’s example is the Savel by Dreamfarm. What we have here is a colorful foldable plastic base with an attached silicone strap. The idea behind this product is that it can be used to keep cut fruit fresh longer. The base can be used flat or folded to conform to the shape of the cut fruit. Savels come in four bright colors, are dishwasher safe and are priced at $7.95 each. I’m fascinated by products that people invent, but I can’t see myself or many people buying this gadget when a roll of plastic wrap or a box of baggies solve the same problem for much less money. If you want to check out more info about this fruit saver, head over to Dreamfarm. Tip: they do offer some other products that actually look useful.

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arctic S111BT-01
I’ve had the chance to review a few Bluetooth speakers now, but the Arctic S111BT is the first pair I’ve tried that’s designed as two separate speakers, wired together as a left and right pair. [click to continue…]

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The new Kisai Adjust Wood watch from Tokyoflash Japan lets you select from six colors for the LED display, choose 12- or 24-hour time mode, and select whether the time is displayed horizontally or vertically.  It also has date, alarm, and animation functions.  The case and band are made of either dark sandalwood or maple; the clasp is stainless steel.  Tokyoflash Japan is offering the Kisai Adjust Wood watch at a 48-hour special release price of $109 until Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 11am Japan time.

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Spigen’s Air Skin cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are only 0.4mm thick and weigh only 4 grams and 6 grams, respectively.  That’s hardly bulkier than a sticker skin, but the Air Skin cases are made using a new technology which compresses polycarbonate “to a stable form that can protect a device from bumps and scratches.”  The case has a smooth matte finish and is coated with a layer of urethane to resist fingerprints and to prevent the colors from fading.  The opening at the bottom of the case is big enough that you should be able to use most charging and audio cables with the case.  The Air Skin cases are available in five translucent colors:  soft clear, mint, gray, champagne, or azalea pink for $24.99 for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.  Spigen requires an extended handling period of 7-10 days for these products.

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A while back I had an opportunity to review the Zepp golf sports sensor. The Zepp sensor is designed to help you improve your tennis, golf or baseball swings by being attached to your racket, club or bat. As good as the Zepp is, they have just upped their game by adding new features to their golf and baseball apps. Features such as the ability to video record your swing and the ability to compare your swing to professional golf and baseball players. Some of the pros who you can compare and analyze your swing against include: David Ortiz, Mike Trout, Hunter Pence, Jennie Finch, Keegan Bradley, and Brendan Steele. The new app is available today on iOS devices and will be available at Google Play in two weeks. So if you are a Zepp users or want to see what it’s all about, download the free app or check out the Zepp web pages

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