Mice with OLED displays? I must be delusional right? Wrong! The new Rival 700 wired gaming mouse from SteelSeries features a small OLED display on the side that can be customized to show game stats, CPI settings and even show custom logos and 10 frames per second animations. If you think a gaming mouse with a display is cool, you’re going to be even more impressed with the Rival 700 because it also features a tactile alert system that causes the palm area of the mouse to vibrate when certain events trigger within the game. Want to know when your health is dropping, running low on ammo, mana, or are stunned? All these events and more can individually set to fire a tactile alert and each alert can have a custom vibration pattern, duration and trigger. The Rival 700 from SteelSeries is available now for $99.99 from and Amazon.

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It’s time for another set of updated reviews. This time around, we’re updating a selection of garden and outdoors gadgets reviews. It took me awhile to find a handful of outdoor themed reviews. That tells me we need to do more of them! Click through to see a list of the reviews that I’ve updated. Just scroll down to the bottom of each review to read the latest notes.
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I’m still on my own quest for the “perfect” wallet. And although this quest may never really result in actually finding the “perfect” wallet (for me), it sure is fun along the way. Lately, I’ve been on a kick to find a very minimal, thin, everyday carry wallet. When Julie offered the opportunity to try out the new SlimFold Soft Shell wallet, I thought it might just be exactly what I wanted. How did it do?  Let’s check it out!  Gadget on!

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Even though the latest MacBooks have great battery life, they aren’t magical. At some point the battery will drain and you’ll need to hunt for your charger and an outlet. Dead batteries tend to happen at the worst moment, but if your MacBook has a USB-C port, the Kanex GoPower with its built in 15,000mAh battery and 3.0A + 2.4A fast charging ports will have you working again ASAP. The GoPower stows in your backpack when you don’t need it, but when you do, it will be there with enough extra battery power to completely recharge your USB-C MacBook. No MacBook? No problem, the GoPower will provide multiple recharges of other USB-C devices like the Nexus 6P, LG G5 and more. It can ever charge two devices at one time through its extra USB port. The Kanex GoPower is priced at $99.95. For more info visit and Amazon to order.

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In this day and age of recording devices and selfie sticks, it’s fun to see what’s out there in terms of videography gear.  iVue has come out with the Horizon Pro Sport Camera glasses, which allow you to record video right from the eyeglass frame, and useful for recording while you are doing outdoor activities or water sports.  Let’s take a look and see what features are available in these camera glasses. [click to continue…]

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Earlier today I sifted through a big pile of emails that I received in the last week pitching new crowdfunding campaigns. I can’t and don’t want to talk about every new product, so I pick three that I find interesting and worthy of a pledge. Click through to see this week’s notable Kickstarter projects. [click to continue…]

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I’ve always been a fan of digital audio converters (DAC). They can make good headphones and earphones sound better by bringing out the best they have to offer. Audio listening is only as good as the weakest link, so if you’re wondering whether those expensive headphones can sound as good as advertised, upgrading the DAC in your computer could be the answer. One such solution is the iFi Nano iDSD DAC and Headphone Amp. [click to continue…]

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If you’ve ever dreamed of turning your mobile device into a microscope (who hasn’t?), then here’s the add-on phone accessory that you’ve been wishing for. It’s the Bodelin ProScope Micro Mobile. The ProScope is designed to snap into a special sleeve for the iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy S4. The Edmund pro level glass optics provide 20X to 80X magnification over the mobile device’s existing camera and the built-in adjustable LED light ring around the lens illuminates your subject for easy viewing. Buy extra sleeves for $20 each and use the ProScope with multiple devices, and use the included desk stand for hands-free use. The Bodelin ProScope Micro Mobile is made in the USA and priced at $149. For more info visit and Amazon to check for a lower price.

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Tonight (05/22/16), Mars will be the brightest that it has been in the past 10 years. The red planet will be so bright that you’ll be able to see it in tonight’s sky without needing a telescope.

Mars now resides opposite the sun in Earth’s sky, because on this date we are passing between it and the sun in our smaller, faster orbit.

Now opposite the sun, Mars rises in the east around sunset, climbs to its highest point in the sky at midnight, and sets in the west around sunrise.

Set a reminder on your phone so you won’t forget to go outside after dark tonight and look towards the East for your chance to see Mars.

To help you capture the event with a camera, here are a few sites that have tips for using your smartphone or DSLR to take pictures of the night sky:

How to Take Great Night Sky Photos With the iPhone
How To Take The Best Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Photos With Your iPhone Or Smartphone
Heavens Above! 5 Tips for Capturing the Night Sky with Your Smartphone
How to Photograph the Moon


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Cloud based cameras are a very easy way to add a level of security to your home. While they won’t prevent bad things from happening, they can alert you as soon as bad things start happening so you can do something about it as quickly as possible. I’ve been using a mixture of various brands of home security cameras for years and am always on the lookout for a multi-camera system that can replace my current hodge podge setup. [click to continue…]

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Our mobile devices need juice, yes? I’m talking power, amps. The answer to that is of course, YES. As a result, portable power solutions have become quite popular. I’d been thinking about going on the hunt for a small battery to top off my iPhone 6 Plus when I travel or can’t be near an outlet for extended periods. Enter: LifeCard by PlusUs. It’s a small (very), portable rechargeable battery that can be used to give your smartphone a top-off when you really need it. Let’s check it out. Gadget on!

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This is your lucky day! It’s Saturday, which means I have a handy dandy listing of everything we posted this past week. I’ve split the list into news and reviews so you can take a quick look to make sure that you didn’t miss any of our great content from the past seven days. Click through for the full list.
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I don’t find it very difficult to shop for my dad because he likes all the same things that I like. But if you don’t have that same luxury, then consider letting Amazon help you with their latest Electronics Gift Guide for Father’s Day. Their guide is separated into lists for the sports fan, smart home, man cave, gadget guru and more. They have even linked to comprehensive reviews from big time sites like Engadget. The best thing about ordering from Amazon is that you can do it from your couch and if you’re a Prime member, you get free 2-day shipping. You still have 30 days until Father’s day, so don’t let it slip on you before it’s too late. For more info visit Amazon’s 2016 Father’s Day Gift Guide and their Prime membership 30 day free trial signup.

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Do you have any road trip vacations on your calendar for this summer? As gadgeteers, we all know that driving directions and destination details aren’t the only things we have to consider when we’re planning for driving trips. Our travel gadgets rank right up there in importance too. When you’re planning a road trip, you will most likely be using your phone’s GPS capabilities to get you from point A to point B. To make this easier, you might want to consider a charging dock for your car like the TekGrip Power Dock by Bracketron. The TekGrip is a phone holder that is mounted on an flexible gooseneck stalk that has a 12V power adapter on the end. You can plug it in and adjust the viewing angle so you can easily see your next turn info as you’re driving. As a bonus, the TekGrip has two USB ports built into it so you can charge the phone in the mount and another device at the same time. The Bracketron TekGrip Power Dock is priced at $29.99 and is available now through and for even less at Amazon.

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If you’re looking for a unique gift idea for someone who enjoys putting models together, these models from UGEARS look fantastic. Designed in the Ukraine, these models are made of wood and have complex mechanisms with moving parts. The best part is that you don’t require batteries and you don’t need glue to put them together. Special tools are also not an requirement, although an Xacto knife is recommended for any trimming that you might need to do to the plywood parts. The model you see pictured above is a 3D puzzle safe that has a real combination lock on the front. The Safe model has 179 individual parts. UGEARS also offers several other models including a timer and a locomotive that has over 400 parts. I think these models would be a great project for a rainy day or no TV night. Prices start at $15.50. For more info visit UGEARS and Amazon.

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