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The Gadgeteer has moved to a new server. If you can see this post, your DNS has updated to our new IP address and you are viewing the newer and hopefully faster Gadgeteer.

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(Disclosure: Yonac Inc. provided a promotional copy of this app.) The iPad is a great platform for musicians, at least those of the electronic or guitar-playing variety. But what if you fit into both of those categories? Then maybe Shredder by Yonac Inc. is for you. Shredder is a full featured guitar-driven synthesizer, meaning that [...]

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PRS GuitarBud

The iPhone platform has quite a few apps for musicians, but what about the instrument itself? Now you can connect your electric guitar directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch (2nd gen or later) with the GuitarBud from PRS. It plugs into the iPhone's audio jack and has connections for headphones and a guitar. To [...]

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Like a lot of people, if I have room for it while working on my laptop, I’d rather use a mouse than the trackpad. Most mobile mice seem to be created approximately equal, but recently Microsoft introduced something new to the field with their BlueTrack technology which claims to work more smoothly on more surfaces [...]

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Looking for another place to discuss your favorite gadgets? Check out our new IRC channel, #gadgeteers on AfterNET! For now it's just an open channel for the Gadgeteer community, but we will soon be having scheduled chats as well. If you're not already an IRC user, the easiest way to join the channel is to [...]

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Ubuntu Appearance Preferences

I’ve wanted something like a netbook for a long time — and I’ve gone through a lot of PDAs, phones, and other portable devices without quite finding it — so when Julie decided to do a team review of the HP Mini 1000 I was excited to give it a try. Within the growing market [...]

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Gdium Liberty Netbook from EMTEC

It's another new netbook, but with a twist: this one isn't based on the PC architecture, but on a 900 MHz 64-bit MIPS CPU (that means no Windows XP or Vista, ever) and Linux. It also has no internal storage, using form-fitting USB keys preloaded with the operating system instead. It could be ideal for [...]


Please Excuse Our Dust

As you may have noticed, there have been a few changes here. We've switched to the WordPress blog platform and while we've tried to make the change as seamless as possible, you'll probably notice a lot of upcoming changes as we clean up and add new features. For example, the huge list of categories you [...]

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It usually isn’t long after the arrival of a new gadget that accessories start to show up. Like many other gadgets, the Amazon Kindle comes with a basic cover to protect it straight out of the box, leaving the creation of more elaborate and fashionable cases to third parties. Recently, Waterfield Designs became one of the first companies to introduce cases for the Kindle, in three different designs.

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Amazon Kindle

A couple of weeks ago, Amazon made a huge media splash with the introduction of the Kindle, their entry into the field of e-book hardware. With bundled wireless access to its online store, a keyboard for searching, and Amazon’s clout in the publishing industry, the Kindle is not quite like any of the other e-book readers available today. But how does it actually stack up, and will it bring e-books to the masses who have never used them before?

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