Rob Tillotson

Pertelian X2040

Updated with information about new software release.

One of the more annoying things about PC gaming is that it is
hard to keep up with e-mail, instant messaging, and other
background applications while a game is using the entire display.
The Pertelian X2040 is an answer to that
problem, in the form of an external LCD
display that lets you see important information and interact with
background applications like your instant messenger and Teamspeak
while a full-screen game is running.

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Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit

If you play PC games, you probably know how important keyboard
control is to many of them, especially in the real-time strategy,
roleplaying, and shooter genres. But keyboards are designed for two
hands, and in most games you’ll always have one hand on the mouse.
The Saitek
Pro Gamer Command Unit
is a USB controller that aims to improve
your control of keyboard-driven games with programmable action
buttons located directly under your fingertips for quick access,
plus a thumb-operated joystick.

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Invisible Shield for MacBook

Today’s portable devices are as nice to look at as they are to use. But how do you protect them from the nicks and scratches that are inevitable in everyday use? One possibility is the Invisible Shield, from ShieldZone Corporation. The Invisible Shield is an adhesive-backed protector made of an extremely durable transparent material, custom-fitted

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CoPilot Live GPS Navigation System

Many new cars come with GPS navigation systems. But what if you don’t have one? Adding it might not be practical-perhaps you drive more than one vehicle, travel and rent often, or just don’t want an expensive piece of electronics permanently and visibly stuck to your dash. Today’s smartphones and PDAs are powerful enough to

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i-mate SP5m

The smartphone designers at HTC recently introduced their fourth-generation product, code-named “Tornado” and running the latest Windows Mobile operating system. Like previous generations, the Tornado is (or at least will be) available under many different brand names including those of major wireless carriers; i-mate is among the first to offer it for consumer purchase. i-mate

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Nokia N90

The N-Series is a new (in 2005) line of high-end multimedia phones from Nokia. The N90 is targeted at photography and video, with a 2.1 megapixel camera and a design tailored for imaging. Opening The Box The N90 box is filled with a variety of items: N90 Phone Multi-voltage AC adapter with European plug (AC-4E)

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