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Cakewalk V-Studio 100 Review


Just a few weeks ago, I reviewed Cakewalk’s UA-1G USB Audio Interface and I was much impressed. Today, Cakewalk kicks it up a notch with the smaller of the two of their new V-Studio packages. This combo package of a portable digital multi-track recorder, a Digital Audio Workstation control surface, a PC and Mac compatible USB audio interface, and a software package to die for seemingly combines the best of not both, but all of my little worlds. Unfortunately, right in the middle of this review I suffered a major technology breakdown, it was the best thing that could have happened, read along… Read More →

Cakewalk UA-1G USB Audio Interface Review


I started exploring PC based digital multi-track recording well over a decade ago, when it was expensive and impractical. After investing over $5,000 in the endeavor, I eventually wound up with a system that exceeded my much maligned  cassette based 4 track portable studio. Fast forward and Cakewalk just sent me their most recent solution, a $99 hardware and software package promising the world and more. I know what you’re thinking, this is a joke right? Not so fast, read on…

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NVIDIA Unleashes Tegra at E3


A who did what? Huh? Ok, so Tegra itself is not a gadget, and many of you have probably never heard of it. We talked about it a little bit in The Gadgeteer’s ZuneHD Rumor Mill Roundup  a while back. What Tegra is, is a platform, an entire system on a chip, geared for mobility. There are two Tegra variations at this point: Read More →

Live is Now Bing, or, Bing is Now Live…


Microsoft has launched the new iteration of its search engine, oddly named “Bing” a little earlier than was rumored. I haven’t had a chance to put it through the paces, but, it does seem to pop results up very fast. Of course, that could be because no one is using it yet. :O But if you’re curious, have a look at Bing for yourself.

Verizon to Get Current and Relevant Phones, Pigs Fly


Reuters is reporting that Verizon will be getting the Palm Pre in about 6 months along with the Storm 2 and even hints at Android phones. What’s next? The iPhone? I have a love-hate relationship with Verizon, mostly hate. Their coverage and signal service is the best there is, period. But they have continually been behind the times on the latest and greatest phones. Take for instance their introduction of the HTC Touch Pro, right as the Touch Pro 2 is being released. Shame on you Verizon for pawning overstock off on unsuspecting and uneducated consumers!

But, it looks like they may have pulled their heads out of, uhh, the sand? Maybe I can get a current phone and hang with the cool kids at lunch in a few months. Let’s hope.

The Zune HD Cometh


Microsoft has officially announced the Zune HD. You can check out a few details on the new Touchscreen, HD Radio, HD Video Out, WiFi, and Web Browser features here. I’m not going to copy and paste the press release here, but you can certainly check out the talking points for yourself. We had an interesting conversation about this topic a few weeks ago, if you want to see who hit the nail on the head with the predictions.

While the hardware definitely looks interesting, the big news here might be that they are again leaving open the possibility of a Zune Phone by allowing this new platform to migrate “across the ecosystem”. Let the “I’m a PC” vs. “MacFanBoy” flame wars begin!

Microsoft Sidewinder X8 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review


Microsoft continues their penetration into the PC Gaming hardware fray with their newest release, the Sidewinder X8 mouse. Wireless peripherals in PC gaming have long been a no-no, promising lag and instant death. Will this wireless mouse change that notion? Read More → is at it Again!


Recession got you down? Weather outlook not good for your locale? Can’t upgrade that video card yet? Can’t pump the Buick full of liquid gold and head to Wally World for the holiday weekend? Well fret not dear friends, Good Old Games has you covered! Round up the kids around that Packard Bell, break out that old Logitech racing wheel, save the environment, and burn up all the digital gas your thumbs can handle with your choice of three classic best selling racers!

As always, the classic PC games offered by GOG are good to go on XP and Vista, and mine have worked on the Win7 beta. Go re-live some arcade action in a time where the pixel ruled. Get all the deets here! Happy Racing!

Win a Set of Able Planet PS500MM True Fidelity Multimedia Headphones


I recently reviewed this Able Planet headset. If you read the review, you know I was thrilled with the quality and performance of them. I like them so well, I wanted to get a pair as a give away. And not my set! Hands off! So Julie contacted the good folks at Able Planet and they ponied up for the contest. This is a wicked headset from a very cool company. You can read my original review here to find out all about them. Read More →

Windows 7 a Beta no more, moves to Release Candidate


Tomorrow, May 5, the Release Candidate of Windows 7 will be made available to the general public. Insiders have had their greedy mitts on it since April 30th. The most significant tidbit about this release is that the rumor is that this RC should work for the next 12 months or so. What’s this mean? Get and use the most anticipated OS release out of Redmond for free for up to a year. Statement from Microsoft:

On Tuesday, May 5 (PST), the RC will be available to everyone via our Customer Preview Program. As with the Beta, the Windows 7 RC Customer Preview Program is a broad public program that offers the RC free to anyone who wants to download it. It will be available at least through June 30, 2009, with no limits on the number of downloads or product keys available.

You can download it here on the 5th.

ASUS G50Vt Gaming Notebook On Sale


This INSANELY equipped Gaming Notebook from ASUS is going for $150 off right now, and they’re throwing in a gaming mouse and Targus made backpack. With Blu-ray, dual 320GB 7200rpm drives, 512MB Discrete Nvidia 9800M GS graphics, and 4GB of DDR, heavy-duty gaming is always within arms reach. Netbook Shmetbook! You won’t be toting this beast around campus, but your online foes will toting around a few bruises when you crank this puppy up. Check the skinny here. Mine’s due in today and the review is forthcoming!

Windows XP Pro, Vista, & 7 Performance Comparisons on a HP DV2715nr Notebook


I wish I could say that this was a labor of love for readers, but I recently became so disgusted with the poor performance of my HP laptop, that I was determined to gain some of the spec performance promised me when I bought it. What I wound up with is 3 different operating systems installed on one laptop in one day. What you wind up with is the bottom line, most brief insight into real world performance of these three Microsoft offerings. Read More →

EA Release of G.I. Joe Makes My Childhood Come Alive


Electronic Arts is set to release the official G.I. Joe game to coincide with the G.I. Joe movie this summer. The game will be released across 6 platforms to include Wii, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, DSi, and PSP. As I quickly approach 40 years old, why am I looking so forward to this? And are you? Read More →

GOG.COM’s Weekend Stronghold Bundle Promotion


Hey hey! This just flew onto my radar screen. Good Old Games, who I mentioned here, is fending off the Great Depression Redux by throwing a 2 game bundle at you for $11.98. You get Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader. If you like older sim games like Age of Empires and Civilization, you’ll like this, my son and I sure do. And as a bonus, it should work on your Vista laptop that won’t even run the chess game that came with it! Enjoy!

The Gadgeteer’s ZuneHD Rumor Mill Roundup


Beginning with the release of the first generation iPhone, every phone manufacturer and wireless carrier have thrown themselves into tailspins trying to catch up and be the first out of the gate with a true iPhone killer. No entity has taken this quest more seriously than Microsoft, trying to reinvigorate their ailing Windows Mobile OS. This past week, the internet has been on fire with rumors and supposed leaked artwork and product renderings of a possible dragon slayer. We try to sort it all out for you here. Read More →

Able Planet PS500MM True Fidelity Multimedia Headphones Review


I’ve been through a ton of gaming headsets in my time and I’d never heard of Able Planet until Julie passed along a set for me to review. As interesting as their LINX AUDIO technology is, the real story on this set is how and why this technology evolved, and what this innovative company is up to when they’re not making multimedia gaming headsets. Read More →

Windows Mobile Device Center


While all of us who are locked in to WinMo by our employers choose WinMo Devices over the next iPhone, the G2, or the upcoming Pre, wait for the messianic arrival of WinMo 6.5 while hanging out in limbo, news and new software can be a little slow coming. Here’s something you may have missed. Read More →

NewsBreak Lite RSS Reader for WinMo


I recently downloaded Ilium Software’s NewsBreak Lite RSS reader from the Windows Mobile Total Access Site. I had been searching for a lightweight non-bloated reader for my Treo, and I really like this one. It’s free, it’s fast, easy to configure, and did I mention Free? There’s a paid version from Ilium that implements some other features including podcasts, but if you’re in to lean and mean, the Lite version works nicely.

Good Old Games


GOG.COM offers a unique service you might be interested in. They have taken a lot of very popular older games and recycled them into neat little executable packages that you can play all over again. Most range in price from $5.99 to $9.99. I’ve tried a few of these over the last few months and I’ve been very pleased. Read More →

Nintendo DSi Launches Today in the U.S.


In case you’ve spent the last few months looking for Osama Bin Laden over in the Khaiber Pass, or don’t keep up with gaming news, then this one’s for you. There are several nice upgrades in this 3rd gen product including an app store, two built in cameras, and some groovy photo editing software. You can check the full story here.

Vic Firth Gourmet Pump and Grind Mills


Ok boys and girls, Saturday is typically a slow news day in the tech world. Not so at your friendly neighborhood Gadgeteer! It’s early and no one else is stirring, so I thought I’d share one of my favorite gadgets with you. Aside from my gaming, mobile, and music interests, I also love to cook. For my birthday, my wife treated me to a culinary vacation in Asheville, NC with Chef John Smith. I noticed Chef John was using some really interesting salt and pepper mills. When I inquired about them, he informed me they were made by Vic Firth.  Who’s Vic Firth? A blurb from his website:


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Windows Live Mobile Update Available


Microsoft released an update to Windows Live Mobile yesterday. I’ve been running it on my Treo 700wx, and I like the changes. I’m now able to run Messenger without my battery draining to zero in record time, and many of the features integrate very nicely in the Today screen. If you’re sporting WinMo, head over to Microsoft for the full skinny or browse over to the Live Mobile site on your Smartphone and hop aboard.

Microsoft Sidewinder Gaming Mouse Review


Microsoft was an early player in PC gaming, both in software and hardware, and lately they’re trying to reassert themselves in the genre by offering up some interesting gaming devices. Let’s see if Microsoft has the goods to keep up with the likes of Razer and Saitek these days.

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Sony PS3 Firmware Update Released


Sony announced today the release of Firmware Update v2.70 for the PS3. This update includes a new text chat feature that allows users to chat with networked friends in game or in chat rooms. The friends list will appear on the XMB (XcrossMediaBar). The new update also allows for external backup of purchased media, a feature sorely needed and much overdue. For more on the firmware update, head over to Sony, or just boot up and get it!

MSI Announces GX733 Gaming Notebook


Microstar International, famous lately for their Wind series netbooks, announced today they would be pushing further into the mobile gaming fray with the latest in their GX series of gamer targeted notebooks.

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