Nintendo DSi Launches Today in the U.S.

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In case you’ve spent the last few months looking for Osama Bin Laden over in the Khaiber Pass, or don’t keep up with gaming news, then this one’s for you. There are several nice upgrades in this 3rd gen product including an app store, two built in cameras, and some groovy photo editing software. You can check the full story here.

8 thoughts on “Nintendo DSi Launches Today in the U.S.”

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  2. @ron: Yep, existing flash carts don’t work on the DSi, although new ones that do are apparently starting to show up.

    Personally, I just don’t see much to compel me to buy the DSi right now anyway. Camera? My phone is better at that (a LOT better… Sony/Ericsson K850i). Media player? That’s what iPods are for. SD card slot? If I can’t use it for full DS games or extra save slots, what’s the point? I’ll change my mind if and when the DSi store starts offering full blown DS and/or GBA titles.

    The slightly bigger screens might be good I suppose, but not as a tradeoff for lower battery life. So I’m going to pass for now.

  3. So, for those of you who purchased the DSi how do you like it? I would get it since it is new, but my gf would probably break it and I don’t think it is worth getting at this point since I only play animal crossing on it….haha

  4. I took advantage of a trade-in deal with Gamestop/EB.

    $70 off if you trade in a DS Lite. As my DSLite touch screen had a decent amount of ‘usage’, I was happy to get a brand new DSi for $100.

  5. I traded in the ol’ DS Lite, along with a pair of Guitar Hero games that won’t work on the DSi due to the absence of a GBA slot and a couple of accessories, and walked away with a DSi for around $70.

    The slightly larger screens somehow feel immensely bigger than the Lite’s, with my wife immediately exclaiming “wow!” when she fired up New Super Mario Bros. You could see details that were just too small to be distinguishable on the previous screen.

    I like the slimmer and slightly modernized design and the build quality is excellent, and the DSi store is a winner.

    Thumbs up from me!

  6. I got one the day it came out. I loved it. I’m not much of a gamer, I love the nintendo games don’t get me wrong, I’m just not a hardcore gamer. I didn’t really care the GBA slot was gone, I like the fact that you can download games and cute little apps from the DSI store thing.

    The cameras are fairly good, nothing of great quality but something to do when you’re bored. I found the touch screen to be better than the DS Lite, however the battery life doesn’t last very long. The web browser is really good and the scrolling is smooth.

    The things I didn’t like were the fact that you couldn’t view your own photos on the DSI like if you were to take them off of the computer. You can’t save pictures you find on the internet either. The music could not be MP3 and that’s about it for right now. ^.^

    All in all I love my DSI but probably wouldn’t be such a good idea for hardcore gamers.

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