M-edge Kindle Covers Review

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If you recently purchased the Kindle 2 e-book reader, you might have been surprised to find out that Amazon failed to include any type of protective case. If you remember, the original Kindle included a cover. A lame one, but it was better than  nothing. Luckily, it didn’t take long at all for cases and covers to start appearing for this popular device. Today I want to tell you about the Kindle covers from M-edge.


M-edge offers covers for the Sony Reader and other e-book reader devices on the market. But I’m just going to talk about their bookstyle covers for the Kindle 2 and original Kindle. They were kind enough to send me the Executive Jacket for the Kindle 1 and the Prodigy Jacket for the Kindle 2. Let’s take a look at the Kindle 2 cover first…


The Prodigy Jacket is available in leather and synthetic leather. It is also available in the book style that you see above and a platform style, where the cover opens vertically. I was sent the leather bookstyle version in Pebbled Mocha with a Saddle strap.

The exterior leather is soft with a pebbled texture. A contrasting White or Cream colored stitching is used along the edges of the cover.


The interior is a light Grey suede. Although it’s hard to see in the image above, the Left side of the cover has three flat pockets. One for papers and two that are business card sized.

In the center of the open cover, you can see the unique Kindle 2 hinge holder.

Click thumbnail to see full-size image
Click thumbnail to see full-size image

The hinge has two attachment metal hooks that mate with the slots in the Left edge of the Kindle.

medge-kindle-7 medge-kindle-6

The bottom hook is stationary and slides into the slot, while the top hook is  spring loaded. Attaching and removing the Kindle from the cover is an easy task.


In addition to the hinge holder, there are also two elastic corner straps that hold the Kindle in place.


The cover is secured by the a tab and slot.

Reading with the Kindle while it is in the cover is comfortable and allows the device to feel like regular book. The cover offers rigid protection to the back and sides of your e-book reader and due to the fact that the cover is slightly larger than the Kindle on all edges, it should provide adequate protection in the event of a fall.


The Executive Jacket for the original Kindle is also available in genuine leather or synthetic leather. I was sent the Smooth Jade leather version of this cover.

From the outside, the design of this cover looks identical to the Prodigy cover.


Upon opening the cover, you do notice a few differences. There are five pockets on the inside flap. One larger note sized pocket, two business card slots and two SD card slots.

The Kindle is held in this case by a leather loop on each corner. The top Right loop has elastic so that you can slip it off to gain access to the power and wifi switch on the back side of the Kindle.


There is also an elastic loop for a pen or pencil.


The stock cover that is included with the Kindle 1 didn’t have a secure method of attaching the cover to the reader. The M-edge cover is a vast improvement.

All buttons are easily accessible while using these covers, and it is not necessary to remove the Kindle to charge or sync.

Both covers are made very well and I was unable to find any defects. Both get a thumbs up from me. 🙂


Product Information

Price:$44.99 (Kindle 2 Prodigy Leather Cover), $34.99 (Kindle 1 Executive Leather Cover)
  • Cool hinge holder for the Kindle 2 cover
  • Available in several colors
  • Well made
  • Much better than stock Kindle 1 cover
  • None

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  2. I bought the leather cover offered by Amazon.com with my Kindle2. It appears to be quite similar to the Kindle2 Prodigy Cover except that it does not have a strap, which I think is a plus, since it helps keep the device secure inside the cover. I too like the real book feel that the cover provides and would not consider using the Kindle without a cover. However, I personally would choose Amazon’s black cover because it looks like a note pad cover, making it inconspicuous to others if you carry it in your hand. The M-Edge cover looks too much like a large wallet.

    Cliff Tuttle
    Pittsburgh Legal Back Talk

  3. i got my kindle in the ocver just fine, but it’s uneven. the botom half of the kindle is sticking out! i dont know how to fix this…

  4. just a warning: those hooks that go into the kindle are known to interfere with it. it causes the kindle to randomly reset often.

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