Verizon to Get Current and Relevant Phones, Pigs Fly

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Reuters is reporting that Verizon will be getting the Palm Pre in about 6 months along with the Storm 2 and even hints at Android phones. What’s next? The iPhone? I have a love-hate relationship with Verizon, mostly hate. Their coverage and signal service is the best there is, period. But they have continually been behind the times on the latest and greatest phones. Take for instance their introduction of the HTC Touch Pro, right as the Touch Pro 2 is being released. Shame on you Verizon for pawning overstock off on unsuspecting and uneducated consumers!

But, it looks like they may have pulled their heads out of, uhh, the sand? Maybe I can get a current phone and hang with the cool kids at lunch in a few months. Let’s hope.

6 thoughts on “Verizon to Get Current and Relevant Phones, Pigs Fly”

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  2. Verizon’s problems include crippling the phones they do carry. I’m afraid if they get the iPhone, they’ll insist on deactivating the screen.

  3. You’re absolutely right forrester. Some of the crippling of wifi and gps capabilities on some of their recent phones is just plain disgusting as a practice.

    I can’t wait for the day, and I hope it’s in my lifetime, when service companies and product manufacturers quit trying to control every aspect of how we utilize the products we buy from them.

    Give me a platform I can customize how I want, and a powerful enough piece of hardware to do it, let me pay you for the platform, the hardware, and the access to service, and get out of my way. But they all do it, look at the differences of same model phones between carriers. The spec varies. Why? It’s more expensive to vary it. Look at the fiasco with the Treo Pro with Sprint and what they did. Why? Why, Why WHY????

    Greedy self absorbed CEO’s and business managers, bean counters. Closed minded people that can’t see past their own need to control. And it’s not just phone companies. It’s a lot of technologies. That’s why we have platform wars and people lose out. It’s why there’s a different connector for every phone and personal media device on the planet. It’s ridiculous.

    Remember the 1984 Apple commercial? Little David railing against the big bad Goliath. Everyone was energized. Revolution! So let me ask you, just how open is Apple? I can use their OS, but only on their hardware. I can use my purchased AAC tunes, but only on their iPod, (yes I’m aware of recent DRM free, thanks for the up charge for the HUGE privilege of letting me use the music I BOUGHT from you the way I choose STEVE-O)

    Have you seen the newest Apple commercial with the deal about the tech support and Apple genius’s? Yeah right, I spent an hour on the phone with one of Apples little smarty pants, mocha latte drinking, Birkenstock wearing hipsters trying to get iTunes on to sync correctly with the iPod I bought my wife for Christmas. Know what the final answer was? Remove, re-install, re-boot. I never thought of that. Thanks!

    Oops, did I say all that out loud????? No thanks, no more coffee dear….

  4. Thanks for confirming what I’ve been thinking lately. I look through the ads in the Sunday paper and see all the cool phones are with AT&T or others. I agree on the quality of signal strenght – I’ve never had a dropped call and I’m out in Bum Crunk county. Verizon needs to move some of their TV marketing dollars over to the purchasing department.

  5. I heartily agree with David. As long as the U.S. telecomm industry continues to treat their customers like babies (and as long as we tolerate the large subsidies Congress doles out to them and their lobbyists) we will lag far behind the rest of the world in capacity, technology, and capabilities. And we wonder why tourists from Asia and Europe scratch their heads at our networks’ obtuseness…

  6. I’m tired of Verizon’s overpriced plans and the fact that they are so late to adopt new technology. So, I’m actually switching to Sprint for the Palm Pre on Saturday. Verizon does have the best service in Rochester, NY but Sprint’s service is also good.

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