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Skooba Netbook Messenger Bag Review

As soon as I opened the Skooba box I fell in love with the color of my bag! I know that sounds like a girl thing but let’s face it-I’m a girl! If you want something that sounds like a guy thing, how about my 80 year old father who said- “It has lots of pockets, it’s a good bag!.” Read More →

FestiveTones Review

The holidays might be over, but are you still feeling the holiday spirit? Are you the kind of person that changes your ringtone to Jingle Bells in keeping with the festivities? Then FestiveTones is for you. Some of you may remember MailTones that was reviewed previously here at the Gadgeteer. The premise is still the same except now you have a more “winterized” version for your email announcing delight.  You have your classic holiday tones like “Auld Lang Syne” and “Deck the Halls” but you also have some party horns, sleigh bells, regular bells and some cork popping just to name a few. Read More →

Otterbox Commuter TL iPhone Case Review

otterbox-commuterTL-1Otterbox has released a new line of iPhone cases called the Commuter TL. They come in a myriad of colors and promise to keep your precious iPhone safe from the dust, dirt and lint that take up residence in our jacket pockets and or purses.  Otterbox became famous for their waterproof cases-this is not one of them! I want to make sure all of my fellow iPhone users are aware of this fact before proceeding. Read More →

Adesso Wireless SlimTouch Mini Keyboard Review


The Adesso Wireless SlimTouch Mini Keyboard is indeed “mini”; it took up very little space at my desk. Read More →

MailTones iPhone App Review


MailTones is an app for your iPhone that lets you associate email from different people with different tones. Read More →

Duracell Instant Charger Review


I love power, and when my gadgets have enough juice for the whole day, then all is right in the world. Nothing brings me more joy than being able to whip out a phone, netbook, mp3 player, or camera and know that I will have enough power to do whatever I want. Duracell has made such a product. Read More →

Plantronics Voyager Headset 855 Review


I have weird ears. In all the years that Bluetooth headsets have been available, I have had the hardest time finding a pair that fits into my ear canal (obviously, regular over-the-ear headsets fit.) I would have to be Dumbo in order for that to be a problem! I’m talking about the ability to wear those earbud types of headsets that block out noise from the outside world. My genetically mutated ear canals have continually blocked my efforts to have secure fitting earbuds. Most of the time they are either too big and fall out of my ears or are too uncomfortable and I can’t wear them for long. Recently, however, I have had the good fortune of trying out a pair of Plantronics Voyager 855’s. Read More →

Star6 iPhone Sound Mixer App Review


There is a new iPhone app by Agile Partners that has hit the iTunes store and it’s called Star6. Star6 is a program that let’s you act like a DJ/musician. You can sample songs,  add some rhythms and change things like pitch and speed simply by tilting your iPhone forward and back. Read More →

Dane Elec Z-Pen Review


If you’re like me, you multi-task all day and have notes all over your office and probably at home. So when I came across the Dane-Elec Z-Pen my heart did a little jig.  The thought that I had found something that would transcribe all of my notes into type-written text that could easily be filed away neatly and electronically, held a lot of interest for me. What made this pen different from some others I had looked at was that it did not require any special paper to use. All I had to do was clip it to the top of my common office pad and away we go!  I had a meeting coming up and tried it on for size. Two hours later I returned to my office and plugged it into my office PC.  The transfer was simple and painless; the output was jumbled and painful. Read More →