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RiteAlarm Clock

This might seem odd, but I’m as picky about my alarm clocks as I am about my gear bags and smart phones! I’m the kind of person that likes flexibility and for the most part, the typical alarm clock does not offer that feature. Usually you get 1 alarm and if you’re really lucky, you might get 2. Today I’m going to show you the RiteAlarm Clock from Rayna Creations Inc. which has 3 alarms. One for weekdays, one for Saturdays and one for Sundays.

Verilux Rise & Shine Deluxe Natural Alarm Clock Bedside Lamp

Now here’s a great idea that gave me one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” feelings when I first saw it. It’s the Rise & Shine Deluxe Natural Alarm Clock Bedside Lamp from Verilux. This company sells a variety of illumination products. I actually reviewed their HappyLite Mini Ultra earlier this month. The Rise & Shine combines a clock, radio and lamp all in one device.

iHome iH5 Clock Radio

I don’t think I am wrong when I make the claim that the Apple iPod has generated more accessories than any other electronic device on the market today. There’s always room for one more iPod accessory right? Today I’m going to review the iHome iH5. This is a clock radio compatible with all iPods that have a docking connector. Hey, you you don’t even need an iPod to use this device. It’s a lot more fun if you do though.

MAJESTYK Retro 70s Style LED Watch

Years ago, in a gadget land far far away… There were no PDAs. There were no cellphones. No Apple iPods or Nintendo DS Lites. The time was called the 70’s and the amazing gadget of that time was the LED wrist watch. I still remember when my Dad bought one for my Mom. Oh how I wanted that watch with its black face and tiny Red glowing digits. The folks at LED Watch Stop help bring back those days of yesteryear with the MAJESTYK Retro 70s Style LED Watch.

Tokyoflash Saishin Retsu LED Watch

What criteria do you use when buying a wrist watch? Form over function, or function over form? If you are just in the market for a cheap time piece, Walmart always has a stash of plastic novelty watches for around $5. But if price isn’t a motivator and you want people to notice you, then you are probably the perfect customer for Tokyoflash. Located in Japan, this store has a unique variety of watches that entertain while also reporting the current time.

Chef’s Quad-Timer Professional

I enjoy cooking and tend to be the main person in my household to do this task everyday. Until now, my method for timing dishes on the stove and oven has been accomplished using the timer in the microwave, the grandfather clock in the living room and the timer built into my stove. That doesn’t sound like a problem does it? Well it is when you forget what time source was used for which dish. And then there’s the fact that the grandfather clock doesn’t actually buzz when the time is up.

Almeda Time Multiple Vibrating Alarm Watch

Some of our readers might recall that in late 2002, my husband Steve was diagnosed with appendiceal carcinoma, a rare cancer that affects the appendix. The last few months of 2002 and the first months of 2003 involved various rounds of chemotherapy followed by radiation treatments. As a complete novice to the world of cancer, one of the first things that I learned about chemotherapy was that it didn’t just occur in the hours Steve spent hooked to an IV. There were also subsequent chemotherapy and anti-nausea medications that had to be administered at the correct times on particular days. One of Steve’s anti-nausea medications had to be taken every six hours around the clock and without fail, or he would get sick. Since our bedroom’s clock only had two alarm settings, we had to rely upon my PDA’s Calendar alarms to keep up with dosage times. This wasn’t always practical but we made it work, and we eventually got past that stage of his treatment.

Pimp Pleasure Seeker Watch

It’s such a cliché, but lately it does seem like time is just flying by. 2006
is already half gone, so it has been almost two years since I reviewed the

Pimp Star Performer Watch
, the timepiece from the company with the NSFW*
name. The Star Performer was notable for its flashy LED display extravaganza;
but true LED aficionados probably felt that having numbers and symbols on the
watch’s face was sacrilegious.

Tokyoflash B Version Watch by Twelve 5-9

I just spent over an hour perusing the Inside Japan section on the Tokyo Flash site. This was time when I should have been writing this review, but I got so distracted by the witty write-ups of Tokyo life which were accompanied by photos taken with the authors’ cell phone cameras. It makes sense that …

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Skullcandy MacGyver MP3 / Voice Recording Watch

A couple years ago I remember seeing a BMW MP3 watch which featured an integrated USB cable. The idea of converging a watch with self-contained digital music player was clever, but at $275 for the 256MB version and $350 for the 512MB version, the price was a bit steep. Even so, the BMW watch proved …

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