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Review: Casio Twincept Watch

by Andrew Baker
Last date revised: 03/25/99

I bought my Casio Twincept
about a year ago. My old watch decided
to turn in it’s time card so I had to find a new “cheap” watch. I was
influenced by three factors when I saw this watch. The first was the
price, less then $40. Second I liked the black and gray (typical gadget
colors) construction, nice smooth curves, and the fact it was low
profile on my wrist. The third reason was it’s strong construction.
Storing phone numbers was a nice feature but I did not think I would use

The watch is really a strange design, it has the old analog hands
“under” the transparent screen and the LCD screen is on top displaying
one of the following features. Home Time, World time with world map,
Telephone #’s. Alarm time, StopWatch, Date, or LCD off. I usually leave
the LCD off when it’s not in use, this make the watch look semi-formal.
Although I did not think that I would use the telememo function when I
bought the watch I have proven myself wrong. I use it almost on a daily
basis. The only aspect of the watch that I do not like is the method for
entering data, you have to cycle through each letter in the alphabet.

I give the watch the following rating

Construction: A+
Screen Readability: A-
Battery Life: 3-5 years according to box
Usability: B
Overall Rating: B+

Andrew Baker


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5 thoughts on “Casio Twincept Review”

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  2. Man, I’m right there with you, dual display looked awesome and was actually usefull. Why on earth did they stoped making them!!
    Bring back the twincept goodness Casio!!

  3. I still have mine, and am dised to read that the model is stopped. It had the look that made it geeky and ready for teh boardroom, both, at the same time.

    I love u casio, u were the darling of my childhood and I will always remain true to you.

  4. I bought casio twincept watch in Canada 15 years ago.I like it so much that I even wear it now.Its a watch which can be used rough and toughly.

  5. casio twincept watch is a great watch.i bought my first casio twincept in 2005.such a great watch i have everseen.but now a days casio stops the production of twincept.i hope casio will resume it.

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