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Mophie Juice Pack Review

Some folks outfit their cars with 12-volt USB connectors or charging cables, others make sure they have a charging cable in their home, their office and in their bag, so they can top off at coffee shops, airports, libraries or where ever they stop to use their laptop. I’ve done both of those, but recently have found a third and, in many ways, easier solution: I’ve been using a Mophie Juice Pack.

Tag, you’re it with the ATP PhotoFinder Pro

I enjoy reviewing GPS photo tagging gadgets here on The Gadgeteer, so I will be interested to see how ATP’s latest PhotoFinder device compares to their previous models. They are hailing it as the answer to Sony’s GPS-CS3KA. The PhotoFinder Pro does sound like it has the upper hand due to the fact that it …

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Clickfree Portable Backup and Transformer Review

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes and data loss. While the clickfree data backup solutions can’t do anything about the first two, they may provide you with an answer to the data loss issue. These solutions are geared toward the technophobe and procrastinator, but do provide features that the more adventurous will appreciate. …

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Star Kids Products Snack and Play Travel Tray Review

Imagine driving a vehicle with atleast one small child strapped in a car seat behind you.  The child is reading a book or playing with a doll and suddenly it drops to the floor of the car.  The child desperately wants that item but cannot reach it due to the safety restraints, so the child begins to cry …

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Brando AC to 5 USB Power Adapter Review

When I go on a vacation or business trip, I seem to always have issues charging all my USB enabled gadgets. I either forget  to bring along a bazillion individual USB AC adapters or I have issues running out of USB ports on my laptop. Sometimes I don’t even want to bring my laptop on …

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Skooba Design Checkthrough Messenger Bag Review

I remember as a kid traveling with my parents (aka, back in the day) when there was no security at the airport or during college being able to say goodbye to my girlfriend at the gate. But sadly those days are forever gone…. Today, we have painfully long lines to get through security where you …

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i-gotU USB GPS Travel Logger (GT-120) Review

I recently reviewed the ATP GPS PhotoFinder mini photo geotagging module. I liked the concept, but found some issues with usability. Today I have a similar product for you. It’s the i-gotU USB GPS Travel Logger GT-120 from Mobile Action. It’s smaller and even easier to use than the PhotoFinder. Let’s take a look.

Callpod Fueltank Rechargeable Dual Device Power Charger Review

Callpod has recently released a dual device rechargeable battery charging system called the Fueltank. The Fueltank can charge two mobile devices simultaneously and act as a through-put charger when you are near a electrical outlet. This mobile charging system utilizes the same adapters as their ChargePod charging system. While the ChargePod system is able to …

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Tom Bihn Convertible Packing Cube/Backpack Review

In January I reviewed Tom Bihn’s Aeronaut and a gazillion and one little packing cubes, pockets and organizer pouches. As you may have gathered from the review, I was very keen on the packing cubes. Over the last year I’ve used these accessories, in many combinations on every trip I’ve done. I also use them to corral cables in my desk drawer.

PlaneQuiet Platinum Active Noise Reduction Headset Review

If you are a frequent traveler that sometimes finds it difficult to relax with the roar of airplane, bus or car engine noise, I have a possible solution for you. It’s the PlaneQuiet Platinum active noise reduction headset from Outside The Box. These full-size over the ear headphones provide up to 18 decibels of active noise reduction. Let’s check them out…

Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Pack

As I read Julie’s review of the Timbuk2 messenger bag, I couldn’t help but think of my own choice in gear-hauling. The ‘2’ is a fine bag and the design possibilities are unlimited. I looked at such bags while I was shopping for a new hauler. I knew I didn’t want just a backpack or rucksack; they get tangled on furniture as you walk by and they are too big for everyday carry. I need room for a book, a sweater and a water bottle, not a sleeping bag and a tent.