Ever been looking through your photos, looked at one and thought ” That’s a great shot, where the hell did I take that?”. Ever wanted a record of exactly where you went on your holiday and in exactly which place your took a photo?  Well geotagging your photos is what you need to do.  Basically… Read More

I have a couple of Nikon DSLR cameras that I use for personal and Gadgeteer photography.  Nikon cameras aren’t cheap, but hey – not every camera is mentioned in song, either.  ;) Accessories, especially the Nikon-branded ones, aren’t cheap, either.  I’ve been slowly collecting studio lights, flashes for the hot shoe, filters – you get… Read More

If you like to share your photographs and you don’t have an Eye-Fi card, you are missing out.  I just bought my first one about a month ago, and I love it. Fortunately for us mobile shutterbugs, Eye-Fi just announced their latest model, the Pro X2.  At 8GB, it doubles the max capacity of their… Read More

Here’s a tiny Bluetooth GPS module from Brando that you can wear on your keychain or your arm (with the included holder), to geotag your photos as you travel, or use with included software to record and analyze all your daily/weekly/monthly activities such as cycling, running, climbing, skiing, etc… Read More

I enjoy reviewing GPS photo tagging gadgets here on The Gadgeteer, so I will be interested to see how ATP’s latest PhotoFinder device compares to their previous models. They are hailing it as the answer to Sony’s GPS-CS3KA. The PhotoFinder Pro does sound like it has the upper hand due to the fact that it… Read More

I recently reviewed the ATP GPS PhotoFinder mini photo geotagging module. I liked the concept, but found some issues with usability. Today I have a similar product for you. It’s the i-gotU USB GPS Travel Logger GT-120 from Mobile Action. It’s smaller and even easier to use than the PhotoFinder. Let’s take a look. If… Read More

The i-gotU GPS Logger and Receiver is a 2-in-1 device that is compatible with all digital cameras & camera phones. It includes Travel Blog Software that will show you trip routes, Auto-adds photo GPS locations, creates an animated trip journal that brings back live trip memory by plotting the route and playing back the photos… Read More

I have a nifty little gadget for avid photographers that have a less than stellar memory. If you’ve ever looked back at your old photos and wondered where you were when you shot them, the PhotoFinder Mini from ATP will cause you to wonder no more. These days a lot of the newer cameras and… Read More

I got a chance to try out the new Photo Finder from ATP Inc.. When Julie asked me if I would be interested in reviewing a product that geotags photos, I said of course. Now… please tell me what that means…