Keep2go Travel Tube Containers

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If you are a gear freak like I am, it’s not just the gadgets that excite you, but all types of little cases and containers too. That’s why I was drawn to the colorful Keep2go Travel Tube Containers from Blue Desert when I first saw them.

keep2go travel tubes

Keep2go tubes are colored PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) translucent plastic tubes with a screw-on top. They come in Clear, Green, Red, Dark Blue and Light Blue colors.

keep2go travel tubes

They are available in three sizes that range from 1.0 – 2.5 ounce capacity. The tubes can hold liquids and are sized so you can use them to carry liquids on airplanes as they are all under the TSA’s 3 ounce maximum.

keep2go travel tubes

The screw-on cap has a 1/2 inch hole to attach a lanyard or carabineer.

keep2go travel tubes

The cap will also fit a standard water bottle.

keep2go travel tubes

These tubes are waterproof and dishwasher safe.

keep2go travel tubes

Each tube comes with a lanyard that you can use to wear the tube around your neck or tie it to something else.

keep2go travel tubes

So, what can you store inside a Keep2go? Well, anything that will fit in it of course! ;o) I have used mine to carry such items as: aspirin, q-tips, eye drop vials, and batteries. The smallest sized tube can hold two AAA batteries and the largest sized tube can hold three AAAs or two AAs. Don’t try to store coins in these tubes though. The only size coin that will fit is a dime and it will get stuck about halfway down the largest sized tube…

Another idea for using these tubes would be for lotions or shampoos. I’m just not sure how easy it would be to get thick liquids to flow out of the tubes, since you can’t squeeze them. For that reason, I think they probably work better for dry items.

Right now the only place where I can find these tubes for sale is on, where they can be found in 4 and 5pks (large size tubes) at a price of $19.99 and $25.00 respectively.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Blue Desert Ltd.
  • Waterproof
  • TSA approved
  • Screw-on cap can fit standard water bottles
  • None

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13 thoughts on “Keep2go Travel Tube Containers”

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  2. I’ve seen these. These are rebadged bottle parisons…the things the eventually get blow-molded into soda bottles, water bottles and the like. It’s incredible that they get so much money for these, considering what they are. The cap is nifty, a nice touch. The cap would be great for putting on drink bottles to connect them via carabiner to a pack, though. I could see these making a neat travel pill-case, nice and watertight. I wouldn’t mind getting one for that purpose.

  3. I’ve got a 5-pack of the green ones scattered around the surrounding countryside as micro geocaches. Perfect for hanging in a tree, etc. while keeping the contents nice and dry.

    Took me forever to figure out how to buy ’em, though, only finding them at Amazon as mentioned in the article.

  4. Yes, as microcache containers, these would be absolutely perfect. Did you wrap them in camo tape? They should last a long, long time out in the wild. They are the perfect size for a nice roll log and a pencil.

    The best cache I ever found was called “Gnome Shelf”, in Harrisonburg, VA. It was an empty lip balm stick with the log rolled inside of it…but it was HOW it was hidden that was incredibly ingenious. It’s “GCMGNT”, in the Heritage Oaks Golf Course. I am not giving away the secret to this cache, suffice it to say it remains the best cache find I have had in 4 years of geocaching.

    [Edited at February 10, 2008 20:44:23 PM.]

  5. I did some work on them for camo purposes, yes. I won’t reveal the particular cache number, but one of them has some heavy bark texturing and some artificial greenery attached to it. They hold a logbook roll and a golf pencil nicely.

  6. I’m glad you included the photo holding one in your hand, I was thinking they were much smaller at first, like key chain pill cases.

  7. Hello, thank you for a great review. If it’s not too much trouble can you tell me what are the inside dimensions of these three tube sizes – lengths and diameters, so I can calculate which do I need to buy.

    Thank you again!

    1. @Marko Unfortunately, I no longer have these tubes. You might want to check for those details on the manufacturer’s site or contact them directly.

  8. Thanks anyways,

    I can’t find this info anywhere on the Net and manufacturer is not responsive at all. I was also wondering if these three sizes accept the same cap size. I remember someone saying that medium size tube has larger cap than other tubes.

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