Video Quick Look at the Snap Capp

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Here’s my quick look video review of the Snap Capp, which was sent to me by Convenient Gadgets & Gifts.


4 per package (Blue, Green, Red and Purple)
Plastic re-closable spout for 12 and 16 oz. aluminum beverage cans

YouTube link for a higher quality version of this video

Video Notes

I did a follow up test with the second Snap Capp that was sent to me, to see if it also had an issue with drips when turning the can sideways. The results were the same what I showed in the video.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Snap Capp
Retailer:Convenient Gadgets
  • Good for flights
  • Could be good for kids
  • Keep bugs out of your drink while outdoors
  • Can be hard to put on a can
  • Can be hard to remove from the can
  • A drip or two can escape through the twist lid if you turn the can sideways

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7 thoughts on “Video Quick Look at the Snap Capp”

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  2. last summer i spent several hours looking for products just like this one. in the end i found several, but also noted that the reviews for them were less than stellar.

    your video demonstration answered the two most important questions for people looking for this type of product; does it leak and does it keep your soda fresh?

    i do like added bonus of being able to keep bugs/insects out of a drink while outside. it only takes one experience with a bee or hornet in your soda to show you the value of “refreshment security”.

    a nice product used by my household’s bureau of liquid refreshment is “the fizzkeeper” by jokari. its essentially a pump that you screw on top of a 2 liter bottle to aid in maintaining the freshness of soda by pressurizing the depleted area of the bottle with air. we have found that it serves us well in this capacity.

    based on your review of the Snapp Capp i believe that it could be a benefit to my family. 3 of my kids are under 5 and a few drips of soda is nothing compared to what typically happens if we allow them to handle a soda can. and along those same lines, the need for freshness is a non-issue as the product is usually greedily consumed in less than half and hour.
    i also like that the Snapp Capp creates some space between the mouth and the sharp edges of the soda can opening (a concern for any parent).

    i am really digging the broad spectrum of gadgets reviewed here, please keep up your outstanding work!

  3. Darrin:

    I just remembered that I had reviewed a similar product 5 yrs ago. The Quiktop. I think it did a little bit better job of stopping all drips, but the top cap was just a little cumbersome.

  4. Julie, great review. Just a couple notes for your readers:

    • Another great use of the snap capp is primarily what I use it for and that is when I have soda out in the yard, or on the golf course, etc. it assures me I don’t have any bugs or bees in my drink. And those golf carts can be bumpy so I don’t get any spills. 🙂

    • You’ll get some drips if you shake the can first and then turn upside down or sideways. This is because the cap needs to be plastic and slightly flexible so you can get it on and off. So if the drink is shaken the plastic will expand just a little due to the pressure. But if you loosen the lid and let the pressure out and then reseal you should not have any leaks even if it tips sideways.

    Thanks again,

    Convenient Gadgets & Gifts

  5. Jeremy:

    I agree, I did add that as a Pro in the review page, that it will protect your drink from bugs. I just forgot to mention it in the actual video. Sorry about that :o)

  6. I just purchased a 3-pack of these from a vendor on ebay. I bought them to keep the fiz in the soda since I usually drink half a can at a time. In this respect, the product fails to perform. As far as reducing spills in the car/airplane and bugs, the product does as it’s supposed to. Overall, not a groundbreaking product, but may come in handy occasionally.


  7. Sounds like a good idea. However, I would probably only use it for around the house, where I can wash the contraption after use. I would think twice about using it out-and-about unless I have a zip-lock bag to transport the used cap home to wash.

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