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Verizon to Get Current and Relevant Phones, Pigs Fly

Reuters is reporting that Verizon will be getting the Palm Pre in about 6 months along with the Storm 2 and even hints at Android phones. What’s next? The iPhone? I have a love-hate relationship with Verizon, mostly hate. Their coverage and signal service is the best there is, period. But they have continually been …

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Read The Gadgeteer on your Kindle

If you have an Amazon Kindle, you can now subscribe to The Gadgeteer to receive all the latest reviews and news automatically delivered to your wireless ebook reader. There is a subscription price of $1.99 per month (Amazon set this price, not me), but hey, it’s just one more way to keep up with your …

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Happy Birthday DustBuster Give-Away!

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Black & Decker DustBuster. Wow, time really flies when you’re sucking up dust. Would you believe that I only just got a DustBuster (VPX DustBuster) last year? I was waiting for them to perfect the technology 😉 To celebrate this milestone, Black & Decker is offering to …

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YUBZ MAGNUM Bluetooth Speaker

The YUBZ MAGNUM is a tube shaped speaker / speakerphone for your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or audio player. It features a Black leather finish and boasts up to 10 hours of battery life from four AA batteries. It also ships with optional AC-power cables and a carrying case for added portability. It’s available now …

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Win a Set of Able Planet PS500MM True Fidelity Multimedia Headphones

I recently reviewed this Able Planet headset. If you read the review, you know I was thrilled with the quality and performance of them. I like them so well, I wanted to get a pair as a give away. And not my set! Hands off! So Julie contacted the good folks at Able Planet and they ponied up …

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Good Old Games

GOG.COM offers a unique service you might be interested in. They have taken a lot of very popular older games and recycled them into neat little executable packages that you can play all over again. Most range in price from $5.99 to $9.99. I’ve tried a few of these over the last few months and I’ve been …

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