No more oh no moments with THE O tracker


How many times have you left home, arrived at work and realized that you forgot your wallet or your phone? Or even worse, how many times have you left a restaurant and had the same “oh no” moment when you realize that you left something important behind? When you accidentally leave something at home, it’s not a huge deal, but leaving behind your wallet, phone or other valuable items at a public place means a high probability that you might never see that item again. One solution to this problem is a small tracker fob like THE O. THE O is a stylish tracker that could easily be mistaken for a fancy keychain or a piece of jewelry, This tracker can do things that other trackers can’t, like:

  • Automated checks every time you forget something tagged “essential” when leaving home, the office, etc.
  • Leave something at a coat check, get notified right before your leave.
  • For all tagged belongings, you can always see when and where you last had them.
  • Using contextual information on your phone, THE O preempts what belongings you are going to need. For example, it can make sure you have your umbrella if it is going to rain later in the day.

THE O trackers are available in different colors and different holder styles. You can purchase a set of 4 trackers for $79 or a set of 8 trackers for $139 – $149. For more info visit

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