Steam clean (I mean murder) the weeds in your lawn with Dynasteam

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If you have a yard, then you also have weeds in that yard. I think my yard has more weeds than grass. I live in the woods, so it’s inevitable because I don’t want to treat my lawn with weed killing chemicals because I have an indoor/outdoor cat and I feel like the less toxic chemicals we use, the better off we’d be. We as in me. I’ve tried weed burners that use gas canisters and wasn’t that impressed with how well they worked and that I kept having to buy canisters. The Dynasteam looks like a very interesting weed killing alternative to chemical sprays. It has a water reservoir that heats plain old tap water to over 300 degrees to produce steam that will kill weeds within 24-48hrs. The device has a hose with different attachments that will let you kill weeds in your yard, crevices in your sidewalk and more. You can even buy other attachments that will let you use the steamer for non-weed killing tasks like cleaning your grill, strip wallpaper, cleaning floors and more. The Dynasteam is priced at $249.95. For more info visit Dynasteam or Hammacher Schlemmer to order.

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  2. PS: You can’t heat free water to 300 degrees. It undergoes a phase change to steam at 212 degrees. Contained under pressure it can reach that temperature, but can’t be released and maintain the temperature, so is useless in an unvented pressure vessel.

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