iHealth Align is a tiny glucometer that plugs into your smartphone

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I’m a diabetic who has been able to keep my condition under control through diet and exercise. I was diagnosed 10 years ago and since that time I’ve become pretty lax on checking my blood sugar levels as regularly as I should. Ok I’ll be honest, I’m lucky if I check my blood sugar once every couple of months. I’ve gotten off the rails a little bit health-wise and am looking for ways to get back on. This little gadget from iHealth looks like something that might motivate me to check my blood sugar more often. It’s the Align, a tiny FDA approved blood glucose meter that plugs directly into the earphone jack of an iOS or Android device. Blood glucose readings are logged so that you can then view trends and statistics for a span of 7, 14, 30 or 90 days. The mobile app also can give you medication reminders and keeps track of test strip quantity and expiration dates for you.The iHealth Align is priced at a very reasonable $16.95 and test strips are priced at $12.50 for 50 strips. For more info visit iHealthlabs.com

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  2. @Julie,

    A friend of mine died two years ago due to the complications of Type 1 diabetes which she had gotten at the age of 7. She was 64 when she died and had undergone open heart surgery in her 40s due to diabetes. And she was stringent about monitoring her blood sugar before, after, and between meals. She knew her body well, but still looked for the numbers.

    I only wish she had been able to get something like this. She loved her iPhone and would have loved this.

    Please take care and monitor as much as you can. And if this device helps you monitor more, please do.

  3. This isn’t the first connected glucometer out there, but it is the first one with affordable test strips instead of the usual “ridiculously expensive because insurance companies pay for them” pricing.

    I notice they also have a meter for $30 that uses the same software and strips, but connects wirelessly and can be used offline. I’m more interested in that one myself, even though it is bigger.

    The main thing I am wondering before I buy one is whether test strips will be available anywhere other than their web store. Hopefully they can get them into stores and/or Amazon Prime.

  4. @Rob,

    iHealth is planning on starting an automatic renewal program to send out new strips. And they say that eventually the machine will automatically alert the store that you need more strips.

    But I agree it is a safety measure if the strips were available in stores in case you lose them and need emergency refills.

  5. @Julie,

    They have modified King Gillette’s creed of “Give ‘em the razor; sell ‘em the blades.” with a new one:

    “Sell the device cheap, but lock them in to buying only your strips.”

  6. I’m more interested in accurate readings. Consistent accuracy is hard to get with some brands and meters.

    Don’t forget that in addition to the meter accessory, one would also need to carry alcohol wipes, a lancing device, and a waste container for used strips and lancets. It becomes a bigger kit than you might expect.

    A truly “no blood” meter would be so nice, but I don’t think a portable one exists yet. All of the consumer available meters that I am aware of require a small blood sample, or are continuous meters which require a sensor that is put under the skin. Continuous meters also require regular calibration with a regular finger stick glucose meter. If you know of something new, I’d be interested.


  7. The whole package is very reasonable priced especially the test strips. You see a lot of manufacturers lure consumers with a cheap device but expensive replenishment supplies and it’s really frustrating. Ink cartridges come to mind.

  8. I use the IGBStar Glucose meter for iphone (it works without phone too though) and the strips are about $20 for 50. It seems quite accurate but it is definately a prerequisite to wash your hands first!

  9. Hello all. Yes I was one that was really excited about having a very small meter that could be used with current technology. Had a special that if you bought 100 strips the meter was free. Well I jumped…a little too soon but I jumped. Man I was excited to get this meter and as soon as it arrived I opened the box. It was great, I was so impressed. Until I went to use it and couldn’t get it to work with my MotoX 4.4 android :-(. After looking further I noticed there are only a handful of phone that are compatible and of course mine wasn’t on the list. Didn’t see a spot to look for this before ordering. I do hope that in the near future I can use this type of meter.

  10. DANGER – Not FDA approved for Android! iHealth devices require a mobile app to function – so both app and device must be reviewed and approved by FDA. My doctor just told me that the FDA never reviewed or approved the android version. iHealth didn’t seem to bother with android. iHealth claims of android support are fraudulent and illegal. I’m going to file a complaint to FDA – why weren’t we notified that android version were never reviewed or approved? Stop using immediately for your own safety!

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