Pro-Idee Picnic Cutlery set review


Have you ever found yourself with a plate of food but no fork or spoon to help you eat it? The Pro-Idee Picnic Cutlery set makes sure you never find yourself in that situation again. It’s a handy tear drop shaped container that holds a fork, spoon and knife. Let me show you how it works.

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The Pro-Idee Picnic Cutlery set is housed in a small plastic holder with a zinc cover that doubles as a bottle opener. The cover slides on and off with a bit of effort. When the cover is removed, the cutlery is exposed.


The knife, fork and spoon are made of polished stainless steel and stack into a nice semi-flat bundle.


The cutlery is definitely on the small side, but this isn’t a set that you would probably use every single day. It’s best used for those times when you find yourself without a regular set of silverware. That said, it does work pretty darn well – at least for certain types of foods.


The knife has a serrated blade that isn’t sharp, but it will cut through meat pretty well.


This picnic set came in very handy this morning when I made some steel cut oats and realized I didn’t have any plastic spoons in my drawer. Instead of hiking down to the cafeteria for one, I just pulled out the Pro-Idee kit and commenced eating. The spoon worked fine for this task and would work equally well eating ice cream, yogurt, pudding, or similar foods. I don’t think it would work very well for eating soup though unless have a very long lunch break. The fork (more like a spork) works well for most foods, but there’s no way you’re going to enjoy a plate of spaghetti or other noodle dish with it as your main means of eating.

The biggest downside to the Pro-Idee Picnic Cutlery set is its price. At $49 US, that’s crazy expensive when you can spend significantly less or even nothing at all on a traditional fork, spoon and knife. Heck, most of us have spare flatware cluttering our kitchen drawers, so you can effectively create a set for free.

Where the Pro-Idee Picnic Cutlery set shines is in its design to be compact, convenient and reusable. It’s easy to store in your gear bag, making it a good candidate for your EDC (every day carry) kit. And where other solutions like the spork and other only let you use one utensil at a time, the Pro-Idee kit is a true cutlery set with one of each implement. It’s still crazy expensive though…

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Product Information

Price:£ 29.50 for a set of 2 ($49.00 US)
  • Compact
  • Provides a spoon, fork, knife and bottle opener in a small holder
  • Very expensive
  • Small
  • Holder awkward to open

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