Use your car gadgets in the house with this adapter


A friend of mine used to have a work cellphone for which she only had a car charger.  She used to just leave the phone plugged in to her car’s power outlet at night to keep the phone charged, but she ran into a problem when she bought a new car that didn’t supply power to the outlets when the engine was off.  If she’d had the 5 Amp AC to 12V DC Power Adapter from ThinkGeek, she wouldn’t have had a problem.  With this adapter, you can power any car gadget, like a GPS or heated seat cushions or even a USB charger, using your house outlets.  The adapter converts 110V AC power from the wall into 12V DC power, and it is rated for a 5A load.  It’s $19.99.

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  2. I’m still looking for a slim car charger that allows to run a radar detector + usb (2.1amp) for iphone 5c. LMK if you guys know of anything. I’ve heard the radar needs all the power but I have run a splitter before, it just looks trashy though. Need a clean install.

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