Spread the love Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

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How do gadgeteer’s celebrate Valentine’s Day? With flowers and a box of chocolates? Heck no, we celebrate with gadgets! This year we’re spreading the love with a giveaway of prizes that is sure to please almost anyone. It’s easy to enter, so what are you waiting for?


1 winner will win 1 each of the following prizes – 8 prizes in total:


CoolStream Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • Offers more than just Bluetooth; it also features music playback from SD cards and USB flash drives.

Available at: CoolStream.com


Seidio: SURFACE Reveal with Kickstand for iPhone 5/5S
Seidio’s signature SURFACE cases offer variety of protection, available with kickstands for easy multimedia viewing

  • Kickstand for easy, comfortable multimedia viewing
  • Surface case is the thinnest of the line but with high end protective qualities

Available at: SeidioOnline.com
 Surface with Kickstand $39.95


Penclic: Penclic Mouse (R2, Wireless)

Precision-focused computer mouse acts as an extension of your body creating a healthy and natural working position

  • Penclic Mouse looks, feels and acts like a pen, placing superior navigation at your fingertips, allowing for laser-focused precision, thus leading to better results and quicker movements
  • Penclic Mouse’s  ergonomics create a relaxed working position,  enhancing user experience and allowing forearm to relax on work surface
  • Sleek, Scandinavian design counteracts static tensions in arms, shoulders and neck, reducing Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) associated with typical mouse products
  • Features 5 buttons, scroll wheel and laser sensor which operates on almost any surface without pad or tablet
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 2 months before additional charging is needed. Includes micro-USB charging cable and Nano USB receiver
  • Wireless range up to 16 feet; compatible with Mac and PC products

Available:  www.penclic.se
Price: $89.95


Felix: MonkeyOh
A versatile dock, stand and cord wrap for your iPhone, iPod Touch and most other smartphones

  • Features a novel monkey design with “arms” that hold on tight to your smartphone, and sturdy feet with a rubber non-skid bottom to make sure your phone won’t move around when propped up on a desk or counter
  • Serves as a stand to prop the smartphone into landscape or portrait viewing angles which is ideal for watching movies, FaceTime and more
  • Plugs into nearest electrical outlet to charge your device
  • Compatible with all iPhone and iPod Touch devices as well as most other smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Available in four color combinations: red-on-black, black-on-black, white-on-white, and red-on-white

Available at: www.felixbrand.com



Colorful line of Bluetooth speakers offer big sound in a small, stylish package with BRAVEN’s signature device charging ability

  • Aimed at the cost-conscious music lover, the 570 rocks BRAVEN’s awesome high-fidelity sound
  • With a durable, impact-resistant polymer exterior, the tiny speaker offers 10 hours of playtime and a 1200mAh power bank to charge devices
  • 2x custom HD audio drivers provide stereo audio amplified by left and right channel passive sub woofers
  • Built-in noise-cancelling mic can make and take calls
  • Available in Lunar Black, Arctic White, Fiji Green, Rio Purple, Monaco Blue, and Sahara Red

Available at: braven.com


Motrr: Galileo

A revolutionary, robotic platform that allows you to rotate your iPhone/iPod 360° with seamless precision, transforming the way we communicate with each other & the world around us

  • Wide variety of uses: video calling & conferencing, baby monitoring, remote learning in classrooms, time-lapse photography, cinematography, real estate photography, social networking, etc
  • Monitor your home with 1-way video or enjoy immersive 2-way video calling
  • Continuous 360° pan and 360° tilt rotation
  • Rotation is controlled remotely by swiping finger on a second smartphone, tablet or web browser
  • Features standard 1/4” tripod mount for iPhone, doubling as a charging station
  • Rechargeable integrated lithium polymer battery
  • Download the Motrr app or visit the Apps page for a full list of apps optimized for Galileo
  • FAQ: http://motrr.com/faq

Available at: motrr.com


MeCam: MeCam Wearable Hands-Free Video Camera
Inconspicuous and lightweight body-worn camera lets you capture the world as you see it from your point of view

  • Camera shoots 720p HD quality video and doubles as a 5 megapixel point and shoot camera
  • Built-in LED infrared technology works in picture or video mode, for nighttime or lowlight conditions
  • Weighs less than ¼ pound. equipped with pin clip to attach to shirt or can be worn as a necklace (cord provided)
  • Removable SD card and micro-USB port lets you charge, upload, and share footage/pictures
  • Control buttons on upper-side let you power on and alternate between video and camera mode
  • 80 minutes of continuous battery life

Available at: MeCam.me
Price: $49.99 (4GB), $59.99 (8GB), $69.99 (16GB)


Click & Grow: Smart Flower Pot
Electronic smartpot that grows herbs and flowers without watering and fertilizing – a hassle-free gardening dream come true

  • Easy-to-Use: No gardening knowledge is necessary, Click & Grow measures all the necessary parameters and doses an exact amount of water, fertilizer and air, according to the plant’s needs
  • Smart Technology: The smartpot is made of ABS plastic and includes a processor, microchip, battery vault, pump, water reservoir and sensor that specifies if plant needs water or batteries
  • Elegant Design:  Innovative, simple and modern design that looks great with any décor
  • Plant Assortment: mini tomatocockscombbasilpainted nettlechili pepperthymebusy Lizzylemon balmparsleyChina pinkgarden sagelamb’s ear and sugar leaf; Click & Grow is always testing plants to expand their selection
  • Accessories: An optional Grow Light can be purchased to help plants germinate and grow quicker, especially in winter months when there’s less natural light available

Available at: clickandgrow.com
Price: $79.99 (starter kit)

How to enter (please read carefully – any missed steps and your entry will be disqualified):

1. Between now and 02/08/2014 11:59PM EST leave a comment on this page listing one thing you really like about The Gadgeteer and one thing that you wish you could change about The Gadgeteer.

2. At some point on 02/09/2014, I’ll pick 1 random winner using random.org. The winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hrs to claim their prizes. If I do not receive an answer to my emails in that time period, I’ll do other random.org drawings till the prizes are gone.


1. Only one entry per person (warning: I check IP addresses).

2. Gadgeteer writers, family members and close friends may not enter this contest.

3. the-gadgeteer.com is not responsible for any lost packages or incorrect shipping addresses.

4. Winner must have a US shipping address.


The winner is #28: Rich
Congrats to Rich and thank you to everyone who entered and the sponsors.

142 thoughts on “Spread the love Valentine’s Day Giveaway!”

  1. Gadgeteer Comment Policy - Please read before commenting
  2. Howdy, Gadgeteer crew!

    One thing I like about your site is that it covers a diverse set of topics that are of common interest to many of us, and not restricted just to computers, tablets, phones, etc.

    The only thing I wish I could change is to have more time to view the site!

  3. I really enjoy the product reviews that you guys do. Really gives me a good idea if a new item is worth the investment or not. Not sure there’s anything I’d really change. This site has been great!

  4. I like the fact that I can find reviews for unique things.

    I would like a mobile app for The Gadgeteer.

  5. The Gadgeteer is one of the highlights of my “Feedly” feeds. I purposely place my credit cards in another room when browsing your daily offerings.

    I’m hard pressed to come up with anything to change here. While i DO enjoy announcements of new “toys,” in depth reviews are my preference over one or two paragraph product shorts.

    Thank you for a great site!

  6. I like that you guys go out of your way to review products that haven’t already been covered by some of the other, larger tech sites — you keep it fresh. What I would change? I suppose just getting more articles to read. 🙂

  7. Definitely to me reviews are the best thing about The Gadgeteer (I just bought Brando Wireless Charger thanks to you!). I just wish you do more giveaways regularly .

  8. I like the variety and detail of the reviews. They sometimes give me new ideas to research.

    I would like to see more non-Apple related tech reviews. I am not in the I-Tech camp.

  9. Hello,

    The thing I like the most about the Gadgeteer are your reviews .They are complete and trustworthy.

    The one thing I would change, is this giveaway rules, allowing EU people to enter too 😛

  10. I love the way the site allows me to discover gadgets I did not realize I needed.
    And I dislike the fact I cannot afford them

  11. I love that The Gadgeteer shows me interesting products that I never knew existed.

    The only thing I would change is adding more non-Apple related tech reviews. Don’t stop them though, because my fiance is in the I-Camp 🙂

  12. Luv the timeliness of the review as well as the breadth of “Gadget” catagories covered.
    Might be nice to add some video content as well as just printed reviews

  13. My favorite thing about The Gadgeteer is the quantity of reviews on interesting and quirkier items. I love geeking out over wallets, watches, knives and toys and there is never a shortage of said reviews on The Gadgeteer.

    I’m hard pressed to find anything that I would like to change about The Gadgeteer, but if there were something, it would have to be a preference towards seeing more reviews about interesting watches – I’m, a big watch geek!

  14. I really like the new look. So much easier to read.

    I would like to see a section of reviews of off the wall products. something totally out there. Also would like to see more auto related tech.


  15. Here’s an obscure one: I really like your RSS feed. I can zip through articles, and find the ones I want to read in depth easily. Some sites have broken images or only titles. You have a useful feed.

    As for change? I could go for more reviews of inexpensive items, separating the good from the bad. Monoprice puts out some solid cables — or so I hear. I’d like to see your opinion. Plus some of the gimmick USB stuff I know is dreck, while other stuff is surprisingly useful. Especially things like USB lights.

  16. I like that reviews are so indepth and have personal touch. I’d like even more video.

    P.S. I also like the fact that reviewers are from NJ. I live in California now but grew up in Essex County.

  17. I really enjoy your reviews, they help me evaluate which items I should try and which ones to pass on. You have a great back for discovering things I end up loving.

    One thing I would change – include more photos.

  18. like the new page layout very easy to see the latest reviews

    as for what I would change definitely would like to see a mobile app version, preferably Android based.

  19. I like the relaxed feel of the site. Not like other know-it-all sites.

    I don’t like the little ads that pop up on the bottom of my iPhone screen while browsing. Very annoying.

  20. I like the product reviews as they seem real world. The thing I like least is that there are only a few items added per day, would like more…

  21. I love the in depth reviews on a wide range of products.
    The only thing I would change is more something I would like to see added. That is a mobile app.

  22. I really like the attention to detail while doing product reviews!
    The thing that I would change would be to have…. well I can’t think of anything. (hope this does not disqualify me) 🙂
    I wouldn’t change a thing.

  23. I love the Gadgeteer. I have been following since about 1998. Great site and love the reviews, from the early ones to the most recent.

    If I would change anything, I liked the old website format better than the new one, but it is not something that will keep me from being a Gadgeteer follower.

  24. I have Gadgeteer as one of my many “home” tabs as I never cease to be amazed at the array of interesting devices and inventions that I would never locate otherwise. That’s what I really like. One thing I would like to see added is a weekly review of the most interesting Kickstarter projects that involve Gadgets. Many gadgets that get reviewed happen after the funding process has closed. i’d like to see things earlier if possible.

  25. I really like that a diverse breadth of products are featured, which is helpful. What I have noticed lately however is that some of the products are described but not really reviewed, such as durability, personal take on features, etc. I’d like a bit more of that. Thanks for what you do!

  26. I like the breadth of products that are reviewed. But I’d love to see the same product being reviewed by the different members of the Gadgeteer team.

  27. I love all the great reviews Gadgeteer puts out and I would love a mobile app as I use my phone much more than I do my computer!

  28. I like the fact that you cover a wide variety of gadgets.

    I’d love to see more coverage of Win8 and Windows Phone devices (as available, of course). They tend to get overlooked by too many other sites.

  29. I really like the reviews of all the cool products. I can, and often do, read these for hours. One thing I would like changed is to add a section for upcoming gadgets. For instance, I’d like to know what gadgets are in the works that are compatible with Windows phone.

  30. i really like the reviews you guys put together, they are not biased and right now…. the only thing i would change is more giveaways

  31. Ricardo Hernandez

    I love the diversity of products you report on. If I were to request a change it would be to supply the option of different RSS feeds for each category.

  32. I like that you review things that your team really likes and enjoys using, even when it results in a zillion flashlight or wallet reviews. The passion is contagious! For that reason, I also like the “favorite gear” articles that show just what gadgets have been “keepers.”

    I’m not so crazy about the “review” articles that turn out to be just press releases – although sometimes it’s okay if they are about important major product information – or, worse, kickstarter product press releases. I guess the kickstarter products need a legitimate forum to find interested customers, but I almost always feel duped when I discover halfway through an article that this is a “review” of something that doesn’t even exist yet and isn’t being recommended by the Gadgeteer. I think this issue was discussed a while back and the new policy idea was to put “Kickstarter” in the title of these articles, but I think that idea faded away.

  33. Jessica Gabriel-Pfenning

    I love the new website!! It would be really neat to have a mobile app for my phone to show people what I am always talking about on these crazy gadgets!!

  34. I really like the variety of the products reviewed on this site. It keeps me checking at least once a day on the latest gadgets!

    The only thing I would change is to add more video reviews on the gadgets to give us a better understanding.

  35. I really like the in depth reviews, the only thing I would “change” is to have a mobile app.

    You guys run a great site!

  36. I really enjoy the thorough reviews! 🙂 The only thing I might want changed is that ad on the right hand side that has 9 different links to click on, it genuinely looks like part of your site. It doesn’t really bother me but it might bother some people. Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  37. I really like the Reviews of the Products in The Gadgeteer , which are very helpful for us. And my wish that i could change about The Gadgeteer is doing more Giveaways 🙂

  38. The one thing I like about the site is the amount of really cool things you continue to find to review. The one thing I wish I could change is my desire to want to buy all the things you guys review. Honestly there is not anything I would want to change about the site at this point. You have done an excellent job redesigning and making it move along faster.

  39. The one thing I really like about the-gadgeteer.com is that I can “always” rely on full coverage of the latest stuff in “gadgetdom”. The one thing that I would like to change is more coverage of windows phone 8 and associated gadgets. Keep up the good work team! Dave

  40. The old server would sometimes hang and not open so the new look and the new server are an improvement for me.

    There is nothing I would change I just need my: The Gadgeteer, Gizmofusion, Jalopnik, Lifehacker and How – To Geek a few times a day. Thank You

  41. Like the detailed reviews more around the actual usability and less about the detailed technical specifications.
    Change – more actual gadget reviews and less non gadget stuff, if you will.

  42. I like the reviews…I am into the gadget talk!
    I would like to see more videos…and maybe you could dress up the site a little more. That is all I can think of at this moment. Thanks!

  43. I check everyday for the latest reviews — I really like to read the reader comments to get other perspectives. What I would like to see is more home automation reviews and possibly spreadsheets/tables comparing the review product against similar products.

  44. I came across this site by accident and I like the different gadgets posted and how you give the details of each product. There are gadgets I didn’t know existed. As far what I would change would be putting your search bar and archives on the top of the page instead of at the bottom so it would be easier to see.

  45. The thing I appreciate most about The Gadgeteer is that the reviews feel personal, not driven by corporate interest, written by real people giving their honest opinions. One thing that (occasionally) bugs me is incorrect grammar and misspellings, although that is a minor quibble overall.

  46. I like that every time I visit The Gadgeteer there is always fresh and new articles to read. What I don’t like is that I find too many cool things to buy, and I spend way too much money because of you. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  47. I love the fact that this site is still going over a decade after I first found it. Still getting great on depth reviews with tons of pictures. Super helpful.

    One thing I would change is maybe bring back the old judy/Julie reviews where each person had a spot in the review giving their take on a feature. I miss that aspect. Seeing two people’s takes on a gadget.

  48. The one thing I like are the reviews – very helpful!

    The one thing I’d change – more contests 🙂

  49. Love the gadgets. My children are getting birthday presents and are excited about it. I wouldn’t change a thing. Maybe free shipping.

  50. The thing I like about the gadgeteer is the plain language reviews of the latest in consumer technology.

    Change? More gadgets, more gadgets.

  51. One thing that I like is that you review so many of the same gadgets that I’m interested in.
    There is not much I would change but if I had to pick one it’s that I never win any of the contests.

  52. I love all the great articles in this site. I wish it was a bit easier to find things on it. Thanks!

  53. Stumbled onto this site and I think I’m in love I’m totally a geeky nerdy chick and been looking for certain things another way for me to break my budget!!!!

  54. I really like how diverse if a seller you are

    And if i could change one thing it would be the fact that this is only online and not a real store

  55. I love the wide variety of reviews on your site. There is so much more than just phones, tablets, and laptops.

    I would like to see more articles that investigate the R&D behind some of the gadgets that you feature or possibly some articles speculating on the future of technology.


  56. I’m relatively new at going on-line to find help with technology and I find your site very user friendly and I appreciate all the help you provide.

  57. I love the assortment of reviews.

    I am still getting used to the new website. I will give it time to grow on me. I liked the old one better.

  58. I am somewhat new to this site. But I love the wide array of products that are reviewed. I have already pursued more information based on reviews I have read here first.

    I would love to see a mobile application for phones and tablets. I often use my mobile device before I have a chance to look closer on my laptop at home.

    Thanks for the cool contests.

  59. I love all the reviews, as a technology un-savey person I appreciate all the information given. I am new to the site so so far I don’t see anything I would change.

  60. Reviewing unique products is the part I enjoy. More grand kid type items would be great.


  61. There are lots of things I love but one in particular is the wide range of unbiased reviews on nearly everything gadget-wise! The reviews have helped me solidify purchases and will become my go to site for products!

    If I could change anything (which is a stretch), it would be the ability to better navigate inside of the site and the search feature.

    Again, the site is great so I had to stretch for that one!

  62. Your site is the first one I open each day, keeps me up to date with Kickstarter and how creative people are.

    Photography could be better on some reviews, Im still getting used to the new layout, I kinda liked the larger pictures of the old one. But Im a commercial photographer so I’m more critical. Your writers do good reviews.

  63. I enjoy reading all the reviews and have actually bought some of the products — I wouldn’t have known about them elsewhere. The only change I would make is to have more, more, more.

  64. I love the unique items reviewed like the Star trek alarm clock. That is awesome. I would never know about the cool products otherwise.

    I wouldn’t change anything!

  65. I enjoy reading the product reviews. I have purchased a few items that I didn’t know I wanted/needed because of some of your reviews.

    I like the site as is but I would probably add more videos to better demonstrated the product in use. Sometimes, photos aren’t enough.

  66. I like the wide range of products you review, even kid gadgets.
    I would like to see comparisons between items

  67. Keep up the excellent work on the product reviews.

    Since I am not a Apple user, more non-apple reviews would be nice.

  68. I love the fact that you are also reviewing non-techy items, eg. like the little earthenware microwavable pot.

    One thing I would change, would be to give long term updates on some of the more popular items you review…how are they holding up? did you have any unforeseen problems occur months/years later? and how did the company respond to your problem?

  69. The thing I like most about The Gadgeteer is that you can find reviews and input on an array of different items and not just “big name/popular” like other sites! The only thing I would change about The Gadgeteer is how addicting it is!? Lol I have come on the site to look up a product or too and ended up spending WAY more time than I intended too! Lol which is not a bad thing! I love The Gadgeteer and I will continue supporting this site! Thanks and best wishes! 🙂

  70. Daniel Bertalotto

    I love when I can find a single source that showcases curious, interesting and applicable products no matter how obscure.

    Still wish the site look and brand was reflective in simplicity and design as the gadgets. But the positives way outweigh this negative.

  71. I really like the in-depth reviews; you seem to take more time with the devices.

    I’d like a little less EDC info.

  72. I can’t imagine buying gear without doing some research first. It’s getting harder and harder to find honest reviews and product opinions, so sites like yours is greatly appreciated, thanks.

    As an iPad junkie, my poor pointer finger gets pretty sore with all the touching and scrolling it does in a day, so I do wish you would include the MSRP in the title or a sub-title. I prefer to only read reviews of products I can afford and knowing the price from the get-go would be great!

  73. I like that your gadget reviews are more gender-neutral and not as male-centers as most gadget sites.

    One thing I’d change is the site is not very iPad friendly, and I keep getting an annoying black bar on my page as I scroll down to read. You should have some gizmo-gadget fix for that.

  74. Hi! What a great idea for a contest.

    One thing I really like about the gadgeteer is the wide assortment of items reviewed. Everything from Golf swing improvement gadgets to board games. I love it!

    One thing I would change about the gadgeteer is to add links showing the current online prices from some of the major internet stores. I know its a simple search to do this but it would save me a step!

  75. I like that you guys are always reviewing new tech products. I wish you had someone to review more EDC/Personal protection items.
    Love the site!!!

  76. I like the recent wireless charging mod article and would like more like that. I don’t like all the apple reviews and would like more windows and android reviews.

  77. One thing I like about your site is I get to see all the unique gadgets that I sometimes didn’t even realize existed and you test most of them. The one thing I would like to see or change is more stuff for Android devices. I know there is a lot out there that haven’t been seen yet, let alone tested. BTW. Kepp up the great work.

  78. I like the in depth reviews….e.g. keyport slide coverage, mini cooper, etc. I’d change the pace to allow for more in depth reviews of products. Feel like I only get a snap shot of many different products and would appreciate an in depth bi monthly. Also…i’d love to see more EDC products…love little gadgets!

  79. I like the wide range of reviews, especially tip-offs to new Kickstarter gadgets. I’m not a fan of the new layout – I prefer linear columns.

  80. Love all the reviews! It’s kinda awesome you do some of the lesser known gadgets.

    I don’t think I’d change anything. I have a wide range of interests so all seems to be well for me.

  81. I really like all the reviews on products. I have bought many items with your recommendation. My very favorite is the DropCam PRO. I love it.

    I do not care for reviews on items like Star Wars or TV/Movie theme items even thought I am sure there are many who love it.

    Thank you for your great website and emails. I look forward to seeing what Gadgeteer Daily Digest

  82. Love wide variety of gadgets reviewed and links at bottom of reviews to similar items

    Don’t like having to read whole review to find out it is an item you didn’t like that much…would prefer to see a thumbs up/down/in between icon on intro page before going to review

  83. I like learning about new technology that relates to the way I work and play. I especially like new vehicles/bicycles and alternative housing (tiny or unusual houses).
    One thing I wish The Gadgeteer would change is to have less articles about Apple products and components designed for Apple products. I am not a fan of Apple (or Google for that matter) and basically skim past any reference to these products.
    Thank you however for a great showcase of new products, etc. I have learned alot since receiving The Gadgeteer Latest News, and hope that you continue bringing us facinating information and useful tidbits!

  84. I enjoy reading your reviews of things I may not see anywhere else. The only thing I might change is that because I am cheap (not poor) I would appreciate more < $50 gadgettes.

  85. I love the evenhandedness of the reviews — and I’m thinking especially of the stylus reviews when I say this.

    I don’t like…I have no significant complaints, really, but in order to fulfill the entry requirement I’ll say that I don’t like how occasionally I’ll see a repeated item. Like I’ll see a review on a Sunday and it’ll also show up in Monday’s edition.

  86. I love the out of the ordinary reviews. For instance the vacuum cleaner was a surprise.

    I wish I could change the reviews on apple products, and that includes their chargers, speakers all of what goes with them. I see too many apple products at one time. Just make less of them in each news article is all.

  87. Love the detail in the reviews, bought many “toys” based on the detail.

    Would love a gadgeteer app for iPhone/iPad

  88. Love the content and great quality of writing. Want each review to be preceded by a quick one sentence takeaway and rating!

  89. i like everything about “the gadgeteer” and have purchased several items based on your reviews…

    …and I would also like to see a mobile app

  90. I especially look forward to the daily Gadgeteer reviews, particularly so because they are so wide ranging yet practical for me in most instances. I don’t like the help listings since I have tried multiple times to access these and have never been able to and just get frustrated with trying.

  91. I enjoy the down to earth review- Real people using/reviewing real items. I have purchased several items based on the reviews. I have not found the “deal of the day” useful as I often miss the deal period of time – but that is my fault.

  92. What I really love about Gadgeteer is that unlike many other websites on the Internet, it reviews a unique set of gadgets, not just phones, tablets, or notebooks. This is an amazing blog reviewing things that matter to me in a down to earth way. I have Gadgeteer on my RSS feed and everytime I see a review of something unique, It is always from this website. Kudos for bringing out my inner child. I love what you guys do.

    Can you guys do more video reviews? I find myself watching more and more youtube videos everyday. I guess that is one thing I would change about the website.

  93. I like that The Gadgeteer gives me previews/prices of some products I did know about! I don’t like about The Gadgeteer that it sometimes does not provide enough different views of the products, like a video review would provide.

  94. I like the coverage, especially that the content is in time with the mindset of the gadget-obsessed.

    I would change some of the mobile navigation elements. Important links should exist in multiple locations.

  95. The answer know most would say that they like about the Gadgeteer are the articles, but I especially like the articles on Do-it-Yourself, How to. I have a mind that it constant wanting to make make shift gadgets and they fact that I have access to that on your website makes me happy. Not to mention an article in that category on how to fix i phone/android chargers has stopped me from continuing to buy a new charger every 3 months but saved me a pretty penny. I think the website as a whole is a pretty good read. One thing I would say that I do not like about the Gadgeteer, not the site in general but the webpage in general is that sometimes it is not as user friendly and could use a little reorganization so that users can navigate the site better.

  96. I really enjoy reading your reviews. Very honest opinions, and a lot of information.

    I can’t really find anything that I dislike about your site. It’s well organized, but it does seem to take a little longer to load for me than other sites. It could be my computer though.

  97. I appreciate the variety of gadgets/items reviewed on this site.

    Sometimes I find it difficult to find previous reviews I know I seen.

  98. I like the reviews about new gadgets. I do not like when the post are about commercials for specific companies. Thank you for having a wonderful site!

  99. Love The Gadgeteer, been reading it everyday for years. There really isn’t a thing that I don’t like.

  100. I love howthis site has so many “hard to find” but sought after items on one site. I just wish that the items were subdivided in the site to aid in “shopping”.

  101. Like: I LOVE the watch reviews! I started coming to the website due to your reviews of Suunto watches of more than the CORE line (which is kind of sketch in quality).

    Diss: I would preference full sentences and not bullet-points on this page. In addition, the front page layout is a bit confusing with regards to the “standard” blog entry flow.

  102. I love your reviews. You seem to pick the types of gadgets that I seem to use as well. Keep up the good work 🙂

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