Perfect Choice canvas messenger fits a laptop and your tablet

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These Perfect Choice Canvas 14″ Laptop & Tablet Messenger bags have room for all your gear.  There’s a padded laptop compartment that fits laptops up to 14″.  An interior slip pocket holds a 10″ tablet, and there are other compartments for the rest of your gear.  It’s made of durable canvas that has been waxed for water resistance.  The shoulder strap has been padding for comfort, even when you’re carrying a heavy load.  The bag is available in cappuccino (shown), with a slightly military look, or in a jaunty, striped navy with a nautical look.  It’s $89.99 at SkyMall.

6 thoughts on “Perfect Choice canvas messenger fits a laptop and your tablet”

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  2. I’m going to throw a flag on this one – mainly because I’ve been a long, long time visitor to this site – and this kind of “review” does not really live up to the standards that Julie set from way back.

    This isn’t a review, you don’t have one in your hands, you haven’t tried it for two weeks to see how it works or compares w/ your every day carry bag. You show nothing of the bag other than the stock photo of the outside.

    This is nothing more than an advertisement – a regurgitation of a entry for a product on SkyMall. To link it to real reviews of the Toffee Mission Rucksack and Oberon Design bags just diminish those articles – as those are real reviews, w/ shots of the bag’s interior, comments on how it actually functioned when they were using it.

    I can accept your desire to add content everyday, to encourage repeat visits – but every so often you have a post like this one that really doesn’t live up to “The-Gadgeteer” and it’s just not what I hope to read here.

  3. @Mike Roselius You’re right. This not a review. This is a news item, and you’ll notice it’s tagged as news. There are many news items posted on this site weekly, and they are not intended to be reviews – just a heads-up to the readers of products that might interest them. If it were a review, the word “review” would have appeared in the title and it would have been tagged as a review.

  4. Christopher Boughton

    The issue is this is not clearly identified on your homepage as not being a review. I agree with Mike. It’s misleading and not what I have come to expect from this site.

    1. @Christopher You’re obviously not a regular visitor to this site. We’ve been using the same format for the last 16yrs… News posts are very short 1-2 paragraph posts with 1 image that talk about a new product or newsworthy topic. Reviews are much longer in length, have multiple images and have the word “review” in the title. We typically post 1 review a day along with 4-5 news posts. Day in, day out…

  5. Christopher Boughton


    my point was when I am on the home page. I wouldn’t click on something that I knew wasn’t a review. Maybe I am missing something but I dont see how to tell from the actual home page what is a review and what is not.

    1. @Christopher Reviews have the word review at the end of the title. News and articles do not.
      I’m trying to come up with another way to differentiate news from reviews on the home page to make it more clear… but I think the titles are pretty clear.

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