V-Moda Crossfade M-100 headphones giveaway!

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The generous people at V-Moda are offering one lucky Gadgeteer reader a free pair of their award winning Crossfade M-100 headphones. These headphones will make your favorite music sound better than you’ve ever heard it. Want to win? Continue reading for full contest details. 


1 pair of V-Moda Crossfade M-100 headphones.

How to enter (please read carefully – any missed steps and your entry will be disqualified):

1. Between now and 12/10/2013 11:59PM EST leave a comment telling us your favorite music listening device.

2. At some point on 12/11/2013, I’ll pick 1 random winner using random.org. The winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hrs to claim their prize. If I do not receive an answer to my email in that time period, I’ll do other random.org drawings till the prize is gone.


1. Only one entry per person (warning: I check IP addresses).

2. Anyone associated with The Gadgeteer may not enter this contest.

3. the-gadgeteer.com is not responsible for any lost packages or incorrect shipping addresses.

4. Winner must have a US or Canadian mailing address.


The winner is #40 CE Harrington.

Thank you to all who entered and thank you to V-Moda for sponsoring the contest.

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  2. Onkyo TX-NR525 Tuner/Amplifier. Discrete amplifier circuits, HDMI output for on-screen programming. Auto set up of speaker balancing. Network connected for on-line services and home media. Best purchase I ever made.

  3. My favorite music listening device is my iPod classic. It holds my entire library for when I’m on the go without me needing to worry about streaming issues (i.e. data usage/spotty reception).

  4. I’m pretty vanilla. Just listen from my computer MBP or phone Moto X. Can appriciate a good pair of good headphones though.

  5. Microsoft Zune (Have the old school version with a 2.5″ HDD yielding unlimited storage), so easy to take it out plug in and listen to anything on the go. Being on the go all the time this has been such a life saving device.

  6. My Dell computer at work or my Samsung Galaxy S3 via Google Play or Tunein Radio. A great pair of headphones would be nice.

  7. I’d have to say my laptop is my favorite music listening device 🙂 it’s the one that plays the most music, after all 🙂

  8. I enjoy my music on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and watch music videos on my gaming laptop. If I have to pick a favourite, it must be the phone. I listen to all kinds of music on the Poweramp app and they sound great on a good pair of headphones. I just need to get one 😛

  9. I most often use my old Galaxy Nexus with a Plantronics pro Hd. It would be nice to have truly great sound for a change.

  10. I’d say the best music listening device is an iPod touch it’s easy to use. It’s fast, and it’s not only just for music and it’s extremely portable! Hope I win!

  11. I listen to music over Airplay on my Philips Fidelio speakers or on any one of five different pairs of earbuds, on-ear, or over-ear headphones ranging in price between $5 and $30. I have never owned a high quality pair of cans.

  12. I listen my phone paired with a pair of Parrot Zik. They are the best bluetooth sound I’ve found for on the go.

  13. I’d say the best music listening device is my Iphone connected to my Bose docking station playing Tune-in radio

  14. My iPod Shuffles are still my favorite. Still using 2nd generation for Pod Casts, and a few different 4th generations that is specific to a genre (color coded). Keeps my phones running longer!

  15. My iPhone since I always have it with me, along with my LG HBS-700 Bluetooth headphones–no wires to tangle!!!

  16. I use my iPhone 5 music app or the Pandora app or my YouTube music playlist. Currently using Zagg Budds earphones

  17. I currently use a Klipsch in-ear S4i and my ipad when I travel on plans and listen to music. In my car I use an old itouch hooked into my system.

  18. Toss-up between iPod classic and iPhone…classic carries my entire library, but iPhone has Pandora and is always with me…

  19. Mostly, itunes or Spotify through speakers on my computer, which aren’t bad. More expansively, my favorite beverage and the magnaplaner speakers in the living room. mmmm

  20. I use my ipad and a pioneer ddj-sx connected to my MacBook Pro to listen to music, podcasts, and videos

  21. It’s not music, per se, but I love being able to listen to podcasts while running with my headphones. Not the highest audio quality, but I love the distraction while attempting to set a new personal-best pace.

  22. iPod Touch 2nd Gen. I tried using my smartphones (both iPhone and Android) but I keep coming back to the iPod Touch…

  23. My favorite listening device is the whatever device is in my pocket when I want to listen to music. I am currently carrying a HTC One.

  24. My favorite listening device is my Sonos Play:3 which sounds amazing, streams all my music wireless from my computer and is controlled by my Ipod, Iphone and/or Ipad.

  25. My favorite listening device is my Denon DP-61F TT w/DL-160 cart. through my trusty Denon PRA-1100 and Denon POA-2200 combo. They drive the Canton Karat 200’s/Canton Plus-C speakers. They’ve all been around a long time but I like the sound.

  26. My old 160gb ipod. By no means should this thing still be running, and I’m always expecting it to die imminently, but it still stores the most music in the smallest amount of space.

  27. My favorite listening device would be my desktop, it contains all the different music genres i have encountered through out my life since i was a kid. My own book of music.

  28. As a work from home mom, I am on my laptop most of the time, so I listen to music from my laptop. Thanks

  29. My favorite listening device is the Samsung S4 using the Beat by Dre headset.. I have read many reviews about these (V-Moda 100) headset and they are the bomb.. A must have..

  30. My favorite listening device used to be Iphone4 with Klipsch Image s4i earbuds, but now it’s my HTC One- still searching for that pair of earbuds/headphones that will be fulling Android compatible.

  31. My iPod Classic. It holds tons of songs so I’m never without my music library. Currently auditioning several sets of headphones until I find my favorite all-rounders.

  32. Although I always use an Android phone as my daily driver, the IPod is my go to for listening to music.

  33. My iPod touch 4 with 64GB of storage still does it for me. Clear sound, tight bass, excellent battery life three years on, pumping the dBs through my old but faithful Sony MDR-V6s. Beautiful. More beautiful through a pair of V-Moda Crossfade M-100s, though.

  34. My favorite device by far is my 64 GB Microsoft Zune HD. It looks great, has plenty of space and is so small that carrying it is never a problem. Its a pity MS gave up just as they finally got it right.

  35. my favorite music listening device is my pair of 6 year old broken B&W headphones. I want to win. Please make it so number one.

  36. I’m still using my Sony NWZ- A829, 16gb Walkman with the Sony Desktop-Cradle Audio Speaker System | SRS-NWZ10, The both together sound incredible.

  37. I use the factory in ear headphones that came with my phone. They get rather uncomfortable after a while, so it’s difficult to make it through my whole work day wearing them. Unfortunately this means I don’t get to listen to my music all day.

  38. iPhone with cheep-o LG SGEY0005576 earbuds. Not horrible sound and a mic with a 3.5 passthrough so I can use it with whatever listening device I want.

  39. My favorite is most definitely my iPod Classic… 8,637 songs in one place. Man I love technology!

  40. Macbook Pro, holds all my music, love it, and use it w/ a dac, and Onkyo receiver hooked to Polk Monitor 45b’s 🙂 Needs some good headphones to go with it though 😉

  41. Actually, the Sirius satellite receiver in my car, as driving is the only time I get to listen to music for just entertainment (vs studying/transcribing/etc). I bought a lifetime subscription 7 yrs ago before they merged with XM so at this point it’s free!

  42. One of several compact Shortwave/FM radios (in the kitchen) or a latest generation iPod Touch (traveling).

  43. My favorite is currently at my computer with my audioengine a2 speakers. I’m in the process of converting my music library to apple lossless files and streaming it to my stereo in my living room. Should be done in a couple of weeks.

  44. i used to get by with an ipod touch, but i grew out of it and got an ipod classic so that i’m never without my song library.

  45. I use my iPhone 5 paired with some cheap Meelec M9P earphones. Music helps drown out all the craziness I encounter on my daily commute to work in San Francisco via Muni.

  46. My ears?!? iPod plugged into whatever headphones are handy. My Old Sony’s hurt my ears after an hour.

  47. My iPod touch is not only my favorite music playing device but my favorite gadget of all time. I damn near LIVE on that thing during the day when I have access to a Wi-Fi connection. It’s a Magic Machine!

  48. My favourite music player always was and will be phones from Sony with walkman sound system. Sound is always perfect and clean and with so many setups for sound i can listen any music i want from dubstep to classic music.

  49. My favorite device is the Galaxy Note 3 with a 64GB card. I fill the card with music. It currently has 178 albums of mostly classical for where ever I am.

  50. My favorite music listening device is my iPhone 5S because the phone and the music are always with me!

  51. My MacBook Pro connected to Audioengine A5 speakers. Google Play Music gives me access to the 17,581 songs I’ve uploaded along with access to lots more through Google All Access music service. And the A5s kick it out.

  52. I do all my listening on my 64gig iPhone 4S. I’m always listening to something! Whether it be music or audiobooks, it would be rare to find me without auditory companionship. These headphones would be great both at work and on the go!

  53. My iPhone 5 with 64GB of memory. When I get bored with streaming music services and commercials, I have plenty of music and Old Time Radio programs to listen to.

  54. I just added Dell 7.1 XPS w/ updated sound card to my desk. I am using dated Cambridge Soundworks 2.1 speakers that are still darn good. However, I am asking Santa for some headies to enjoy (even more) the internet and my collection of music on the smok’n XPS.

  55. I usually listen to Music Streaming via my Note 2, or my LG C900 phone. My favorite device depends on what I am doing, the Note 2 is used the most as it is always with me. However the C900 phone is smaller and can fit in my armband for the gym.

  56. My favorite device has horrible sound quality, but it is the Ion Sound Splash waterproof, bluetooth speaker that I have in the shower for listening to the TV

  57. My favorite music-listening device (that is portable) is my old iPhone 4; and that because it has the largest storage capacity of my apple devices. Depending on the speaker/headphone option I will sometime use a portable amp.
    Btw: I have the m-80 by vModa and love them.

  58. My favorite listening device is my modified 8 yr old Bose Wave radio.
    While traveling a voltage spike from the generator overloaded a internal fuse. In repairing with an external fuseholder/fuse, I installed a headphone jack and now listen in privecy thru an inexpensive pair of Sony headphones that turned out to have the sound quility of the best headphones I’ve ever heard.

  59. My favorite music listening device is my galaxy 10.1 tab which allows me to read and listen to me music.

  60. My Phone (Currently: Optimus G with PSX KitKat 4.4) is my favorite music listening device, because it goes everywhere with me, always

  61. I love listening on my Jambox, but obviously it is not the only way I listen. I also have a pair of Motorola sport headphones that I use at the gym that are great because they never slip and have a slightly longer cord to my Iphone.

  62. My favorite listening device is my Motorola Razr Maxx HD with Pandora. I always have my phone with me, so this is my goto device.

  63. My favorite music player is through my Nexus 7 then through Nyruis Bluethooth receiver and captured by the Yamaha RX-A1030 7.2-Channel A/V receiver and finally erupted out of the dual bass Bose Acoustimass 10 Series IV home entertainment speaker system. All I can say after listening to this setup is Shock & Awe, no matter what I’m listening too. Have a nice day 🙂

  64. Still my favorite is my 160 GB iPod Classic, there has been nothing to beat its capacity or ease of use.

  65. My favorite music listening device is my Toshiba 1.5 TB USB HD which is loaded up with 16 and 24bit flac files. In my home office I plug the HD into my work or personal laptop, or netbook, which in turn is connected to my Audioengine D1 DAC that drives my bamboo Audioengine A5+’s. This set-up sounds fantastic.

  66. I still prefer a nice recliner and my beat-up 25-year-old set of Koss headphones… Lets me close out the rest of the chaos.

  67. I listen to iTunes radio. I like the customization like Pandora and I can flag songs on my wish list or buy them on the spot. Convenient.

  68. I enjoy Internet radio on my WiFi home network. It is limitless, enabling me to hear music, talk shows, and so on. it let’s me travel without leaving the sanctity of home. Isn’t that the idea of the Internet. I even let it play softly in the background when watching TV. I just love technology.

  69. My favorite music listening device is my iPhone 4 because the phone and the music are always available for me to use.

  70. Which device? The one that is with me.
    I like Google Play and use that and Winamp (ok, I’m stuck in the past) on the PC and S GS3. The S GS3 does fine with music at modest volume through ear buds or the car. It fails when I’m listening to music while going to sleep. First, w/o add-ons, I can’t reduce the song volume low enough to be practical to fall to sleep to. Second if I do at on a volume dampener via Equalizer, there is SO much hiss added to the signal that it’s unlistenable. At low volume while dozing off, the Apple iPod Nano G6(postage stamp) works very well.

  71. My favorite music listening device is my iPod Classic filled with music using a Fostex headphone Amp. Would sound great with new V-Moda headphones !

  72. I use my Lumia 920 loaded with my library and i occasionally use it to stream from the hype machine
    The output to my car speakers is amazing and I’ve tuned it to avoid the vibrating windows when playing loud

  73. The 45 record player that was built into the buffet where I played the first single I ever bought myself…

  74. I used to use my ipod the most in college, but now I just plug into my laptop while I’m writing and working.

  75. My favorite device has to be the Ipad. Although it is large and impossible to carry around normally, the audio is very powerful and much more enriched than with an iPhone. There are new features to the music that you couldn’t hear before. As a violinist, and percussionist, I treasure listening to all kinds of music, and the Ipad delivers the best sound quality for any mobile device that I have yet to see.

  76. Just dropped the Zune 32GB believe it or not (kept that going)… now have moved onto my HTC One looking for the next main source for my music.

  77. I LUV my Espresso by Latte! I have the 16gig size, (comes in 4 – 8 – 16gigs). It is touch screen with, text reader and writer, voice recorder, photo viewer, G-sensor for rotate or tilt, FM radio and transmitter (send music to car radio wireless), and plays my 4000+ Mp3 songs! Oh and it plays videos too! lasts about 6-8 hrs music, 2-4 hrs video (charge with AC wall plug or USB from computer)! I use this almost daily on walks, hikes, bike rides, and blockout annoying friends! Costs about $100.00 USD. Well worth it!

  78. My favorite is my husband’s guitar amp. He is actually quite good. The headphones would be great for when I’m not wanting to listen especially considering the headphones that he had vanished when we were moving. (those weren’t that great anyway)

  79. I would have to say my Note 2 phone because its always with me. These headphones sure would boost the experience.

  80. Lately it has been the combination of iphone 5s and pandora. the quality of the sound is much better. I think using the 5s has enhanced the audio quality with any headset. I think the wireless ones sound better too. I do hope i win so i can prove it once for all.

  81. My favorite listening device is my off brand MP3 player that sounds great plugged into my HD Radio in my car via USB and can be controlled through the deck.

  82. Sansa Clip. Low cost, reliable, and allows several bookmarks (useful when coming back to long podcasts. Actually I have several of them. One has just podcasts -listen to in the car. Others with music of various genres and some additional short podcasts.

  83. My all time favorite was my Sony NW-HD5…red aluminum body. It was compact, super portable, and had shock sensors to protect the hard drive actuators…just loved it. My current EDC is a Cowan X7 (160 GB)…magnificent fidelity for all of my FLAC converted music.

  84. I’ve always been partial to Bose but have not had the luxury of trying out there headphones yet. Maybe one day….

  85. My favorite listening device is a fan shaped appendage made of cartilage on each side of my head.

  86. I think the music source is far less important than the sound reproduction method, so whether CD, ipod, iphone, android or windows I always use my Bose Quietcomfort II phones, though I am seriously considering an upgrade to B&O H6 or the P7 from B&W. For commuting, nothing beats the B&W P3s.

  87. I mostly use my 5th gen Ipod Classic whether it’s through headphones or through the car radio.

  88. Though I have a “stereo” in every room, my iPhone 4S is still what provides the majority of my daily music fix! And though I started out listening only to my own music files on my iPod way back when…. nowadays high quality streaming services like Spotify are what fill my life with joy, with minimal playlist management and artist searching. 🙂

  89. William A Johnson

    Over the years I have become addicted to I-Heart radio as it gives me the flexibility to choose stations around the country and the type of music I am in the mood for any time.
    At work that is so nice since normal broadcast sucks Here in North Augusta South Carolina the stations fade in and out depending on the weather.

  90. Sandisk Sansa Clip+ Rockboxed for portable use. MicroSDHC compatibility w/ FLAC support.

    FIIO E7 tied into FUBAR w/ ASIO4ALL for at work. Solid DAC and amp completely bypassing windows default audio system.

  91. I love car audio! I have a pair of Diamond Audio 6.25″ drivers in my truck and they spit some seriously crystal clear noise. Other than that, I’m a big fan of my Definitive Technology home theater setup. I’ve never owned a good pair of headphones, hoping you can change that! Best of luck to everyone!

  92. Love listening to Pandora on my laptop, ipod, and iphone. Would love some good quality headphones to listen to them with.

  93. I love using my galaxy note 1 and my samsung galaxy s2. But the one i depend the most on is my laptop, it has all of my music and I can isolate myself from everything else

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