Flipside 3X Wallet review

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It’s always fun to see how a popular product evolves over time. The new Flipside 3X Wallet has been updated with more capacity for bills and cards, stronger hinges, a newly redesigned locking mechanism, rugged new texture on the outer shell that resists most scratches and a smoother curve geometry, making it slightly smaller and more comfortable in pocket. If you prefer a non-leather wallet, the Flipside could become your next favorite cash and card transport system. Let’s take a closer look.

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We’ve been featuring Flipside wallets for several years, so we’re already familiar with their design and features. In the image above, you see the Flipside 2 on the left, next to it, the Flipside 2X in green and the updated Flipside 3X in yellow. You’ll probably agree that the 2X and 3X look almost identical at first glance.


A closer look reveals a new scratch resistant texture on the exterior of the polycarbonate shell (which is available in 8 colors). The texture provides a better grip than the previous version of the Flipside, which was a bit slippery. The wallet shell is hard and rugged. It looks and feels like it could survive being run over by a car. I don’t suggest testing that theory though. Also be aware that the Flipside isn’t waterproof. If it falls in a puddle, lake or toilet, the contents will get wet.

The lid or top of the wallet has an embossed Flipside logo, but other than that, there is no other branding on the exterior or interior of the wallet.


Flip the wallet over and you’ll find the next update, which is the new detachable external clip that can hold credit cards, business cards, folded cash and more. The Flipside 2X had a two point attachment system and the 3X has been updated with a four point system.


The rubber band securely holds one or more cards, receipts, tickets or papers and is easy to use. It is also useful for holding some of the wider paper currencies, such as Canada notes or U.K. notes.

If I were able to make a change to the wallet, I’d find a way to attach the band without the thick clip, which adds more bulk. That said, maybe Flipside will introduce other clips for other purposes.


Pressing the latch on the side pops open the wallet, which is where the Flipside name originates. The latch mechanism has been updated to be stronger and it does feel more robust than the latch on the Flipside 2X. The latch is strong enough that I am confident that the Flipside would not pop open accidentally.

The wallet features three card slots. The two main card slots can each hold up to 3 standard sized plastic credit cards or more cards depending on thickness. These two main slots have RFID shielding to protect the cards from demagnetization or RFID theft.


The cards slide very smoothly into the slots, where even one card can be held securely due to the soft bushing that provides friction.

The top card can easily slide out by applying pressure with your thumb, but accessing cards below the top card isn’t as easy and requires you to remove all the cards in order to retrieve the one you want.


The Flipside wallet reminds me of a book with a front and back cover and flippable pages. When you flip over the main card holder, there is a slot for another standard sized plastic credit card. Note: this card slot does not have RFID shielding.


Wallets are not just designed to hold credit cards, they are meant to hold paper money as well. The Flipside 3X has a deeper money area which means that it can hold more bills than the 2X wallet.


You can store both cash and cards inside the newly lengthened cash slot, bringing the wallet’s total capacity up to 10 cards. Note that if you do decide to store cards in the cash area, that the the money clip doesn’t hold the cards securely like the dedicated card slots.

Although the Flipside 3X is supposed to be slightly smaller, I think the clip on the back makes it feel slightly larger than the Flipside 2X. The difference in size is so small that it’s a non-issue though.

My favorite wallet style continues to be a zippered leather wallet, but in the 2 weeks that I’ve been using the Flipside 3X, I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s fun to press the latch and have it pop open like a Star Trek tricorder (hey, I’m a geek, we like these things). The Flipside 3X has the capacity to hold all my important cards and keep them neat and tidy. Flipside continues to improve their design while keep the price low. I can’t wait to see what they do next.


Product Information

  • 2 RFID protective card slots
  • Easy to access contents
  • Good price
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  2. I had the original flipside and used it for quite a while. The thing I missed was being able to put change into it. It was also pretty thick. I moved to the Waterfield wallet after your review, but I have about 8 cards and cash that I carry about, and the zipper wallet made it too hard to search through all of my cards. I will have to go and check out this wallet again. I will just have to keep change loose in my pockets I guess. I am a fan of getting rid of the penny!

  3. @Julie Thanks. I also have the exact same Waterfield catch wallet you have (based on your review) – I’ve had it for a few years and can’t see using anything else but I’ve been watching the Flipside evolve and I’m trying to convince myself to buy one. The thing I like about the Waterfield is it can hold as little or as much as I want and being able to zip it closed is what sold me on it. I carry a bunch of different cards, 2 spare keys, and I’m not sure the Flipside can hold them all. Only one way to find out I guess!

  4. So I’m looking for a new wallet. The Waterfield looks like a great alternative. I had a Jimi wallet for about three years and I liked it. The hinge finally gave way. Very minimal though. This one looks so interesting, but I can’t decide on whether the 25 or 27 is right for me. I haven’t considered a wallet that can store my phone, but I don’t know if I would use it. Is that practical? Checking for messages, etc. Decisions! 🙂

  5. Oh I was commenting about the Waterfield wallet. They have that 25 design that doesn’t hold the phone and the 27 design that does. I don’t think I would stuff my phone into my wallet though. Hm.

    So I see all over that it’s $29 (including your Every Day Carry article from today), yet of the site the two sizes I mentioned are both $39. I wonder if the 25 starts out at $29 and the larger 27 is $39?

  6. Maybe. It seems odd that the price is the same for both sizes. It’s listed $29 on every site I looked at except their own. Either way I’ll probably wait till after Christmas at this point.

  7. I’ve used a flipside (original, I guess it is the 1x) wallet for like 6 years now–honestly I don’t know how long. Pretty much since they came out. Heck, I probably even read about them here, on this site. Anyway–I’ve still got it. It still works flawlessly every time. Nothing has broken on the wallet. It has never opened accidentally. I’ve got a super-small usb that I put on the cash side, with a simple duct-tape holder for it. Cash, 3 credit cards, my drivers license, and then like 5 ‘thin’ cards–insurance, costco, a loyalty card, etc.
    I think a person asks about my wallet at least 3 times a week, on average. I love my flipside, and plan on getting a 3x sometime after christmas, when we have money again 🙂

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