This accessory for iOS devices tests your alcohol level

alcohol-tester-ios-devicesI’ve seen little devices like this before, but this one apparently has a Lightning connector to work with the newest generation of iOS devices.  The Alcohol Tester for iPhone 5, 5th-gen iPod touch, iPad 4, and the iPad mini needs no apps to work; you just plug it in to the Apple device and it’s ready to go.  It apparently just draws power from the phone, because it has its own LCD digital display that glows green, yellow, or red to indicate your intoxication level.  You just blow over the air hole and wait for your reading.  It supposedly can recognize the smell of cigarette smoke and other odors on your breath and exclude them from the calculations.  It’s available in black or white for $21.45 from Allputer.

Or better yet, make sure you have a designated driver when you go out, and just don’t drink and drive.

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  • chriszzz March 10, 2013, 5:33 am

    Couldn’t this gadget work on its own without the iPhone? I don’t see any value in attaching it to the iPhone other than shouting “hey, I have some gizmo that attaches to a really expensive battery”.

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