Plugbook – A Power Strip That Thinks it’s a Book

I’m sure most of us have a few powerstrips in use around our homes. They aren’t the sexiest looking devices and aren’t the easiest to store when not in use. A new Kickstarter project hopes to change that. It’s called the Plugbook and it offers 2 power recepticals with a retractable cable in the convenient shape of a book. The idea is to hide the Plugbook on your book shelf when it’s not being used. I like the idea a lot because I’m always trying to remember where I put my unused powerstrip. Is it in a drawer in my office or out in the garage on a shelf? With the Plugbook I would always know where to find it. The only issues I have with this product is that it only offers 2 outlets. In my opinion that’s not nearly enough to make me want to buy it. Four maybe… If the Plugbook looks good to you, you can pledge $25 to get one after the project is fully funded.

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7 thoughts on “Plugbook – A Power Strip That Thinks it’s a Book”

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  2. Any product that is white and has “book” in the name is good for me. Oh yeah!!!!! I can’t wait for the iPlugbookpro2s in all silver to come out.

    So silly.

  3. Great idea! Why would you need more then 2 sockets? I love it, just ordered THE black one! Can’t wait

  4. 2 is enough for me, i will just use it for quickly using it. Charging my i-pad and plugging in some electronics. I never use 4 machines at once??

  5. Janet Cloninger

    It actually does have 4 outlets. In addition to the 2 AC power outlets, there are two 2A USB ports right between the AC outlets.

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