Aluma Wallet – Protects against RFID theft

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Are you a real gadgeteer if you buy an AS SEEN ON TV gadget? I’m wondering about the Aluma Wallet. It’s an aluminum wallet that is made of die-cast aluminum, is waterproof and protects against RFID theft. It features an easy to open latch and accordion style storage system for your credit cards. I can’t seem to find any info on the number of card slots it has though… It’s priced at $10.99 and available in several colors including a special Pink version that supports breast cancer.

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  2. William S Lefler

    There are 7 pockets. Each looks like it could hold 3 cards. pockets kind of flimsy. Looks like a good idea but not sure how long the pockets will last.

  3. I don’t like giving THESE people my credit card #. if they had a PayPal option on the site I’d give it a try, $11 is not that significant.

  4. I found them at Walmart for the same price. I picked on up and latch broke the next day. Also everything is crammed into it had to throw some discount cards away to fit everything in. Last i would not call this product water proof you can clearly see your cards threw a few holes in the top by the latch. Save your money for something else.

  5. These are a waste of money. ThinkGeek had these for $45 from Ogon design. It was claimed to hold 10 card at their site.

    Just like the $10 version available now, the latch broke. The manufacture, Ogon Designs, claimed it was due to abuse. They state that their wallets only hold 7 credit cards. Anything else is too much.

    All of these wallets, including those from Ogon Design, are nothing more than altered memory card holders with a cheap plastic credit card holder inside.

    Unless you only have a few cards, avoid these.

  6. I get about a dozen spam emails a day for aluma wallets, if I ever see anyone carrying one I’ll have my elephant step on him.


  7. I bought one from wal mart. It’s ok I guess. They don’t. Claim it’s water proof only water resistant the locK is kind of. Cheap I don’t think it will lAst long

  8. I am a e-tailer of aluma wallets, to answer some of the questions above the wallets have either 6 or 7 pockets, I agree that it is very unlikely they are waterproof but could be legitimately called water resistant. The wallets are designed to hold only 2 credit cards in each pocket. They will hold about 5 business cards in one pocket. They will hold only about 4 bills in one pocket folded tightly in thirds. I have sold over 500 wallets in the last 6 weeks and have had only two complaints. NOTE: if the plastic edges have a gap when the wallet is closed you have too much stuff in it and the latch will eventually break. I have been carrying one for about 6 months and I love it. If the wallet is used for its design purpose it is GREAT. Go to EBAY look up antlertable (my user name) and read the feedback my buyers have sent. They all like it and most love it (except for two).

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