Guitar (and other instrument) Picks with no Point

For the past couple of years I’ve been doodling around on a ukulele, but lately I have a new obsession – the dulcimer. While surfing around for dulcimer info, I happened upon the Pointless Pick. It’s a round pectrum with a handy raised grip ring in the center. Wow, why wasn’t this invented long ago? They are made in Michigan and available in 3 colors that signify their thickness. A trial pack with 3 of each size can be purchased for $10. I’m looking forward to trying them out. What is your favorite type of pick?

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13 thoughts on “Guitar (and other instrument) Picks with no Point”

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  2. Julie, you are just full of surprises!

    I have a friend who is plays mountain dulcimer, and it certainly seems like he enjoys it. I always wondered what one would sound like if played with a Jellifish pick (

    Man, now *I* want to find an obscure musical instrument to get into. Hmm. Autoharp? Theremin? Chapman Stick? So many choices!

  3. I have always used the butt end of guitar picks, because I have found it simpler to pick that way. Pointy picks just seemed to get caught in my picking style (which is invisible!) and I could never get it right. Lately I have been using rounder picks, and sort of get the same effect as these in the post. It certainly does not give you the string attack as a regular pick, but it is a good tool to use [I think for someone (like me!) who needs to start out with something smoother, and something that can “get passed” the highly angled point of a regular pick.

  4. Not sure I would dig the round end. I am a big fan of Jim Dunlap Nylon .88 mm.

    My new obsession is picking up Banjo… those pics are TOTALLY different. It’s been an interesting adjustment.

    So will we be starting a Gadgeteer roots music band? lol

    1. @Bryan Here at the house, we have a banjo, 6 ukuleles, 2 dulcimers, 2 guitars, a harmonica, keyboard and an autoharp. We could definitely whip up a band, but you know what? I’ve never played a song with another person… ever. I’ve always just doodled around on my own.

  5. I actually tried more than that I think. Picks are as personal as players, and you can usually get a good tone from any of them. It just takes practice.

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