Trade an iPhone 3GS to Pay for your Upgrade to an iPhone 4

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NextWorth offers a turnkey trade-in program that provides gadget hungry people like us an opportunity to capture some of the value of our old items when trading-up to new toys. For those of you thinking of upgrading an iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4, NextWorth will pay you between $208 and $260 for a 16GB. With the new 16GB iPhone 4 prices starting at $199, the trade-in amount will fully subsidize the cost of the upgrade. I just used their web app to check the value of my White 32GB 3GS and found that it is worth $252.65. Have you ever traded in an old gadget to earn $$’s for a new one? Full press release after the jump.

NextWorth Trade-In Program Provides Apple iPhoneTM Owners a Free Upgrade to iPhone 4TM

Program provides customers a no-hassle way to trade-in their 3Gs iPhone TM and covers the full subsidized price of upgrading to the new iPhone 4TM

(Lawrence, MA – June 8, 2010) — NextWorth (, a leading player in consumer electronic upgrade and trade-in programs, announces its new trade-in program for Apple iPhoneTM owners that covers the full subsidized price of upgrading from the current iPhone 3Gs to the new iPhone 4.

Currently, NextWorth customers can receive between $208 and $260 for their 16GB iPhone 3Gs[1] when trading in their iPhone through the service. With the new 16GB iPhone 4 prices starting at $199[2], trade-in amounts will fully cover the cost of an upgrade – plus extra cash for accessories.

“Existing iPhone owners have no excuse not to upgrade today. However, they shouldn’t wait too long, as prices are dynamic and are subject to change,” said Dave Chen, CEO of NextWorth.
“Consumers can lock in our high trade-in prices with NextWorth for up to 21 days and upgrade to the coolest and most functional iPhone yet when it is released for pre-order on June 15th.”

NextWorth provides attractive trade-in value for every Apple iPhone model – new or used. iPhones purchased by NextWorth in any condition will be refurbished and resold by NextWorth, keeping the used devices out of the waste stream, thereby promoting reuse and recycle.

Trading in an old iPhone is simple, with current market values and the condition of the device determining the trade-in value. NextWorth customers visit, enter the model, condition and any original accessories that may be included in the trade, and a value is instantly displayed. If customers accept this value and completes the trade-in process, a free shipping label is provided to ship the iPhone to NextWorth.. Once received, NextWorth examines the product, verifies the estimate and sends the customer payment in the form of a check, PayPal, or a Target Gift Card, normally within seven to fourteen days after examination. Customers can also trade-in their iPhones at major participating online retailers managed by NextWorth, such as and J& Military personnel can utilize the AAFES online store managed by NextWorth to trade-in their current iPhone. For customers located in NYC metropolitan area, they can receive instant payment, for their iPhones trade-ins at J&R Music and Computer World’s store conveniently located in downtown Manhattan.

A list of additional participating retailers and more information on NextWorth can be found on the company’s website. In addition to iPhone trade-ins, NextWorth also offers trade-in services for Apple iPods and iPads, cell phones, eBook readers, Laptops, digital cameras, GPS systems, movie DVDs, video games and video game consoles.

[1] Prices for 16GB 3GS iPhone listed in “Normal Wear” and “Like New” condition, respectively, with all of the original accessories. These two categories account for the vast majority of all phones traded-in. Trades are also accepted for more heavily worn, broken, and “New in Box” iPhones as well. Prices are dynamically generated based on market conditions. Quoted buy price reflected as of 6/8/10 and are subject to change.

[2] Requires new two-year AT&T wireless service contract. Existing AT&T customers should use to find out if they are eligible for early upgrade pricing.

About NextWorth

Headquartered in Lawrence, Massachusetts, NextWorth is a leading player in consumer electronic upgrades and trade-ins. NextWorth helps people Stop Depreciation™ by facilitating the sale and trade-in process for 10 different product categories including leading products such as iPads, iPods, iPhones online and through select retailers.  NextWorth strives to create hassle-free, high-value exchanges to ease the upgrade process for consumers. For more information on NextWorth and their services visit


“iPhone,” “iPod,”  “iPad,” “Apple” and the Apple Logo are registered trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. NextWorth is not in any way an authorized dealer, distributor, affiliate, or partner of Apple Computer Inc. All other brands mentioned and trademarks displayed herein are the property of their respective holders.

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21 thoughts on “Trade an iPhone 3GS to Pay for your Upgrade to an iPhone 4”

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  2. Oh, seller beware. I did some poking around and found some customers getting lowballed on their trades… much like trading in your old car at the dealership.

    It was enough for me to rethink what I’ll do with my 3GS.

  3. I’m not sure I get the logic here. If you own a 3GS, then your phone is, at the most, a year old. That means that — unless you have a very non-standard situation going on (for example, you bought the 3GS at the non-subsidized price and added it to an existing account that is no longer tied to a contract) — you probably still have at least a full year left on your 2-year contract with AT&T. That means that you probably aren’t going to be getting an iPhone 4 at the low-end subsidized price (since that only applies to contracts that would have expired during or before 2010), you’ll be paying the $200 “early upgrade” surcharge in addition to the price of the phone.

    So I’m not sure how it works out that anybody selling a 3GS will be able to “fully cover” the cost of an upgrade. At best, if you’re a 3GS owner, selling your 3GS to NextWorth could net you an overall savings of $60 on your upgrade. ($300 iPhone 4 + $200 early upgrade surcharge – $260 sale of 3GS = $240 you end up paying).

  4. Oops, I forgot to explain further.

    I read a tale of someone trading in their 3G for a a new 3GS last year. Owner actually took photos and posted on Youtube. The old 3G was scratch free. He was promised $xxx.

    However, NextWorth sent him a much LOWER amount than $xxx. When the seller asked, he was told it was due to scratches- which there was obviously not.

    Seller beware!

  5. Or, you can sell it on Ebay. I have a 32GB 3GS and I looked up how much they were going for on Ebay and I was surprised that they were selling for anywhere between $300 – $550!! Sell the 3GS on Ebay and use the cash to buy a new 32GB iPhone 4 for $299!! Can’t wait…

  6. I’m still carrying around a 3G… but once I get the iPhone 4, I may just keep the 3G around for fun, rather than selling it. Either use it like an iPod Touch, or maybe Jailbreak it and try out some of those apps that weren’t allowed into the app store.

  7. I’ve used Nexworth and they low-balled me. They were nice about the return when I refused their offer though.

    I’ve sold thousands of dollars worth gadgets at They quoted me $304 for my 32GB iPhone and have never low-balled me (offer one price but give me another).

  8. If you have a 3GS iPhone, you’ll most likely pay $399 and $499 for the new iPhone and still have to sign a new 2 year agreement.
    The earliest most 3GS owners will qualify for the 199 and 299 prices is Feb 20, 2011.

    Want to do it without the contract extension and it’s 599 and 699.

  9. You will never get the money back that u spent on the 3GS, off of EBAY or anywhere else. The IPHONE 4 is going for 199 and 299. With or without upgrade or trade in. Thats the set price. I dont think anyone will buy a 3GS off ebay for 200 or 300 bucks when they can get the 4 for the same price new.

  10. Hey I used NextWorth and got great results. They paid me on time and what I wanted. I have a 3GS 16GB iPhone in like new condition and will get $260. I typed in my iPhone *NEW# and found out I was eligible for an upgrade. By the way I saw the photos on ebay. I take alot of photos of gadgets and found out that a black metallic back ground does not show scratches in pics unless you light it correctly. I also checked out other BBB reviews for sites like Gazelle. I found out they have more complaints that they do not resolve than NextWorth. I guess the big thing is to be honest with your evaluation and you will not be disappointed when you send it in. I also know you can talk to the guys at NextWorth if you have a customer service problem and they will help you out.

  11. there are several other websites have started this offer but I don’t like the idea at all.I have purchased an iPhone 3GS 16 GB Black by paying almost 900 USD in India & it was AT@T locked but i have been able to unlock it myself using some softwares.

    Now i just can’t sell that phone for a 200 USD to get another phone even though it’s upgraded.And i will have to pay international shipping to send the phone & there is no guarantee that they will not run away with my Phone.


  12. Ron, you are dead wrong! Do some research, man.

    Ron June 10, 2010 at 6:40 pm
    If you have a 3GS iPhone, you’ll most likely pay $399 and $499 for the new iPhone and still have to sign a new 2 year agreement.
    The earliest most 3GS owners will qualify for the 199 and 299 prices is Feb 20, 2011.

  13. I have a 3GS phone that I bought last June. I was able to upgrade to the iPhone 4 for $199. yesterday. I am thinking selling my 3GS to NextWorth. Has anyone had a positive experience with them?

  14. @sindee…you say no one would pay 200 or even 300 for a phone they can get better for the same price.
    what if we cant upgrade? what if we are on tmobile?
    ill buy your 3gs for 150. with out question. and then ill use it for 6 months and sell it for 250.
    when i upgrade to iphone 4.

  15. I don’t have a positive experience with them. They claimed one of my video games was damaged (when it wasn’t) so they gave me $0 for it and never sent me back the game, since now they’re reselling it for 100% profit. And if they lowball you on your electronics, they won’t give it back to you and you are forced to accept whatever price they cite. A horrible business I will never deal with again. I’m just glad I got paid for my faulty iPod before they noticed something was wrong with it.

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