Extra power for your iPhone without extra bulk – Lenmar PowerPort

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There are a bazillion companies selling external battery chargers for the iPhone and other USB enabled devices. This power packs are really convenient when you’re away from your computer or a wall outlet and your favorite gadget is low on juice. But it seems like most of them are pretty bulky and expensive. I just spotted the Lenmar PowerPort Mini USB Any Where Charger for the iPhone and it looks like it might be a nice alternative. It can offer an additional 600mA of power in a small package (2.2 x 1.4 x 0.4 in). It can be found at Amazon for less than $14.

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6 thoughts on “Extra power for your iPhone without extra bulk – Lenmar PowerPort”

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  2. Documentation on the website says this is capable of charging your device 2 times before it needs to be recharged.

    It also states that this will NOT work on the iPhone 3GS.

  3. It’s possible that it hasn’t been tested yet. But looking at the rest of the site (Lenmar’s) they only have one product that states “Including 3GS”. The rest say “except”.

    Everything else appears to be the same cable wise (IE a spare 3g connector works with 3GS), so the voltage requirements for both should be the same. Curious…

  4. So curiosity (glad i’m not of the feline persuasion) got the better of me. I went to the apple store website and (my mouse is happy I’m not of the feline persuasion either) clicked on a few of their accessories. I found one Belkin car charger that does NOT say 3GS ($19.95), and a second that DOES say 3GS ($24.95). No reason for the difference given. Have a great day. Back to Grooming…

  5. There must be some change in either the pins of the connectors or power requirements with the 3GS. I have an older Belkin iPod wall charger that works fine with every iPod we have ever owned but will not charge the 3GS. The iPhone gives an error message every time I try and use it. Now, my iGo charger with iPod tip works fine….

  6. I saw these at Radio Shaft and read some online reviews of ’em. They apparently take a long time to recharge and discharge relatively quickly. 600mA is not much charging power. I found a 1000mA Duracell rechargeable that also has a USB output and mini-USB input. See: http://www.buy.com/prod/duracell-usb-charger/q/loc/111/207926232.html . It charges my iPod Touch twice from 50% empty battery and recharges with its own cord or any mini-USB 5 volt charger. As to the new iPhone model, if it’s made to take charges from a 5 watt USB charger, any 5 watt USB charger will work, including a laptop USB port.

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