BoxWave FlexiSkin Case for the HP iPAQ hx4700 Review

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Product Requirements:
HP iPAQ hx4700 / hx4705, but also available for
other models found

If you don’t want to add much bulk to your PDA by putting it in a typical
case, but you still want some protection from everyday shocks and dings, then
you might want to take a look at the

FlexiSkin for the iPAQ hx4700


Photos courtesy of the BoxWave site

Available in frosted clear or smoke black, the FlexiSkin is a soft,
silicone-rubbery slip-cover that encapsulates the PDA and fits like…well, a
flexible second skin. I was sent the smoke black version to test.

Empty, the case reminds me of one of those

sticky jelly toys
that you can throw at a window and then watch as they
crawl down. It’s not near as sticky of course, but that was the first thing that
came to mind.


The hollow shell is actually surprisingly rigid, easily holding the shape of the
PDA when empty. The case is washable, and it should definitely keep the shell of
your PDA from betting dinged or scratched.

The back side has an encapsulated metal nut that receives the screw-in plug
for the belt clip.


Metal nut without screw-in plug


From left to right: Plastic screw-in plug inserted with belt
clip ready to use, belt clip attached

Inserting the PDA into the case is pretty easy. Since everything is so flexible,
you can either slide the PDA in through the bottom of the shell, or you can go
through the middle – pulling the bottom end up and over the PDA.



Once inserted, the FlexiSkin is very form-fitting and the cutouts are
precisely lined.

The left side opening to attach the stock screen protector flap has been left
intact. There is no cutout for the voice-recorder button, but it is easy enough
to activate through the FlexiSkin by pressing in the general area.

I first tried attaching the flap over the case, but could tell by the bad fit
that I would need to use a different method…



…so instead, I inserted the cover from the side. This kept the cover closed
when not in use, but it did put a bit of stress on the left side of the case
when the cover was opened.


The case is cut so that the user has access to every part of the PDA that
might be needed, with the exception of the previously mentioned voice recorder
button. Here you can see the top and bottom


I admit that the FlexiSkin is not my favorite case. I think that the silicone
feels a little bit creepy, and I noticed that it seemed to attract lint very
easily. With that said, I believe that this case will appeal to someone that
wants minimalistic protection for their PDA. The FlexiSkin adds very little
weight or bulk to the iPAQ, and it also gives a better grip for those that worry
about dropping their naked PDA due to the smoothness of the metal. As an added
bonus, the case may keep your PDA from sliding if you have it sitting on the
dashboard of your car.

Price: $27.95
Available in frosted clear and smoke black

Minimalistic protection that adds very little weight or bulk
Gives anti-slip properties to PDA
Can use stock screen protector cover

Attracts lint


Product Information

  • Minimalistic protection that adds very little weight or bulk
  • Gives anti-slip properties to PDA
  • Can use stock screen protector cover
  • Attracts lint

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