E&B Company Futura Tungsten|T Case Review

Product Requirements:
Palm Tungsten|T

E&B Company has been manufacturing PDA
cases since 1991 and are the originator of the slipper case design. When they
approached me to see if I might be interested in reviewing their Tungsten | T
zippered case, I welcomed the opportunity.

Designed in understated corporate black, the Futura case is made of soft
Nappa cowhide leather. A low-profile zipper is sewn around three sides of the
case to give it a slim book like style.

The front and back of case are reinforced for additional protection and are
slightly padded to protect the PDA from accident drops. The cover which opens
right to left like a book, has 2 business card pockets and one larger pocket
behind them for folded dollar bills. Due to the zippered wall around the cover,
accessing these card slots is not the easiest. The top most card slot is fine,
but the one beneath it is hard to reach because the cards sit at the same level.
It is hard to get your fingers behind the top card in order to grab the card
under it. The money slot is even worse unless you leave the bills sticking out
far enough that you can grab them. I’m also concerned that plastic credit cards
may touch the screen of the PDA when the case is zippered closed. This could
cause scratching if you don’t use a screen protector.

The right side of the case holds the PDA in a thin leather holster. Inserting
the Tungsten into the holster is easy. The cutout for the navigation pad and
application buttons lines up fine. The holster is thin enough that it does not
hinder button activation. However, there are a few problems with the holster.
One problem is with the cutout at the bottom of the holster which allows you to
use a cable to sync and charge. The problem is that the zipper gets in the way
of trying to plug a sync  cable in. You have to hold it out of the way in
order to see what you’re doing. Most often I would fumble around trying to
connect the cable and would give up and just pull out the PDA and connect it
that way. The other problem is with the Tungsten | T slider. The holster is not
tight enough to keep the PDA from slipping out when you try to open the slider.
But, as long as you remember to hold on to the lower section of the PDA, this
isn’t a major problem…

Accessing the power button, stylus, SD slot and IR port are not a problem
while in the case. Unfortunately, the reset switch can only be accessed by
removing the PDA, as there is not a cutout for the switch on the back of the

The belt clip version of this case has a metal stud that protrudes out the
back. A heavy duty swivel belt clip is included. The case is also available
without a belt clip.

E&B makes a quality case, that blends in well in a business setting. Made of
quality materials, this case looks nice, totally encloses your PDA, and performs
reasonably well.


Price: $44.95 ($41.95 without belt clip)

Totally enclosed and protected when zipped shut
Nicely styled

Credit Cards can touch screen when cover is closed
Hard to access sync port
No easy access to reset switch while in the case

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