I have an addiction to notebooks that surpasses my ability to fill them. There is something irresistible about a brand new notebook, especially ones that I've never tried before. When the folks at Code&Quill asked if I would like to take a look at their Traveler and Origin notebooks, a little voice in my ear [...]

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Smartphones are great for a variety of tasks, but for taking notes, nothing beats good old-fashioned pen and paper. Pen and paper don't need batteries, special styluses, etc. My favorite notebooks are small pocket sized offerings from Field Notes and Moleskine. I even made my own leather pocket notebook holder from leather which I use [...]

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Notebook fanatics will want to add a Mazzotti Books Veneer Notebook to their collection because the covers are made of plywood with or without gorgeous veneers. The notebooks feature 96 acid free pages, an inside paper pocket and an elastic band to hold the cover closed. The non veneered versions are available in A5 (5.8 [...]

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Carrying this little notebook will add a bit of style to your look, if you carry it in your jacket's breast pocket.  The Hankie Pocketbook looks like a folded pocket square, but it's a notebook with 60 ruled pages of acid-free paper.  It's 3.5" X 5.3" and comes in your choice of red, cream, or [...]

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Digitizing notes and drawings can be done a few different ways. You can snap a picture with your phone and upload the picture to Evernote, you can scan pages with a flatbed scanner, and you can also use special pen/paper combos like those from Livescribe. All of these methods work, but each have their own [...]

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If flinging your 3x5 inch pocket notebook on your desk is no longer an option for you, I have a solution to keep your workspace more organized. It's called the Writer's Block and it's a new Kickstarter project from the makers of Word. notebooks. The Writer's Block is made of a solid piece of brass, [...]

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Do you have a favorite brand of pocket notebook? I have stacks of Moleskine cahiers and Field Notes notebooks which I carry in my bag for on the spot note taking and also have them in my home made leather cover to keep track of Gadgeteer business tasks. But for to-do lists, my favorite pocket notebooks [...]

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Rite in the Rain notebooks were invented almost 100 years ago by Jerry Darling to address the problem of soggy and illegible paperwork that plagued the Pacific Northwest logging industry.  Although Mr. Darling passed away long ago, his company continues in the hands of Scott and Todd Silver, who have continued to work to improve their [...]

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If you've always liked the convenience of a 3-ring binder, but prefer the look and feel of a hardbound book, Sorta notebooks give you the best of both worlds. There are two parts to the Sorta system. The notebinder and the stationary. The notebinder is basically the cover and spine of the book and is [...]

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No matter how many electronic gadgets you carry with you, sometimes you just need to write something down on paper.  With the Ideal Notepads, you can attach a notebook to your iPhone or iPad so one is always with you if you need it.  They have elastic bands that slide over your device and leave [...]

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Are you a notebook addict? Then join the club my friends. Whether you use them for keeping lists, to-dos, a journal or whatever, there's still something wonderful about a physical paper notebook that a smartphone or computer can't capture. My favorite pocket sized notebooks are Moleskine Cahiers and Field Notes notebooks. But now I have [...]

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Are you a fan of Field Notes memo books? What do you do with them after they've been filled with your thoughts, lists and doodles? The new Archival Wooden Box from Field Notes has been designed to store up to 60+ memo books. Made of cabinet grade Birch, this slide topped box will keep your [...]

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These spiral bound notebooks from MollaSpace feature 3D covers made of PVC, which are shaped like a grenade, revolver or knife. There's a small ring that you can use to attach items to the notebook - not sure why you would want to do this, but it's there if you want to. The notebooks are [...]

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