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Earlier this year I told you about Taylor Guitar's TaylorSense module and app combo that can be added installed into a guitar to help you monitor the instrument's health stats. Health stats for a wooden instrument like a guitar, ukulele, mandolin, violin, etc, are usually temperature and humidity ratings. When the air is dry like [...]

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We've all probably played air guitar at least once in our lives. If you don't know what it is (do you live under a rock?), air guitar is pantomiming playing an electric guitar just like your favorite guitar hero shredding to a classic song. Anyone can play air guitar, but how would you like to [...]

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Turning pages and scrolling through documents on your computer or tablet isn't easy when your hands are otherwise occupied. For example, a guitarist who reads sheet music can't easily turn the page without stopping their playing. A way around this problem is to use a hands-free Bluetooth page turning device like the IK Multimedia iRig [...]

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iSolo wireless acoustic pickup-1

Amplifying acoustic guitars has come a long way since the early 60s and 70s. A common form of acoustic amplification today is the Piezo pickup. That style of pickup is fine if your guitar comes with it built in, but what happens when you have an older guitar or a new one that you want to [...]

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There appears to be no end in sight for the IoT (Internet of Things). First we had activity trackers for humans, cars, our homes, and our pets. You might think the trend would end there right? Of course not, don't be crazy! I present to you, the TaylorSense guitar health monitor from Taylor Guitars. TaylorSense [...]

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Cue the SNL grumpy old man voice... Why, back in my day, our sheet music was made of paper with real pages that we had to turn with our hands, and we liked it! Today, musicians display their sheet music on tablets and computers because it's easier to read with a backlit screen and you [...]

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  As a musician who is better in my mind than in person, I love gadgets that help make me sound better than I am.  Plugging my acoustic-electric guitar in is one way I can do that, and the IK Multimedia iRig Pro DUO is an excellent choice for doing this.  The unit is small, [...]

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iRig Pads-1

It can be hard finding the right gift for the aspiring DJ in your household. Do you get them a drum machine, "two turn tables and a microphone", what? IK Multimedia has come up with iRig Pads that can take the place of all of that. The iRig Pads is a universal MIDI controller for [...]

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Have you ever wanted to build a guitar or a ukulele but felt it was completely beyond your capabilities, time and budget? Me too. That's why I was very curious to try the Wolfelele kit when I saw it because it didn't require tools I didn't own, a huge investment in time and best of all, [...]

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When I play music on my ukulele, I'm usually doing so in front of my computer, which I use to display the sheet music. I have a large collection of songs that are in .PDF and .TXT formats. There's one problem that I have been trying to solve for a long time, how to flip [...]

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IK Multimedia who are well known for their electronic gear for musicians and hobbyists just announced a first. Their new iRig Acoustic is the first mobile microphone interface designed especially for acoustic guitars. If you're an acoustic musician, you probably use a stand alone mic positioned in front of your instrument when performing or recording. [...]

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If you've ever wanted to learn to play guitar or even if you already know how to play, the Zivix jamstik+ is 6-string MIDI guitar controller that connects via Bluetooth to your iOS device or Mac. It's an ultra portable instrument that doesn't require nearly as much storage space as a traditionally sized guitar and since it's [...]

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Kickstarter has a new project called the Oval Digital HandPan.  It is a percussive instrument that can connect via USB on Android and iOS or Bluetooth MIDI on iOS to the MIDI-compliant music app of your choice to give you an unlimited palette of sound to choose from.  With five sensors per pad, it gives [...]

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teenage engineering Pocket Operator

I will be the first to admit that I am not a great musician, but that does not mean I don't like to dabble a bit. Now to be honest, I am mainly a guitar and bass guy, although since I have purchased my iPad I find myself doing more and more in Garage Band, [...]

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tinpan If you've always wanted to play an instrument but don't have the money to buy a piano, guitar or other instrument or don't have any spare time to invest in learning the ins and outs of playing it, Tin Pan Rhythm is a new iOS app that makes playing music fun and easy. If you're like me, [...]

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