Improve your guitar playing skills without even making a sound

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NEWS – Fretting notes and chords on the fingerboard is the most important skill when it comes to playing the guitar. Without that skill, you won’t be able to play your favorite songs. Practicing with an actual guitar is obviously the best way to improve your playing but for those times when it’s not convenient to play on a full-sized instrument, there’s the Moreup Pocket Guitar Chord Practice Tool.

This no-sound “guitar” has a short neck with 6 steel strings and 6 frets. Where the headstock would normally be is a built-in display that shows common chords with the fingering info. This device even has a built-in metronome!

If you’d like more info or to order one, you can find the Moreup Pocket Guitar Chord Practice Tool on Amazon for $34.99.

And if you need to tune your real guitar and other stringed instruments, check out the Roadie 3 automatic tuner which is my favorite smart guitar tuner that physically winds the tuning pegs for you and the Intelli IMT-500 Clip-on Digital Chromatic guitar tuner is my favorite basic tuner.

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