Jamstack 2 – Does your amp mount on your guitar? This one does!

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NEWS – If you’re a guitar player then you know that it’s hard to compete with the feel and sound of plugging into and playing through a good amp. Maybe you don’t have room for a 2x cabinet amp, or perhaps just want to minimize your gear. You might want to check out the Jamstack 2 portable guitar amp from Jamstack.

The Jamstack 2 has 30w of power (60w peak) running through a pair of custom 2.5″ drivers providing serious oomph. A unique bracket that easily attaches to your guitar under the strap button lets you mount the amp right to the end of your guitar with a quick twist, keeping the controls close at hand.


Lest you think this is straight amplifier, Jamstack 2 includes a pre-amp, custom ARM based effects engine, built in tuner, TX/RX functionality and it can double as a bluetooth speaker and even charge your phone. It’s also easy to set up as a compact mobile recording suite.

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Jamstack has its own app where you can map settings of effects to the physical controls, and is supports just about every other effects app out there.

There’s a lot to uncover and assuming you want to find out more, you can head on over to their Indiegogo page to find all the details where Jamstack 2 has entered the InDemand phase targeting initial availability in April 2021. Pricing starts at $277  and depends on reward level and accessories chosen.

Stay tuned to The Gadgeteer as well as we’re hoping to review an early unit before these are widely available.

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