Astraware's Platypus ($19.95) is a side-scrolling shooter. Yeah, I know, *Yawn*. If you've seen one shooter, you've seen them all, right? As usual, Astraware ups the ante.


While the life of a Palm Software Reviewer at a prestigious site like The Gadgeteer may seem glamorous, in reality I have to wade through a lot of mediocre stuff to find something that rings my bells enough to write about it- whether it is because I love it or I hate it. Toyspring's 'Bike or Die' ($14.95) is a breath of fresh air in what has been a rather tedious season.


The Death of a Good Idea, A Cautionary Tale

Once upon a time, a perfectly nice little company had a perfectly nice little game- eSoft Interactive's Traffic Jam, based on a board game with the same name. It used few resources, was stable, intuitive, attractive, and fun. I would stack it up against any other company's offerings for its price of $9.95.


Triv: Palm OS Game

Suit of the suicide king in a standard deck?

Body of water where the Republic of the Maldives is located?

Don'cha love trivia? I love trivia. I played Trivial Pursuit
when it came out in the early 80's and routinely beat the pants off so many people that no one would play with me anymore. In hindsight, I am not sure if it was their humiliating defeats, or my winner's dance that they objected to the most, but I digress.

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I love Games Magazine, but generally not every game in the magazine. I feel about the same way about Simon Tatham's Puzzles Pack. (Thanks to The Gadgeteer Forums poster Mark Reid for the heads-up on this one!) Some of the 27 games in this freeware collection are pretty cool (Black Box, Guess, Map, Same Game, Unequal and Tangle so far are favorites), several are variations on the theme, and a couple I still have not figured out.


Palm OS Games Wish List 2007

Dear Santa

What I REALLY want for Christmas is to get this review done. Maybe I bit off more than I could chew- reviewing a list of good Palm games, after all, is a tough thing to do, especially since a lot of my favorites are now discontinued! Let's try to move on, however.

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Aspirin. I know I have aspirin around here somewhere. Man, what a headache.

Ok, I've just been playing Astrawareís Hidden Expedition: Titanic, and I have a massive headache. Actually, I have a couple of them.


I remember where I was and what I was doing when we landed on the moon for the first time. After hearing Neil Armstrong's first words, I hopped on my bike and tore through the neighborhood shouting it out. It was an exciting time, and already I was displaying the telltale signs of massive nerdiness.

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Most sports simulations use the same interface- push and hold a button to aim, then push and hold for power, then tap to shoot or release. While it is annoying that no one seems to have figured out a better interface for playing, say, mini-golf, it is nice that the interface is becoming almost intuitive.


As a kid, I remember sitting in front of my Mom's vertical Baldwin piano, trying to learn to play Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 Ode To Joy. I never had real lessons, I just used the many lesson books that my Mom had used when she was a little girl. The piano bench was full of them and I loved paging through them, seeing the cartoon-like pictures for each new song. Once in awhile my Mom would sit down on the bench with me to give me pointers, but for the most part she never criticized my talent or lack there of. I just loved plunking those keys, making music. It didn't matter if I was any good at it or not. Wow, I'm tearing up just writing this. I miss my mom...

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Your PDA has been infested... infested by a world of pesky gnomes that pop up from holes a la 'Whack-A-Mole'. Ye gods- this demands our immediate action! Taking our trusty stylus, we can bop, pop, bash, or hammer the invaders to submission!

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Most personality profiles have four major categories that they think we fall into. Usually we are 'mostly' one category, then partially another... which results in twelve general types like the Zodiac signs! (Of course, we all know there are really 10 types of people those who understand binary, and those who don't!)


I'm a bit of an odd-ball. I prefer Dr Pepper over colas. I prefer 'Mythbusters' or 'Good Eats' to 'Survivor' or 'Desperate Housewives'. I even kinda like mini-vans and don't like iPods so much. Worse, I prefer dice games to card games [hanging my head in shame]. I've always enjoyed a category of dice game called '10,000'- although it has many other names, like 'Cosmic Wimpout'.


I've been playing Astraware's Cake Mania, and the sweet, sugary, fun to play game was getting on my nerves. I turned to another Astraware game- My Little Tank (MLT). This shoot-em-up has been out for about a year but somehow slipped under my radar.

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There seem to be two major groupings of "running a business" simulators. Those where you make decisions, set things up, then let run (such as DopeWars) and those that make you hustle to keep up with all of the things going on, like Lemonade Stand or Insanaquaium. Astraware's Cake Mania is definitely one of the latter!

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Let's start with a quick quiz:

1. Do you use the Internet Movie Database site a lot?
2. Are you often involved in conversations that include questions like "What was the name of that movie? You know, the one with Norm Macdonald in it?"
3. Do you often wonder what critics thought of some obscure movie you found at the rental place because all the good movies are gone?
4. Do you wish you had a convenient way to track movies you want to buy or rent, or that you already have?
5. Do you wish you knew what the top 50 comedies of all time are (perhaps while stalking the rental place aisles)?


I'm a sucker for IQ tests and 'brain building' programs, which considering that I am a major idiot (at least according to my very intelligent kids) is probably a waste of time. Recently, I fell in love with the Nintendo DS game 'BrainAge'. This is a real tragedy since I don't have a Nintendo. (Hmmm, this may be a sample of why my kids call me an idiot!)


Bejeweled 2 – Palm OS Game

I used to play the original Bejeweled until I wore through my screen protectors! It was a great game that kept my interest for several months. Astraware has now released 'Bejeweled2', and I had to see if it would be a new favorite.


I love games that I can pick up and almost instinctively know the rules for, and that play fast so I can just do it and put it away. This freeware version of the classic game Breakout accomplishes both.


SuperDoku for Pocket PC

Every decade or so, there comes certain fashions, foods, oreven
dances (remember the Macarena!) that transcend international
boundaries and becomes popular just about everywhere on the planet.
I would put sudoku in that category. Just in case you've been
living under a rock, sudoku has done just that by becoming popular
with the crossword puzzle crowd to dominate every bookstore shelf,
grace the pages of many newspapers and periodicals and of course,
the thousands of fan web sites around the world devoted to the

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