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BobjGear Rugged Silicon Tablet Cases

on October 3, 2012 8:00 am

BobjGear, located in Florida, has a range of protective cases that add that little bit more protection to your tablet compared to other offerings. Made from rugged closed-cell formula silicone with features like rounded, raised bezels and  shock-absorbing feet on the back, these cases contain four to eight times the amount of silicone found in normally available silicone cases.  Obviously there’s always a trade-off between weight, size, and protection; however, they do look like they’d be really good if you like “naked” devices but want that extra bit of protection.

Cases are available in 8 colours from Amazon and start at $26.75.


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    Mike Dennis says:

    I have a Asus 8 inch memo tablet would like to get a silicon case for it?

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