ezGear Slimline and Max skins for the iPhone

What kind of case do you use for your iPhone? For me, I tend to keep it naked, but if I did want to use a case with it, I would pick something that added the least amount of bulk and weight. ezGear offers several case options that fit that criteria. They sent me their ezSkin Max and ezSkin Slimline iPhone cases to try out. Here’s what I learned…

Vaja iVolution Lady Holster for the Apple iPhone

Working in the technology industry, I get a fair amount of products in the mail. Over time, I have become less enthusiastic about package deliveries. I love opening boxes and trying new things, but I no longer obsessively check tracking numbers multiple times a day or intercept the delivery man as he is walking up to my sidewalk. However, there are still a few products that I await the arrival of with bated breath: in this instance, a Vaja leather case for my iPhone.

Vaja iVolution iPhone Holster

You know a device has hit milestones in popularity when
Vaja makes a case for it.
Not that there was really any doubt that the
iPhone wasn’t going
to end up being as  uber-popular as it is. But just incase you didn’t know,
the iPhone is crazy popular, and as a result there are now several Vaja cases
for it. The first one we’re going to look at here on The Gadgeteer is the
iVolution Holster.

iSkin revo for iPhone

I don’t use cases for my mobile devices very often these days. I prefer to just put them in a pocket in my gear bag, or jeans. Same goes for my iPhone. I typically just put it in my right cargo pants pocket or back pocket when I’m walking around, and on my desk when I’m not. Even though I don’t use a case very often with my iPhone, I’m always up for testing one. As a result, my first iPhone case review is of iSkin’s revo.